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Notes After Practice: Another Week, Another Punter

Posted by Matt Terl on November 5, 2009 – 4:31 pm

Since I started working here, it feels like there’s been more player movement at punter than at any other position. And somehow it always brings the wackiness. From the early days of “Durant Brooks is a weapon” last season through Ryan Plackemeier — dubbed “Muffintop” by the Mr. I gang — to HunterGreatest Holder and Shoe Model and William the Bruce Impersonator and Christian Rocker of All Time” Smith and his former-bartender substitute, it’s been a pretty lively bunch. And that doesn’t even account for Shaun Suisham‘s brief, heroic turn at the position.

Well, the shuffling continued today, as Smith aggravated his groin injury and the team worked out (and plans to sign) Sam Paulescu to punt this week. Paulescu’s immediate claims to fame are leveling Tampa Bay’s Clifton Smith (in the video above) and helping to determine the height of the videoboard in the new Dallas stadium.

I’m sure we’ll find out other fascinating specifics when the guy officially signs on, likely tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

Other practice notes…. Read more »

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Saturday, October 22: Notes From Practice, With Levi Jones

Posted by Matt Terl on October 24, 2009 – 1:41 pm

Just a few notes from a short, windy Saturday practice.

  • Clinton Portis was back at practice, but Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall were not. Hall was resting a sore knee but is expected to play Monday night; Haynesworth is still nursing an ankle and may be a gametime decision. Cornelius Griffin, Chris Horton, Kareem Moore, and Hunter Smith were also all back at practice and are expected to play.
  • The Monday Night Football crew was on the sidelines doing their game prep — Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, Ron Jaworski, Suzy Kolber — and Gruden’s presence led to all the sarcastic comments you’d expect from the media in attendance. Jaworski was keeping a careful eye on Jason Campbell, whose play he praised early last year, but of whom he was indirectly critical on Friday.
  • Head coach Jim Zorn mentioned last night’s report on Chris Samuels, all but confirming the speculation that Samuels will be put on injured reserve at some point next week.
  • Possibly the most interesting tidbit from Zorn’s post-practice remarks is that he expects newly-signed tackle Levi Jones to be activated on Monday night. “He’s really been committed,” Zorn said, “and Joe Bugel’s worked overtime with him, along with Casey Rabach, the center and communicator on our offensive line, and he’s come right along.” I talked with Jones about that after practice; that conversation is after the jump.

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Your Very Brief Thursday Practice Update

Posted by Matt Terl on October 15, 2009 – 4:49 pm

See, here’s the thing about practice today: it was cold, and rainy, and not much of interest happened. Phillip Daniels didn’t practice, but is expected to go tomorrow and still plans to play Sunday. Cornelius Griffin and Albert Haynesworth were limited. Clinton Portis participated, at least a bit. Read more »

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On The Field For Practice – Finally, Back To Football

Posted by Matt Terl on September 30, 2009 – 4:24 pm

The scheduling of the NFL week is less than ideal for the losing team. Instead of immediately getting back on the practice field, putting the loss — especially a bad, frustrating loss like Sunday’s — behind you, and moving on, you get a couple days to really let it sink in. Monday is all about treatment and position meetings; Tuesday is the players’ day off (and, therefore, the main day for charity events and the like).

It’s not until today, Wednesday, that the guys get to get back to actually playing football.

Today’s practice went through some of the weirdest weather I’ve ever experienced, starting cool and cloudy, then getting very hot when the sun came through, then pouring rain, and finally settling back on the initial cool-and-cloudy.

Not practicing today were Albert Haynesworth, Clinton Portis, Carlos Rogers, and Mike Sellers. Rogers said after practice that he expects to be back, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Portis, during his media session, said that his ankles are fine and that he’s good. And Coach Jim Zorn said that he expects Haynesworth “to improve all week,” and that they’re trying to keep Sellers’ quad loose.

Just a few notes from practice:

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On The Field For Practice – Good News and Bad News

Posted by Matt Terl on September 25, 2009 – 2:16 pm

Practice today was a relatively light affair, shorts and shells in pleasant weather, and focused mainly on the red zone, which should make people happy. Jason Campbell got a lot of compliments from Jim Zorn for making good reads, which is always reassuring for me to hear on the sidelines, and the team seemed as loose and focused as they have at any point in this bizarre week.

But the real stories of practice came afterward, in the form of some good news and some bad news. Here’s a picture to help you guess the good news.

No, Colt Brennan is not going to be playing quarterback (although he is back in the facility and in generally good spirits.)

The good news is that Chad Rinehart will be starting at right guard. Zorn walked to the podium and said “The Rhino!”, thus preempting Washington Post reporter Jason Reid, who had been extremely excited to ask if it would be The Thrill (Will Montgomery) or The Rhino.
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On The Field For Practice – Albert Haynesworth Does The Stanky Leg

Posted by Matt Terl on September 24, 2009 – 4:29 pm

Practice got rescheduled today, moved earlier for reasons that were actually never explained to me. Weather, I guess, although the only weather I noticed was unpleasantly muggy warmth only occasionally cut by cooler fall breezes.

