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Annual Mickey Steele Outing A Success

Posted by Andrew Walker on May 18, 2012 – 1:30 pm

Redskins’ alumni, current players and executive vice president/general manager Bruce Allen were present Friday for the eighth annual Mickey Steele Celebrity Golf Tournament.

The tournament is named in honor of Mickey Steele, a Maryland native, sports enthusiast and business owner, who in 2004 lost his battle to Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

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Meriweather Intrigued By Redskins History

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 23, 2012 – 11:42 am

The 2011 season was a disappointing campaign for both the Redskins starting safeties and Brandon Meriweather.

The Redskins thought they had a pair of dynamic playmakers in LaRon Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe, but poor health and performance led to their departure.  Coming off of back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons in New England, Meriweather was cut on the eve of the regular season, before landing in Chicago.

The 2012 season is tailor-made for dual redemption.

Despite adding an army of safeties this offseason, Meriweather has an opportunity to compete for either starting safety position.  It appealed to Brandon that teammate, mentor and close friend Sean Taylor starred for the Redskins.  It appealed to him because he could showcase his talents (Live) on a young defense.

And it turns out that the vibrant, living history of the Redskins was the icing on top. Read more »

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A Fresh Homecoming Photo At The Park

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 7, 2012 – 5:51 pm

One of the first things that I noticed upon my return to Redskins Park this morning, is that the 2010 Redskins Homecoming photograph had been updated with a fresh 2011 Homecoming shot.

The photo (which is much higher quality than my picture of a picture through reflective glass) features 78 Redskins alumni, taken on the field in the southwest end zone before the 49ers game.  This was the second year for the Redskins Homecoming game, part of a concerted effort to re-engage the Redskins Alumni with the organization.

But if you look closely at the center of the picture, you’ll see one individual that isn’t reliving the glory days.  That would be George Starke, Jr., riding in an infant pouch strapped to his namesake’s chest: Read more »

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A New Decoration In The Redskins Park Lobby

Posted by Matt Terl on June 8, 2011 – 11:24 am

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about the interior decorating in Redskins Park, but the new image that was hung on the wall yesterday is definitely worthy of note. (Click to enlarge.)

That’s the group of Redskins alumni gathered in the end zone of FedExField prior to the “Homecoming game” against the Colts from last October, and there’s a bunch of things to like about the photo.

  • The assortment of guys, plain and simple. It really runs the gamut, from Ted Vactor to Larry Brown to Pat Fischer, to Charley Taylor to Bubba Tyer to Doug Williams to Darnerian McCants, with plenty of guys in between. And they all look happy.
  • Also looking happy? Bruce Allen, the architect of the day, off to the right there.
  • It looks terrific in the lobby in its glossy frame (apparently by CSD Sports Framing), and it does a great job of being ABOUT the team’s sepia-toned history while still being OF the full-color present day.
  • I like this plaque at the bottom, also, because I’m a sucker for Deco-style fonts.

But my absolute favorite thing about the picture is kind of tough to spot. Read more »

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Doug Williams, Ricky Sanders, and Gary Clark Discuss 'The Quarter' At Homecoming

Posted by Matt Terl on October 20, 2010 – 10:00 am

Of all the Redskins who attended the Homecoming festivities at Sunday night’s game, I think I was probably the most excited to see Doug Williams. The reason for this was simple: I had never met him before, and — as an eleven-year-old kid watching Super Bowl XXII — I thought he was probably the greatest football player who had played.

He wasn’t, of course. But when you’re eleven years old and you see a quarterback complete 9-of-11 passes for 228 yards and 4 touchdowns IN ONE QUARTER OF FOOTBALL, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Wide receivers Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark were both also instrumental in that quarter of football — Sanders’ second quarter stats: 4 catches for 168 yards and 2 touchdowns — and that Super Bowl in general, but they’ve been to more alumni events and occasionally show up at Redskins Park. It was Williams’ presence that made this seem (to me, at least) like a really monumental event.

“I came back for the 70 Greatest Redskins team,” Williams told me, “But this is the first time back from a homecoming standpoint and I’ve got to take my hat off to Bruce Allen and the owner and the Redskins for doing this. I think it’s big and I think it’s something that the fans and all the players enjoy, coming back.”

Williams had been marching with Clark and Sanders in the Homecoming Parade that circled the stadium, and the trio seemed to be laughing and having a generally festive time. Read more »

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Reggie Branch Wears A Sean Taylor Jersey To The Homecoming Parade

Posted by Matt Terl on October 19, 2010 – 1:37 pm

From left to right in this picture from Sunday’s Alumni Homecoming Parade, that’s former offensive lineman Raleigh McKenzie, Zema “Chief Zee” Williams, and former running back/special teams ace Reggie Branch.

