Redskins Building Foundations For Future

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 23, 2012 – 1:09 pm

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This has been the offseason of giving back for players, as three prominent Redskins have started nonprofit organizations in order to give back to the communities they represent.

Linebacker Rocky McIntosh has focused his efforts on mentoring and educating underserved children at Yorkshire Elementary in Manassas, Va.  “A GRAN Foundation” is a McIntosh family effort, and his recent charity dinner at The Palms was said to be a rousing success.

Another foundation that’s already off the ground since the season ended, is receiver Anthony Armstrong’s “Lucky 13 Foundation.”  Armstrong has overcome long odds to reach his deserved spot in the NFL, and his organization focuses on the issues that have become near and dear to him.

The foundation is seeking donations and building programs that will benefit children with Down syndrome, single-parent families, childhood obesity, and kidney ailments. Here’s the rundown:

  • Educate youth on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community
  • Assist in the fight against childhood obesity and increase awareness for kidney disease research
  • Increase the awareness and the many amazing values of those diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Armstrong lost his father as a child to kidney failure. His little sister has Down syndrome. And not surprisingly, the character of his organization is an extension of his vibrant personality.

His landmark program is a “Kids of Character” group that honors children age 5-18 that demonstrate good character in the community.  The requirements for completion will focus on eight important areas: academics, community, leadership, career development, health and fitness, financial literacy, family strengthening, spiritual strengthening.

Or basically, “everything.” Read more »

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Redskins Named In Top Free Agent Lists

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 15, 2012 – 11:56 am

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With the start of NFL free agency less than a month away (midnight, March 13), it’s time to start predicting which players are coming and going, and which will be sticking around.

Cue the obligatory ‘Top X-number Free Agents’ lists–because how else would we be able to compare a top-flight quarterback to a 4-3 defensive end?

The field of reliable football sources was limited to Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, and Pro Football Focus.  Four current Redskins were cited on any of the lists, and the rankings were sporadic at best.

Here is the rundown: Read more »

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McIntosh’s Kindergarten Workbook, Dinner

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 14, 2012 – 3:21 pm

[Editor’s Note: Last week, Rocky had a big week visiting the brave men and women serving overseas in Kuwait.  Now he’s back in the DMV looking to support the next generation with workbooks and a dinner, and such.]

On January 10, Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh launched his own nonprofit organization, called A GRAN Foundation, targeted at empowering youth to success by giving them the necessary guidance.

For the last month, the foundation has been working once a week with underserved kids at Yorkshire Elementary in Manassas, Va.  That’s where the sweet workbooks come in, explained Rocky’s wife, Alessia.

“They spend half of their time doing physical activity and enrichment, and half the time doing academic, curriculum-based activities,” she said.  “We’ve created these weekly workbooks to take home and work on.  When they meet with the teachers, they do a lesson that’s related to the week’s theme.” Read more »

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McIntosh, Fellow NFL Players Tour Kuwait

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 13, 2012 – 12:56 pm

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Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh kicked off the offseason with a trip back to his roots, touring the United States military bases in Kuwait.

Brought up in an Army family (with his wife Alessia coming from an Air Force family), McIntosh has always been supportive of our nation’s military.  Several weeks ago, he was offered an opportunity to tour Kuwait with fellow NFL players James Laurinaitis (Rams LB), Sam Bradford (Rams QB), and Seneca Wallace (Browns QB), as well as two Chiefs cheerleaders.

On this particular trip to visit deployed troops, he offered to take Redskins Nation with him, shooting footage and photos on his iPhone.  This is a glimpse of Kuwait with your tour guide and cameraman, Rocky McIntosh:

Read more »

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Phil Daniels Joins ‘School Of The Legends’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 9, 2012 – 12:45 pm

As awesome as this picture is, I don’t think we’re found the next franchise quarterback.

Former Redskins defensive lineman Phillip Daniels has only been out of the NFL for a year, but he’s already back to football, lined up in a three-point stance behind the keyboard.

Daniels played in 82 games over six seasons in Washington, providing brute strength and consistency at the 4-3 defensive end position.  He has remained vocal in his support of the Burgundy and Gold in retirement, and now joins the more than 2,300 active and retired players on the NFLPA’s “School of the Legends” online forum, to share his analysis and expertise. Read more »

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Redskins-Seahawks Is A Family Affair

Posted by Brian Tinsman on November 27, 2011 – 4:04 pm

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Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh may ask to cover No. 18 on the Seahawks today, or at least jam him off the line.  it turns out that their football rivalry goes way back to when they were kid–cousins growing up in Gaffney, SC.

