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FedExField Goes HD, Part 3: The JumboTron In Pieces

Posted by Matt Terl on March 26, 2010 – 11:17 am

I had such hopes that the removed JumboTron would be sitting out in the concourse at FedExField, maybe hooked up to a cable box so I could sample The Price Is Right at thirty feet tall. I was right that it was sitting in the concourse, but it was in no shape to display any programming.

That’s the JumboTron.

I knew it wasn’t some sort of enormous cathode ray tube with a gigantic piece of glass in front of it, but I didn’t realize that it broke down into six hundred-ish pieces, each roughly the size of a shoebox. There are 24 of the things on each pallet, and there were 24 complete palette-loads in the concourse. Read more »

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FedExField Goes HD, Part 2: The Gutted Control Room

Posted by Matt Terl on March 25, 2010 – 10:05 am

Upgrading the FedExField gameday experience to HD isn’t like upgrading your living room set. You can’t just junk the old set, plug the new one in, and enjoy your sitcoms in beautiful hi-def.

The equipment used to produce the games needs to be upgraded, people need to be trained, and the control room needs a full overhaul. As of yesterday, here’s what the control room — the nerve center for the whole operation of presenting the game on gameday — looks like.

Okay, it doesn’t look that impressive. I can see that. It’s a construction bin and some tools and not a whole lot else. It’s hard to imagine that it’s an upgrade over anything. Then again, here’s what used to sit in roughly that spot: Read more »

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FedExField Goes HD, Part 1: One Jumbotron Down

Posted by Matt Terl on March 24, 2010 – 3:41 pm

At a glance, this picture may not make much visual sense. It probably looks like workers doing … something … on a three-story building behind some seats in FedExField, and that’s precisely what it is. What’s interesting about it is that the “three-story building” is actually the workspace behind what used to be the much-derided JumboTron. It’s visible and open to the air now because … well, because it’s gone.

Here’s another shot that moves things back a bit and adds some context. Read more »

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