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Sparkly Jerseys In Photographic Form

Posted by Matt Terl on December 1, 2009 – 2:30 pm

At the breast cancer awareness a few months ago, when the wives of the Redskins players were wearing the pink-numbered jerseys, head coach Jim Zorn’s wife Joy got to talking about wives wearing jerseys that had been “sparkled up,” in her words.

Phillip Daniels’ wife Leslie “has the best one that I have seen,” she told me. “Hers is something else. You have to go see her on game day; hers is very sparkly.”

Daniels wasn’t wearing her sparkly jersey that day, but I did ask her about it.

“I only wear them to certain games,” she explained, “but this year I got one that’s really, like, pimped up. I thought I’d try something different. Well, it’s bedazzled. Not actually bedazzled, but it’s got Washington crystals with the numbers all filled in, and on the sleeves. And it says Mrs. Daniels on the back, and ‘I Love’ over the 93.”

Daniels has her jerseys designed by the wife of the quarterbacks coach from Phillip’s days in Chicago. “We’re still close friends and she designs clothes,” Daniels explained, “and she hooked me up. She did one for Clinton Portis’ mom, and one for Renaldo Wynn’s wife, and all three of the them had them on last week at the game. But mine was more pimped out than theirs.”

Today, Renaldo Wynn and his wife LaTanya hosted an excellent charitable event at Target in Sterling, Virginia (more on that a little later), and I finally had the opportunity to compare and contrast his the two wives’ jerseys.

Here’s LaTanya Wynn:

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Redskins Chat With Troops

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2009 – 9:47 am

One last Veterans Day link, because I didn’t see it on Veterans Day: Phillip Daniels, Chris Cooley, Fred Smoot, Rock Cartwright, and Renaldo Wynn do a webchat with U.S. Troops stationed in Iraq.

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Phillip Daniels Has A High Pain Threshold

Posted by Matt Terl on October 12, 2009 – 5:06 pm

One thing head coach Jim Zorn really seems to enjoy in his weekly day-after-the-game press conferences is describing the injuries players have received. He’s rarely satisfied with your basic sprain/strain descriptors, and likes to go into loving, borderline-obsessive detail in his descriptions.

This can get pretty disgusting. Example A: today’s talk about Phillip Daniels.

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Phillip Daniels Re-Signs

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2009 – 1:38 pm

After weeks of reports and rumors and what-not, Phillip Daniels officially re-signed with the Redskins today, adding yet another veteran option at defensive end.

Daniels was fired up going into training camp last year after an offseason of powerlifting, but suffered a season-ending knee injury during the very first practice of the year. Now he’s back, rested and still enormous, and very ready to make up for lost time. I had a chance to sit down with him today, shortly before he departed Redskins Park, and ask how he feels about the upcoming season.

“I feel great man, coming back,” he said. “Getting with my old buddies and coaching staff. Being on the Redskins. A chance for us to go out there and do some good things this year and win us a Super Bowl.”

On working with Albert Haynesworth:

“I haven’t met him, but the guys say he’s a good guy. They’ve met him and they talk real good about him. I’ll get a chance to meet him. I’ll be back here for the camps and stuff and hopefully I’ll get a chance to be in the same room with him and on the field with him and see how he is.” Read more »

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