The most notable play of today’s full-pads practice came toward the end. The first-team defense completely blew up a screen pass: Andre Carter threw his blocker to the ground like the guy wasn’t even resisting, and Albert Haynesworth came clear through the line, intercepted the screen pass, and returned it for what would’ve been a touchdown, all to general cheers from the players and coaches on the sidelines.

Haynesworth, not always the most effusive guy in the world, seemed unsure what to do immediately after the play, and somone yelled, “Where’s your dance?”

So Albert Haynesworth — to even bigger cheers — very briefly did the Stanky Leg, most familiar to Redskins fans as Fred Davis‘s 2009 preseason touchdown dance.

After practice, Davis was a bit critical of Haynesworth’s interpretation. “More like the Musty Leg,” he said. “It wasn’t too good; he’s gotta work on it some more. Get a little more stinky with it.”

(I also asked Davis when we’d see him dancing again. “Hopefully soon,” he told me. “Gotta catch touchdowns, gotta start catching some balls.”)

Haynesworth shrugged the criticism off — with a smile, I should specify. “I was ’bout to hit it,” he told me, “but then I was just like, ‘Nah.'”

“He’s a little tight in the hips,” Andre Carter explained. (Again, jokingly. To be very clear and stave off crazed reports on ProFootballTalk: it was a joke. There is nothing damaged with Haynesworth’s hips.)

Cornelius Griffin was devastated. “I missed it, man,” he said. “I missed it. I asked him if he danced, and he just kinda muttered, ‘Yeah.'” Griffin shook his head. “Missed it.”

Fred Smoot also missed it, having been positioned too far downfield to see. Unlike Griffin, he wasn’t too disappointed. “His leg’s too big to do the Stanky Leg,” he said.

Other practice notes:
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On The Field For Practice – Musical Stretching

Posted by Matt Terl on September 16, 2009 – 4:47 pm

I was late getting out to practice today, so I missed the debut of the newest innovation from Coach Jim Zorn: music during stretching. Zorn explained after pracitice: “Chris [Cooley] asked me about a year ago, ‘Can’t we have music out here?’ It took me a long time to decide. I thought it would just loosen up everybody, and it did. I thought our guys enjoyed it. We’ll keep it up for a while and see how it goes.” Zorn compared it to the music played during pregame warmups in the stadium, but quickly demurred when asked if the music came from his iPod. “Not mind,” he said. “We had a little Jay-Z and we had some Metallica out there as well.”

(And, to head off the inevitable question, someone — I think Rich Campbell of the Free Lance-Star — asked if this wasn’t a strange thing to do after a loss. “No,” Zorn said, sounding completely taken aback by the suggestion.)

And that, frankly, was probably the most interesting part of practice. A few other memorable — although by and large not incredibly significant — moments: Read more »

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On The Field For Practice – A Good Day For Jarmon And Suisham

Posted by Matt Terl on September 10, 2009 – 5:37 pm

Just a few notes from this afternoon’s practice:

Two guys jumped out at me as having big days today. The first was rookie defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, who continues to impress. On one play he threw a blocker aside — Fred Davis, I believe — with as much force as I’ve ever seen. Saying that someone threw a guy “like a ragdoll” is an enormous cliche for a reason, but that’s what this looked like. Jarmon also batted a pass down at the line against the first team offense, and just generally looked strong throughout the day.

The second guy was Shaun Suisham.
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On The Sideline At Practice, As Is Colt Brennan

Posted by Matt Terl on September 9, 2009 – 5:08 pm

You can click to enlarge the picture above, but it really won’t change very much. The three quarterbacks participating in practice will still look small and far away. That’s because, relative to Colt Brennan, wearing burgundy sweats and a gray Redskins long-sleeve T-shirt on the right of the photo, they ARE small and far away.

This was the second practice since Brennan was put on injured reserve, ending his 2009 season before it could even start, and it’s the second straight time that I’ve noticed him staring fixedly at the quarterback group. They run drills and dodge the rush from one of the strength coaches and get the ball away, and Brennan stands well off to the side with his arms crossed, watching.

Even if he’s watching, though, Brennan is careful to stand far enough away that he can’t hear what the coaches are saying, because — while he’s allowed to be outside for practice — he’s not allowed to participate. At all.

You might ask Brennan how that feels; I certainly did. His answer, initially, was one word long:

“Boring,” he said, flatly. Read more »

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Tuesday, September 8: Yesterday's Practice

Posted by Matt Terl on September 8, 2009 – 9:15 am


A few quick notes from yesterday’s afternoon practice in shorts and shells:

• The strangest part of this first practice of the 2009 regular season was seeing Colt Brennan in sweats on the sideline while newly-signed Andre’ Woodson — standing tall and wearing number 2 — works out with the quarterbacks. Here’s Coach Zorn from the post-practice press conference above, talking about some of the reasons that Woodson is here: “We like his size, and I think he has a good presence. He has escape ability, which I saw as I watched him. It is necessary for this offense. I was impressed with his deep ball. We just have to work on some intermediate things and we will be all right.”
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