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Trade Between Rivals Favored Redskins

Posted by Stephen Czarda on November 14, 2013 – 12:57 pm


Why would you ever trade a 24-year old quarterback who’s best years were ahead of him and was the No. 2 overall pick just three years earlier for a quarterback who was turning 30 years old before the upcoming season and wasn’t getting any younger?

Because that 30-year old would produce magical season after magical season en route to enshrinement in Canton.

This swap of course is the one involving Norm Snead and Sonny Jurgensen. In the pantheon of most lopsided trades in sports history along with the Babe going to New York from Boston and the Warriors sending Wilt the Stilt out the door, the Redskins picked the Eagles’ pocket clean.

Determined to show them an “old man” can still man a team even after joining the 3o Club, Jurgensen had one of the greatest individual performances in NFL history in his first game against the team that drafted him.

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Redskins-Eagles Experts Pick ‘Em

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 9, 2013 – 12:28 pm

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Let’s be honest for a minute—the Washington Redskins enter rarefied air in tonight’s matchup against the Eagles in the eyes of the experts. Before the improbable seven-game winning streak last season, the chances that the Redskins were going to be picked by experts to win was odder than a snowstorm in September.

Okay, maybe’s that a slight exaggeration but you get my point. The Redskins have been underdogs for years. Sometimes deservingly but not always.

This season, however, with an NFC East title to fall  back on and heightened expectations thanks to a core that it just as good as any of the other 31 NFL franchises , the Redskins are being picked as favorites.

That starts today where the guys at NFL.com are unanimously in favor of the burgundy and gold.

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Gallery: Redskins-Eagles Through Years

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 6, 2013 – 4:07 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

By association, the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles are two of the biggest rivals in the National Football League. Dating back to their first encounter in 1934, the team’s have faced one another every year with the exception of 1943 when the Eagles merged with their Keystone State brothers, the Steelers, to form the Phil-Pitt Steagles.

Seriously who picked that creative name?

Anyway, the NFC East foes have engaged in some heated games over the years and have gotten the best other both on the field and through trades. With a little less than 72 hours remaining until the 157th edition of Redskins-Eagles, here’s a gallery of some of the most memorable moments between the two:

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Redskins-Eagles Have A Lot Of History

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 6, 2013 – 1:54 pm

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Monday’s matchup between the Redskins and the Eagles will mark the 157th overall meeting between the division rivals. This is the 156th regular season meeting between the Redskins and Eagles’ franchises, not including two meetings in 1943 when the Eagles merged with the Steelers to form the Phil-Pitt Steagles. The Redskins lead the all-time regular season series 80-70-5. With exception of the 1943 season, the two teams have played a home-and-home series every year since 1936.

Including a playoff win in 1990, the Redskins’ 81 combined victories against the Eagles are their most against any opponent. A win on Monday would give the Redskins three straight wins against the Eagles for the first time since winning four straight across the 1985-87 seasons.

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Trent Williams Can Really Run

Posted by Matt Terl on November 20, 2010 – 12:10 pm

As the team prepare to bus off to the airport to head to Nashville, I want to look back at one last play from Monday night’s debacle, and one more minor positive takeaway. And please keep in mind that when I say minor, I mean, like, a very, very, VERY SMALL positive takeaway.

The picture above is from the last Eagles touchdown of the game, a 40 yard Dimitri Patterson return of a Donovan McNabb interception to finalize Philadelphia’s 59 point night. And, you’ll notice, even though this comes with the team already trailing by 31 BEFORE this touchdown and the game well on its way to ending (5:19 left in the third quarter, to be specific), that’s rookie left tackle Trent Williams desperately trying to fight off a block to prevent the touchdown.

Which means that the young offensive lineman has successfully kept up with a cornerback streaking down the field, and almost succeeded in catching him. We’ve heard a lot about Williams’ freakish athleticism, but this was possibly the most explicit on-field display of it in some time. (You can also watch the video of the play after the jump.)

Williams, of course, downplayed this. “It was just playing football,” he told me, shrugging. “They got the ball. Now I got to play defense.”

But his teammates took notice of the effort. Read more »

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Where Does The Loss To The Eagles Rank Among The Worst Ever?

Posted by Matt Terl on November 17, 2010 – 10:14 am

Let me get this out of the way first, in bold capital letters to make it unmissable: THIS WAS A BAD LOSS.

No one is arguing that — at least, no one sane, not after seeing a final score like 59-28. It’s picking up names like Monday Night Massacre; it’s being called a rout, an embarrassment, and plenty of other things that I’m not allowed to write here.

And I understand some of the circumstances that made it seem even worse than the 31 point deficit would indicate: it came on national television, at home, in a game where a win would’ve thrown the Redskins firmly back into the NFC East mix, against an opponent that they had beaten just a month and a half before.

I get all of that, and I reiterate, again in bold: this was a bad loss.

But I’ve been hearing from people claiming that this was the worst loss of recent years, of the modern era, of all time. And that, I think, is a bit much. To be perfectly blunt, I think anyone saying that has forgotten just how grim some of the losses of the last few years were.

