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Projecting The Redskins In 2015

Posted by Andrew Walker on May 23, 2012 – 2:25 pm

(AP photo)

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer, Mel Kiper, Gary Horton and Matt Williamson today released a very interesting perspective of what they believed the NFL could look like in three years.

Where did the Redskins stack up?

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Kiper: Hankerson Primed For Breakout

Posted by Andrew Walker on May 21, 2012 – 9:32 am

The offeseason additions of wide receivers Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan could pay big dividends for Redskins’ receiver Leonard Hankerson.

With Garçon, Morgan and Hankerson among a talented nucleus of receivers that also includes Anthony Armstrong, Santana Moss, Terrence Austin and others, some experts — like ESPN’s Mel Kiper — think Hankerson could be primed for a breakout season as a serious deep threat in 2012.

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Kiper 2.0: Redskins Take LSU Cornerback

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 16, 2012 – 11:58 am

AP Image

According to ESPN Draft guru Mel Kiper’s latest Big Board, the Redskins will still be selecting LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the No. 6 pick in April’s Draft.

The Redskins have been linked to every quarterback (past and present) under the sun this offseason, and the hypothetical selection of a defensive player might be met with a bit of angst.  So, here’s why this prediction makes sense:

1. There’s no way to predict draft-day trades.  The Redskins traded all over the place last year, a reflection of Redsknis scouting and other teams seizing on a need.  At least at this point in the process, it makes sense to look at who will still be on the board.  In April, the team may trade up for a player they like or trade back for a player that makes more sense.

2. Free agency happens first this year.  Much of the mock draft mojo has been twisted by the return of the regular offseason scheduling.  With the draft occurring six weeks after the start of free agency, a number of needs could already be filled or altered by the time April 28 rolls around.

3. The Redskins have a number of needs to fill.  Cornerback may not be the one that springs to mind in February, but it wouldn’t be outlandish to consider that position if a playmaker is available.

That’s a general forewarning for any mock draft between now and April.  Because of myriad possibilities, no expert has ever nailed his/her predictions.

With that in mind, here is Kiper’s review of Claiborne, and why he makes sense for the Redskins:

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Mel Kiper Re-Grades Redskins 2011 Draft

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 12, 2012 – 12:58 pm

AP Image

With the 2011 season in the books and another 105 days to go before the 2012 NFL Draft, it’s officially time to hem and/or haw, self-congratulate success and self-loathe disappointment.  Hey, it’s the offseason!

The best place to start for obligatory 20/20 hindsight is the 2011 NFL Draft, when the labor dispute was put on hold to focus on the future.

The Redskins entered the weekend with eight draft picks and a plethora of needs.  Showing a steady hand of patience and precision, the Redskins navigated their draft boards picking up a lot of raw talent, roster depth and project picks.  In the process, they added five extra picks and four extra players.

The draft class was everything that it needed to be at the time, and it worked out tremendously for an injury-ridden Redskins team.  But it was not a “sexy” draft according to experts.  Because the Redskins took so many players, they had a chance to find some gems; but because they took nine players after the third round, there was a chance few would pan out.

Football draft guru and ESPN analyst Mel Kiper gave the Redskins a post-draft grade of a C+, equivalent to passing mediocrity.  Eight and a-half months later, he’s begging your pardon (Via ESPN Insider and friend Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven): Read more »

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Mock Drafts: Someone Pretty Much HAS To Be Right [Updated]

Posted by Matt Terl on April 15, 2011 – 11:05 am

It’s taken me awhile to figure out why I’m so burned out on NFL Mock Drafts this year. I knew it had something to do with the sheer volume of information out there, the way everyone who watches football has managed to contribute to a mock draft or two, but it finally crystallized for me today while I was looking at DC Pro Sports Report’s absolutely indispensable Mock Draft Database.

Generally, I use this resource to see who the popular picks are at the Redskins spot (wide receiver Julio Jones continues to lead; he’s the Redskins pick in 46% of mocks, according to DCPSR). Today, I realized that what’s been bothering me all season has nothing to do with who’s getting the MOST votes — instead, it’s about the simple NUMBER of guys that show up as potential Redskins selections. Talking about “sheer volume of information” is one thing, but it’s another thing to look at an actual list of thirty twenty-nine names.

No, really. THIRTY. Seriously, TWENTY-NINE. [UPDATED because Da’quan Bowers and Daquan Bowers were counted as two different people, which is probably not right.] Check it out:

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ESPN Mock Drafts Project More Guys To The Redskins

Posted by Matt Terl on April 6, 2011 – 1:27 pm

I think it’s official: as I sat down to type the headline for this post, acute draft fatigue turned into something like an existential crisis. There are so many analysts at this point, all projecting variations of the same twenty scenarios, that’s it’s all become essentially meaningless. And yet credentialed, well-informed reporters happily report the rambling speculations of a few draft experts as if the news is actually somehow significant.

The best thing I’ve read from a “draft expert” in the last few weeks isn’t even ABOUT this year’s draft (at least not directly): it’s National Football Post’s Wes Bunting owning up to several of his biggest misses in past draft coverage, and explaining what he’s learned from them. That’s some interesting, informative stuff, and it even offers background on Bunting’s methodology, which has an effect on how one might read his 2011 stuff.

Regardless of my existential crises, though, the release of the latest iteration of ESPN’s Mock Drafts — especially multi-rounders! — is big news. And today, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper both put out three round mocks. So, without further ado, here’s how the Redskins made out, along with my reactions: Read more »

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On January 22, Kiper Says: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas

Posted by Matt Terl on January 22, 2009 – 1:20 pm

ESPN is gleefully hyping Mel Kiper’s mock draft, which I suppose marks their official start of NFL Draft season. I find the last two picks of the draft the most interesting — someone at ESPN has apparently determined that the Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl, but that the Cardinals will continue their ongoing transformation into Pittsburgh Southwest by drafting Pitt running back LeSean McCoy.

What affects the Redskins, though, is what Kiper has going on in his top 13. Read more »

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