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Redskins Players On The Atmosphere At FedExField

Posted by Matt Terl on November 29, 2010 – 1:33 pm

If you read my quarter-by-quarter in-game updates yesterday (and if you didn’t, boy do I feel sorry for you!) you know I that spent much of the first half of the game wondering what was up with the crowd at FedExField. The stands didn’t look overly empty or overly purple, but I used words like silent, skittish, nervous, muted and odd to describe the way the crowd seemed (to me) to be acting, and I quoted Larry Weisman as saying, “It’s like everyone’s waiting for the roof to fall in.” So it wasn’t just me who noticed.

But when I mentioned this to a few people at Redskins Park this morning, they seemed shocked. The stadium was as loud as ever, people claimed. It was a NOTABLY loud crowd, they said. I must’ve had a different experience behind the press box glass, they suggested.

This was possible, of course, although the press box glass hasn’t changed since the last home game against the Eagles — and I could hear the crowd clearly at that one — so I decided to ask some folks who should be able to hear the home crowd pretty clearly: the players who were on the field.

And they seemed to have noticed the same thing I did.
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A Whole Lot Of Redskins Take Responsibility For The Loss

Posted by Matt Terl on September 19, 2010 – 10:13 pm

Someone in the postgame locker room asked me which one play most turned this game, and I found myself completely stumped. Not because there was any shortage of disappointing plays, but because it seems impossible to point at any one of them for causing the loss.

If the offense can punch in either of the early red zone possessions, maybe the game’s not even close. If Graham Gano hits either of his two missed field goals, maybe the fourth quarter goes very differently. If Trent Williams doesn’t go down, if Joey Galloway can just reach that long pass from Donovan McNabb, if, if, if. It’s a pointless exercise, and — in the case of this game — a deeply frustrating one.

That said, there are a few guys who are going to have fingers pointed at them by fans and commentators alike for contributing to the loss, and — to their credit — they all seemed to be standing up and taking responsibility in the locker room. In fact, everyone was rushing to take responsibility. “We just didn’t make plays,” DeAngelo Hall said. “The plays were sitting right there for us to make, and we didn’t make ’em.”

“There are always plays where you feel like, man, if I just did this differently, maybe the outcome would’ve been different for us,” London Fletcher said.

But neither of those guys was being pointed to as someone who gave up a crucial play.

Chris Horton, for example, came in for LaRon Landry in overtime, jumped offsides, and seemed to be specifically targeted on the play that put the Texans in field goal position. And he took responsibility for that.

“It’s one of those things where when I’m the game in a crucial situation, I gotta be smarter,” Horton said. “I’ve just gotta be smart. I’ve gotta watch the ball. I’ve gotta know, given the situation, what’s goin’ on.”

And Reed Doughty was frank about Andre Johnson’s game-tying fourth-down touchdown catch, which came (as you can see above) right over Doughty’s head.

“You’ve gotta make a play,” Doughty said. “It was one of those things where there’s nothing the coach can tell you — you know, ‘Box him out!’ — whatever it is, you’ve just gotta make the play. And I thought I hit it out and l looked up and he had the ball.”
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Phillip Buchanon And Andre Johnson Have A Long History

Posted by Matt Terl on September 15, 2010 – 5:37 pm

When Phillip Buchanon showed up at the 1998 Nike Football Camp in Miami, he wasn’t having the greatest day. “I was actually mad because I was late,” he says, “and I wanted to play receiver but they made me play defensive back.” Buchanon played just about every position at some point or another during his time at Lehigh Senior High School in Florida and excelled at most of them, but it was a guy he lined up across from at that Miami camp who got him locked into the cornerback position for the rest of his career — a tall wide receiver from Miami Senior High School who was considered one of the best in the country.

The guy’s name was Andre Johnson, and the coaches not only wanted Buchanon to play defensive back, they wanted him to cover Johnson.

“The first time I was guarding Andre,” Buchanon says, “I noticed that he was a big receiver but I did not know he was that fast. He ran a go ball on me, and I was like, ‘Aw, man, he’s big AND fast,’ so he kept me on my P’s and Q’s. That was the biggest memory from that camp.”
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Chris Wilson Wears New Gloves, Makes An Interception

Posted by Matt Terl on June 2, 2010 – 3:28 pm

One of the more exciting plays of today’s OTA — as noted by Redskins.com’s own @LarryWeisman — was linebacker Chris Wilson‘s interception of a tipped Rex Grossman pass. Wilson made his mark — and his way into the NFL from Canada — with his pass rushing abilities, so the questions as he’s moved to linebacker have centered around his coverage skills.

This interception, his first of this OTA, has to count as a favorable response to those questions.

“It felt good,” Wilson said. “Like a gift from God.”

And, he pointed out, the interception also required a bit of less-divine, more football-related intervention. “First of all,” Wilson explained, “the ball got batted up, so give credit to the D-line, pass rushing, getting their hands up, knowing the situation [was] short-yardage. That’s the type of teamwork we need this year to be competitive.” Read more »

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New Redskins CB Phillip Buchanon Still Has Speed

Posted by Matt Terl on March 29, 2010 – 3:28 pm

The Redskins announced the signing of cornerback Phillip Buchanon today, providing me with another seemingly simple name to misspell. (One L or two? N-O-N or N-A-N?)

Buchanon will be expected to provide valuable depth for a secondary that’s extremely youthful once you get past the two starters. Byron Westbrook, Justin Tryon, Kevin Barnes, Doug Dutch, and Marcus McCauley have combined for a total of thirteen starts between them, and nine of those come from McCauley’s 2007 rookie campaign with the Vikings. Leaving out McCauley — who a fair number of Redskins fans probably never even knew was on the team — the remaining four guys have appeared in any role in just 48 games, much of that on special teams duty.

Buchanon was the 17th pick of the 2002 NFL Draft, going to the Oakland Raiders. Current Redskins general manager Bruce Allen was the Raiders’ personnel guy then, so he has a history with Buchanon, and the Redskins have a history with reclamation projects from the first round of that draft. Read more »

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