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Cooley Painting His Player Notebook

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 21, 2011 – 1:02 pm

December is typically a busy time of year in the Cooley household.  Between football seven days a week, and family and holidays on the horizon, there isn’t much time to fill.

But this December, Cooley is on injured reserve with a hand and knee injury, and there’s only so much rehab and reflection to be done.  So in order to fill his unexpected free time, Cooley has turned back to collegiate training in art.

Cooley has a well-publicized appreciation for pottery, and devotes most of his “The Cooley Gallery” to his kiln creations.  But with a shattered finger and a need for expression, Cooley turned to painting as a platform, as he explained on his gallery blog:

“I couldn’t do pottery, and I wanted to do something for my gallery.  And so, my idea for paintings was taking my notebook from work and recreating my notes and sketches, and whatever else you would doodle in a notebook, as well as getting quotes from what people say, getting quotes from Kyle and Mike Shanahan, and putting in notes from what I thought about things.”

“They actually turned out pretty good.  I thought they turned out with quite a bit of style.  So, I’m really pleased and I’m really excited to put them up nice and show them off to everybody.”

Cooley had two of his paintings at Redskins Park yesterday, showing them off in the lobby as he waited for their new owner to arrive and pick them up.  Here’s a look: Read more »

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Sean McVay On Tight Ends And Pottery

Posted by Ross Leonhart on May 25, 2011 – 11:48 am

Redskins tight ends coach Sean McVay is entering his first full season with the Redskins after taking over the job on an interim basis at the end of last year. He talked to Amanda Mitchell of the Redskins Broadcast Network about the team’s tight end situation, compliments from Chris Cooley, and … um … pottery. Redskins.com intern Ross Leonhart has the report for those of you who don’t enjoy watching video.


Tight ends coach Sean McVay knows that he’s coaching an enviable assortment of players.

“I really feel good about the group that we have,” McVay tells Amanda Mitchell, in an interview aired on Redskins Nation. “One of the things that’s unique about the tight end position is you ask the guys to block and pass protect like an offensive lineman, but then you also expect them to run routes like a wide receiver and I think Chris (Cooley) is one of those guys that can really do all those things, and Fred (Davis) and Logan (Paulsen) also. So it’s a neat group.”

Last season, the Redskins tight end corps had 100 catches for 1,175 yards and seven touchdowns.

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