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Enter For A Visit From The NFL Play 60 Bus

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 24, 2013 – 2:08 pm


Calling all teachers, school administrators, PTO/PTA leaders and after-school/community center program leaders in Redskins Nation!

The NFL Play 60 initiative is currently scheduling visits for the NFL Play 60 Bus around the country. Consider this your opportunity to bring that bus to the greater-Washington D.C. area in 2013.

Enter for a chance to win a visit from the NFL PLAY 60 Bus at your school or community center. Tell us what your community needs to help kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade PLAY 60 minutes every day and stay active and healthy — your school or center may end up winning just what you ask for! Read more »

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MIC’D UP: Baker Active At Play 60 Event

Posted by Andrew Walker on November 16, 2012 – 11:00 am

Chris “Swaggy” Baker knows the importance of trying to stay in shape as a youngster in his early teens.

Baker said he was about 6-feet tall and weighed around 200 pounds by the time he was 10 years old, so his incredible size and strength was both a blessing and a curse.

Baker and running back Alfred Morris on Tuesday went to Godwin Middle School for an NFL Play 60 event in which the 2012 Play 60 Super School of the Year was also awarded a $10,000 check to further physical education.

Baker talked with the kids about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and then let his actions do the talking by going through the various Play 60 stations with the students (see above).

(AP photo)

Spoiler: the video ends with Baker and a group of students imitating “Happy Days” character Arthur Fonzarelli (see right).

Anyway, Tuesday’s event certainly wasn’t the first time the colorful Baker has been caught on camera showing off his swagalicious style.

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Banks Vs. Morgan: Slam Dunk Contest

Posted by Brian Tinsman on October 16, 2012 – 4:32 pm

It’s scary to think that there are athletes talented enough to go pro at more than one sport in their careers.

Notre Dame wide receiver Jeff Samardzija had top-10 NFL draft talent, but possessed a 99 MPH fastball, which led him to Major League Baseball.  Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden pitched for four seasons in the minor leagues before going back to play college football.  Tony Romo fancies himself a golfer, but…I’ll leave that one alone.

Classic success stories include Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, who had a chance to be teammates–had Sanders signed with the Kansas City Royals as the sixth-round pick in 1985.  Sanders remains the only athletes to ever hit a professional homerun and score a professional touchdown in the same week.

And then there are Redskins receivers Brandon Banks and Joshua Morgan, who are really good at…football.  Maybe not only football, but certainly not basketball; at least not at today’s Hometown Huddle Play 60 event. Read more »

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Video: Redskins Have Fun At Play 60 Event

Posted by Andrew Walker on September 18, 2012 – 12:07 pm

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos via Jose Argueta and the Redskins Instagram)

See more photos from the Play 60 Mini-Combine

More than 120 students from nearby Sterling Middle School got a chance hang out with their favorite Washington Redskins players and get in a good workout Tuesday.

The Redskins played host to an NFL Play 60 Mini-Combine at their Ashburn, Va., facility, and took advantage of their new indoor training facility by taking things inside as rains and heavy winds moved over the area.

The event was a team effort between the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, Commonwealth Orthopaedics, DePuy Mitek, Inc. and Safe Kids Worldwide.

The students were being trained with the help of nine Redskins players who were happy to participate on their day off Tuesday, including:

Read more »

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Backfield Four Horsemen A Hit At Play 60

Posted by Brian Tinsman on November 1, 2011 – 1:51 pm

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The students at Steuart W. Weller Elementary School got a full taste of the Redskins rushing attack on Tuesday morning, as Tim Hightower, Ryan Torain, Roy Helu, and Darrel Young led the students in a Play 60 celebration.

The students and teachers arranged a big welcome for their hometown heroes, and were showered with hugs and high-fives from the students:

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Players Leading Play 60 Event Today

Posted by Brian Tinsman on October 25, 2011 – 10:36 am

Tuesday is the NFL day off, and players spend their time doing various productive activities.  Many members of the team have already been to the team facilities to lift and watch film, while others will trickle in throughout the day.