After beginning his career as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Rice joined the the Seahawks on a big contract this past offseason.  McIntosh said that he was looking forward to seeing his cousin, both before and during the game, but that Rice is probably “too big and important for him now.

Time to bring him back down to earth, Rocky. Read more »

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McIntosh Looks To ‘Thrill’ This Sunday

Posted by Brian Tinsman on October 28, 2011 – 12:07 pm

AP Image

One of the driving forces behind the improved defense this year, has been the improved play of inside linebacker Rocky McIntosh.  McIntosh was a force at 4-3 linebacker, and needed a season under his belt to adjust to the 3-4.

This season, he has already produced a Redskins second-best 57 tackles, two for a loss, a sack, five quarterback pressures, and a pass defensed.

In his weekly “52 seconds with Rocky McIntosh” on School of the Legends, he went Halloween-themed for Buffalo.  He also said that he would put No. 52 as his fantasy player of the week, and the man to set the tone on Sunday: Read more »

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McIntosh Has Top-Rated New Show

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 21, 2011 – 10:15 am

AP Image

Redskins fans have seen Rocky McIntosh at outside linebacker, inside linebacker, and now finally as a top news correspondent.


McIntosh’s new online show “52 Seconds with Rocky McIntosh,” is a creation of the NFL Players Association School of The Legends website.  After it’s first week, his show was ranked No. 1 of the 64 player correspondents.

Among the topics that he discusses in last week’s video, is the joy of beating the Giants (a first, for him), the keys to the Cardinals game, and the faith that he has in “Sexy Rexy.”  Probably the more relevant aspect of the interview at this point is his look at Graham Gano’s locker.

There’s nothing like surprising a teammate with a camera crew to rummage through his things.

The other side of this project is the former player correspondent, Redskins safety Vernon Fox.  Fox was a member of the Redskins from 2006-07, and interviewed former teammate Reed Doughty in this week’s segment.

Doughty talks about how in his six years in Washington, he’s played for three head coaches and defensive coordinators, and 17 different safeties.  He attributed his longevity with the team to “dependability, accountability, and durability.”

“I’ve been versatile, playing defense, special teams, dime, free safety, strong safety–really, whatever they need,” he said. I’ve just taken the opportunity, where if there’s a job that I can learn on the back end of the defense, I’ll learn it. Just in case there’s somebody that needs to step in at gametime, they can count on me.”

He said that his favorite memory with the Redskins was the game after Sean Taylor’s tragic passing, in which the defense took the field with only 10 players, pointing towards the sky. Read more »

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Kareem Moore Wins 2011 ‘Dead-Man-Suit Award’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 24, 2011 – 8:04 pm

Even though Redskins are required to dress up for road trips, the “Welcome Home Luncheon” is the best opportunity for players to show off their taste (or lack thereof) in fashion.  At the end of the day, the annual ‘Dead-Man-Suit‘ award will be bestowed on the best of the worst.

In order to avoid such a distinction, some rookies banded together to avoid sticking out:

But when fashion is relative, and linebackers Rocky McIntosh and London Fletcher are the judge and jury, someone had to win by losing.  This year’s dubious dresser was safety Kareem Moore, who was decked out in his blue pin-stripe Seersucker suit:

For the record, the gathered media was unconvinced that he was the proper recipient, and I for one thought he looked pretty sharp.  Other members agreed:

For further explanation, I turned to lead judge and executioner, Rocky McIntosh. Read more »

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‘Dead-Man-Suit 2011 Award’ Is Ready And Waiting

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 23, 2011 – 5:04 pm

In anticipation of tomorrow’s “Welcome Home Luncheon,” many players have gone out and rented or bought top-notch suits for the festivities.

But not everyone is a snappy fashionista.

Inside linebacker Rocky McIntosh wanted to remind me that he will be giving out the annual award to the worst-dressed teammate.  The ‘Dead-Man-Suit award,’ as he calls it, is a tradition that he’s carrying into at least its fifth year, with the help of teammates LaRon Landry and others.

He describes the award as: “It’s given to the player who wears a ugly 1960s suit that looks like they stole it from a body at the graveyard.  I have prizes and awards for whoever ‘wins’ this year.”

I’m no judge, but here are some interesting choices from last year.  First, defensive back Kevin Barnes:

And then defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth:


I’m excited to see what walks through the luncheon doors tomorrow.









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