In many of the losses during the 2009 season, the team flat-out gave up. They lost to much lesser opponents, and to good opponents playing much less hard. If this team embarrassed itself last night — and they say they did, and people who agree with Chad Dukes say they did — they did so by not playing as well as their opponent. Last year, they found much more novel ways to embarrass themselves, like trick plays or late safeties or primetime shutouts.

In fact, I’ll go even further and say that this wasn’t even the Redskins’ worst primetime embarrassment of the last two years, let alone the modern era.

Last year, there were two terrible embarrassments on national TV. (Three losses, but only two terrible embarrassments.) The second came against the Cowboys, and was relatively pedestrian as far as humiliating losses go: a simple 17 point shutout to a divisional rival while the Redskins wallowed in off-the-field turmoil. (And also gave up 5 points to a placekicker they had cut just a few weeks earlier.)

But the first … that one came against the Giants on Monday Night Football, and that’s a loss that has gotten even more terrible with the passage of time. Here are the ways that game was worse than the one a couple nights ago: Read more »

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Clinton Portis Had A Good Game On The Sidelines

Posted by Matt Terl on November 16, 2010 – 1:00 am

I’m starting with something positive. Call me Matty Sunshine if you want, but I heard exactly one positive story in the postgame locker room tonight, and I’m going with that one first. There’ll be plenty of negativity out there, and I promise I’ll get to covering some of that myself. But for right now, here’s the one nice story I heard from this absolute abomination of a game.

Keiland Williams would finish the night as the only player named on my Very Short List Of Good Things About This Game — with 139 total yards and 3 combined touchdowns — but he started it as the number two running back on a two-deep depth chart.

When Ryan Torain aggravated his hamstring injury during pregame warmups, that plan changed, and when the team came back into the locker room after warmups, head coach Mike Shanahan told Williams that he was going to be the guy.

That Williams had some success on the field is a small good thing, yes, but he was happy to share the credit, and that was the really nice story.

When I saw the inactive Clinton Portis pregame, he looked like this: Read more »

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Redskins vs. Eagles – Fourth Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on November 15, 2010 – 11:57 pm

Here are the good things I can think about from this game, as I prepare to head down to what will no doubt be a seriously self-loathing locker room:

  • It’s over.
  • Keiland Williams did pretty well for himself after being pressed into service, 16 carries for 89 yards and 2 touchdowns, plus 4 receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown.
  • The Redskins managed to decrease the deficit from the end of the third quarter to the final gun, losing by 31 after trailing by 38.

That’s about it, really. Under any circumstances, this was a horrific loss. With two weeks to prepare and the theoretical emotional boost of Donovan McNabb‘s contract extension in play, this was nothing short of a catastrophe.

More once I’ve talked to some of the players involved in it…. Read more »

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Redskins vs. Eagles – Third Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on November 15, 2010 – 11:20 pm

Sure, the picture of LeSean McCoy doing the John Wall dance is from the first quarter of this game, but it’s as good an image of epic fail as any.

Somehow, some way, this evening keeps getting worse. The Redskins opened the second half exactly as they had to, driving down and scoring a touchdown, and it just didn’t matter. The Eagles actually fumbled the ensuing kickoff, and that didn’t matter either — Byron Westbrook couldn’t get a firm grip, and the ball bounced back to the Eagles.

And from there it was more of the same: Michael Vick looking like one of the all-time greats at quarterback, driving his team down the field for a touchdown — a touchdown, it should be noted, on a play during which he had nearly EIGHT full seconds to choose his receiver.

On the following drive, something else we hadn’t seen yet today: a Redskins turnover leading directly to Eagles points (rather than needing the Philadelphia offense to contribute). Donovan McNabb had a pass picked off for a fairly easy touchdown, which is how you get to 59-21 at the end of the third.

Meaning, in case you’re scoring at home, that the deficit has somehow gotten worse every single quarter, no matter how much the Redskins have scored.

This really is a complete debacle. Read more »

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Redskins vs. Eagles – Second Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on November 15, 2010 – 10:22 pm

Signs it’s been a bad half of football:

  • Giving up 17 points in a quarter is a sign of improvement.
  • Despite scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter, you now trail by MORE than you did after the first half.
  • Your only fully healthy running back has 21 rushing yards on 7 carries.
  • Your starting right tackle has limped to the locker room.
  • Your Pro Bowl tight end has limped off the field.
  • Your number one wide receiver has just 1 catch for 5 yards.
  • Your touchdowns have been scored by your backup fullback and your third(?) string running back.
  • The opposing quarterback has completed 14-of-18 passes for 3 touchdowns AND rushed for 66 yards and 2 MORE touchdowns.

I could go on — the opposing team ties their franchise record for points in a half AND you tie your record for points allowed in a half, for example — but you get the idea. Despite a couple of big plays, and despite the fact that McNabb has looked sharper at points during this game than at most others during his Redskins tenure, this has been nothing but a disaster for the hometeam.

The Redskins will receive the ball to start the third trailing 45-14. Read more »

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