Multiple members will also be headed out to the stadium today, to participate in a Play 60 flag football clinic for area school children.  The Redskins and Coca-Cola are teaming up to host the “Live Positively: Get the Ball Rolling” initiative, to teach kids about living a healthy lifestyle through football.

Approximately 200 middle school students from across the region will be attendance, and Redskins Lorenzo Alexander, Anthony Armstrong, Brandon Banks, Maurice Hurt, and Kareem Moore are scheduled to appear: Read more »

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Bruce Allen And The (Deanwood) Cowboys

Posted by Matt Terl on April 16, 2011 – 4:31 pm

Bruce Allen spent a few hours on Saturday at the Deanwood Recreation Center in D.C.’s Ward 7. Allen spoke to the kids, helped them with an Easter egg hunt, talked to them about the importance of exercise (as part of the Play 60 intiaitive), spoke a bit about the Redskins offseason, and hung out with the Easter bunny. It was a good day, and the sparkling new rec center provided an excellent venue.

Excellent enough, in fact, that Allen went out of his way to praise it to the media in attendance. “This is my first time to Deanwood,” Allen said, “and I’m really impressed — except for one of the football teams that plays here is named the Cowboys. Which … we talked to the coach about that.”

Everyone chuckled dutifully before moving on to questions about draft plans and lockouts and what-not, and Allen’s comment didn’t really make much of an impression on me until later, when I saw a guy wearing a jacket with this on the back:

Bruce Allen making an idle joke about the team being named the Cowboys is one thing; the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry has been a part of his life for forty years and he enjoys playing it up. But that’s not just a team named the Cowboys, which could look like anything … I mean, that’s the entire logo and color scheme of the Dallas Cowboys, only with ALLAS replaced by EANWOOD.

The guy wearing the jacket turned out to be Deanwood executive director Roy Wright, and he took full responsibility for naming the team.

Read more »

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An Elementary Q&A With Clinton Portis And Brian Orakpo

Posted by Matt Terl on November 10, 2010 – 10:05 am

Yesterday’s NFL Rush event was primarily about honoring Claremont Immersion Elementary as a Play 60 Super School, an award that carries a $10,000 grant to improve their health and wellness resources. That check was presented to the school by Tanya Snyder, Brian Orakpo, and Clinton Portis, and Orakpo and Portis answered questions from selected students as part of the assembly.

These Q&A’s with kids can range from the ridiculous to the redundant to the riveting pretty quickly, as kids’ questions don’t always follow the same line of reasoning as adult questions, nor are they as restricted by social conventions of what’s a worthwhile question to ask. Things can get pretty random, and the players are often more than just a little relieved to answer questions that don’t deal with the Scandal Of The Week.

So of course the first question was about Donovan McNabb. Specifically, it was about if he’s gotten used to the team, and they’ve gotten used to him. (It was asked by a fourth-grader, which is useful to remember the next time you find yourself thinking that the mainstream sports media is acting like a bunch of elementary schoolers.)

Portis fielded that one: “We’re used to Donovan, and I think Donovan’s used to us. I think just as a team, we’re going through the growing pains of learning a new offense, so it’s gonna be better the second half of the season. So look forward to seeing Donovan.”

This was greeted with raucous applause.

Next up was Billy, a fourth-grader sporting a mohawk and a Rock The Red T-shirt, who asked — clearly influenced by the theme of the event, and probably by his teachers — what the best way to stay fit was.

Orakpo answered, without mentioning chains or running mountains. “Well, I think the best way to stay fit is to be active outside instead of playing Xbox and Playstation all day,” he said, causing general chaos and tumult in the room. “I know a lot of you guys like to do that. So you go outside, play basketball, kickball, and at the same time you gotta eat healthy. That’s the most important thing.”

Third-grader Renny asked how many yards each player had run for. Portis’ answer was somewhat surprising.