Branch is an interesting guy — a quick Google search reveals that his nickname as a special teams wedgebuster was Stone Head, and that he was at a Love Seed Mama Jump concert in Dewey Beach in 2004 where he “jump[ed] on stage and hop[ped] around on one leg to Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” according to the Washington City Paper.

Even his story of making the team is fairly interesting, as told to East Carolina University blog Pirate Time Machine back in 2005:

“I remember the first meeting I went to,” Branch said. “Coach (Joe) Gibbs said, ‘I want guys who work hard, want to be part of the team, and are productive on every Sunday.’ That’s what it came down to, production. I was like, ‘If that is what Coach Gibbs is looking for, that’s what I am all about. The guy I had to beat out was Otis Wonsley and he was one of the best special teams guy in the league. I knew I wasn’t going to run the ball for the Redskins. Otis would block on short yardage and goal line in the jumbo set. So when I got there, Coach Gibbs said, ‘You may never get the opportunity to play your position, but special teams is what I am looking for.'”

Branch took this advice to heart in the second preseason game.

“So, next game,” he explained, “I’m thinking, ‘I gotta do, what I gotta do ’cause I’m not about getting cut, here.’ So, I went out and did well and sure enough, Coach Gibbs mentioned me and the special teams coach mentioned my name and all of that. It felt good and it motivated me. The next week, we played Atlanta, and it came down to a big opportunity for me. I don’t know what it was but we were in the huddle and something told me to look into Atlanta’s huddle. Maybe it was ESP or something, but I just knew they were going to do a fake kick. I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to let anyone touch me. I’m going straight to the kicker on this one.’

“So, I went straight at the kicker and tackled him and that was the biggest part of my game right there. After that play, (the Redskins) turned me into the ‘wedge buster’ on kickoff team. So, I was like whatever it takes to be part of the team. Next thing you know, Jeff Bostic starts calling me Stone Head. It was like everyone started calling me that. I didn’t care about my body, I just wanted to do what it took for me to be on the team.”

Given all of that — the quirkiness and the reckless play — it probably comes as no surprise to hear that Branch isn’t wearing his old jersey in the picture above, he’s wearing a the late Sean Taylor’s number 21. Branch didn’t wear 21 at all — he wore 30 and 29 over his stints with the team. He didn’t know Taylor, and has no notable ties to him besides a shared birthstate of Florida.

So after the alumni photo was taken, I asked Branch what prompted him to wear the Taylor jersey.
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Doc Walker Has An Ingenious Idea For A Redskins Golf Tournament

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2010 – 3:46 pm

The reason Mark Rypien is pictured atop his second post of the day has nothing to do with his football acumen, nor does it have to do with anything he’s done in the last month.

See, one of the recurring topics at the Redskins Alumni Charity Golf Classic yesterday was who of the alumni was the best actual golfer. Rypien wasn’t there, but his name came up time and again.

Here’s Mark Moseley: “Our best golfers are [Joe] Theismann and Rypien, and neither one of them are here today. But I think we’ve got some pretty good golfers here. Donny Warren’s good. Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic are good, but neither of them are here either. I guess it’s kind of a throw-up as to who’s gonna be the best one here today.”

Here’s Charley Taylor: “I’m great, man. I’m waiting on Tiger to straighten out so I can whoop his butt.” (Okay, that had nothing to do with Rypien.

And here’s ESPN980’s Rick “Doc” Walker, who was late for his introduction because he had been out hitting a bucket or two of balls. “I’d say Rypien, Brian Mitchell, Joe T.” But, Walker was quick to add, “I’m not in that category. That’s why I’m out there working. The three guys I just mentioned are, y’know, celebrities. I’m a talk show host.”

And in the end, he had no trouble narrowing it from three to one. “The only guy I know that’s done it publicly, under pressure, is Rypien,” he said. “I don’t know if Joe’s done it to that level. For me, that’s the whole thing. If you do it publicly, that makes you as close to a semi-pro as anything I can think of. Everybody else, we don’t know if they’re picking up the ball [or something], but when Ryp did it, it was in competition.”

As Walker talked through this topic, a more interesting idea started to germinate. Read more »

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Mark Moseley Weighs In On Albert Haynesworth

Posted by Matt Terl on June 21, 2010 – 3:09 pm

The Redskins Alumni gathered again today, for the 31st Annual Redskins Alumni Charity Golf Classic. The event was a benefit the young people under the care of Hearts And Homes For Youth. It was a chance for some of the great names from the history of this proud franchise to gather together, the second such chance in a week. It was another occasion for general manager Bruce Allen to continue bringing the Alumni into the fold of the current Redskins.

So, perhaps inevitably, the media was asking questions about absent defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth.

Most of the answers were what you’d expect — variations on “He should be there!”, basically — but 1982 NFL MVP and Redskins Alumni president Mark Moseley really impressed me with one simple thing: he found a positive in the Haynesworth situation. Read more »

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