“I really have no clue,” he said, “but over my career I think I’m at a pretty good pace. I have a nine year career, and I think I’m almost at 10,000 yards. So I feel pretty good about that.” Portis grinned, then added, “And Brian Orakpo, I think he’s got one interception for five yards, so he got a long way to go.”

Another workout question, this one from fifth-grader Sophie, another Brian Orakpo answer. It varies,” Orakpo said. “In the offseason, I would say I work out five days a week. During the season, you kinda want to maintain and break it down, so we’ll say maybe two to three times a week throughout the season.”

And then fifth-grader Bruno offered what was clearly supposed to be an on-message softball — “What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable?” — until Portis misheard it as “favorite food” and ran with it.

“They don’t want me to tell you my favorite food,” Portis said, smiling, “’cause this is about eating healthy and I love pork and [something inaudible that sounds oddly like cantaloupe]. But … Frosted Flakes. They’re great.”

Orakpo took the mic for his answer, and received the largest round of applause for the word “Pineapple” that I’ve ever heard, which ended the Q&A.

“That’s CP bein’ CP, man,” Orakpo said afterward, regarding Portis’ culinary choices. “He’s just being very honest.”

And Portis did clarify one thing to me about his answer. “I mean, I just said I eat pork. I love Frosted Flakes,” he said, but “Not together — at different times, man. I ain’t that crazy.”

It wasn’t until the media got ahold of him that Portis discussed his recovery from injury, and those answers were interesting as well: Read more »

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Anthony Armstrong Is More Gracious After Throwing Interceptions Than Jay Cutler Was

Posted by Matt Terl on October 27, 2010 – 3:55 pm

The Redskins teamed up with Coca-Cola yesterday and hosted a Play 60 flag football clinic at FedExField. 200 students from the D.C. Metro area got to work with Lorenzo Alexander, Anthony Armstrong, Kevin Barnes, Brandon Banks, and Ryan Torain as they prepared for and played some flag football. Everyone involved had an excellent time, as you can see in this piece from Redskins.com TV.

One of the great moments in the video is Brandon Banks discussing his size: “I’m probably the same size as some of the guys out here,” he says, and you can see at the 2:25 mark just how true that is. “I tell the guys, just go out there and believe that you can get in the NFL. Go after your dream, and if you dream to play NFL ball, just keep working real hard. You’ll make it.” It’s a message that sounds much more believable coming from the undersized Banks than it might coming from, say, an Andre Carter.

But the best part of the day didn’t make the cut in that video: Anthony Armstrong, playing flag football with the kids, was having real trouble throwing to the guys on his team. He was intercepted repeatedly throughout the day, and he discussed his multiple-pick game after it had come to a merciful end. Read more »

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Ellen DeGeneres's Mother Mocks Kevin Barnes

Posted by Matt Terl on April 9, 2010 – 2:13 pm

Have you always wanted to see a video that featured the current President and First Lady, the racing presidents from the Nats games, the lovely Reese Witherspoon, and teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, plus the bizarre sight of Ellen DeGeneres’s mother criticizing one of the Redskins cornerbacks, all set to Lady Gaga’s “Let’s Dance”?

Of course you have. Who hasn’t? Until very recently, though, you would’ve had to hammer all those unlikely elements together on your own, and I can only imagine how difficult it would’ve been to unearth the footage of Betty DeGeneres taunting the Redskins. Well, Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres show sure fixed that.

During her visit to the White House Easter Egg Roll, Mom DeGeneres had the chance to toss a football to second-year Redskins cornerback Kevin Barnes as he performed the United Way Play 60 drill. The results are … uninspiring.

“Kevin!” she yells as she throws the ball, followed by a disappointed “Oh, Kevin….” as he drops it.

“Your Saints guy,” she says tartly, “he woulda caught that.”

Check out the whole video after the jump; the montage in question starts at about 2:27. Read more »

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