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Redskins Kill Time By Doodling

Posted by Matt Terl on December 1, 2009 – 4:55 pm

Renaldo Wynn
‘s “Holiday Wishes Come True” event was a big success today. Wynn, along with his wife LaTanya and a huge number of his teammates, escorted local children in need through Target, providing each kid with a hundred dollars to use toward whatever they wanted for the holiday season.

Byron Westbrook was one of the players who helped out with — and enjoyed — the event. “This was a great event today,” he said, “being able to help these kids who can’t get some of these gifts all the time get some of what they did want for Christmas. And it helps the parents out as well, gets something to make their kids happy. The kids had big smiles on their face the whole day.”

Westbrook and a few of his teammates, though, did run into some downtime before the event got started, and they amused themselves by tracing their hands on the disposable tablecloth in front of them and autographing the handprint. Read more »

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Sunday, September 6: The 2009 Redskins Practice Squad Takes Shape

Posted by Matt Terl on September 6, 2009 – 3:15 pm

The Redskins have signed the first five members of their 2009 practice squad:

  • Safety Lendy Holmes, he of the distinctive haircut
  • Fullback Eddie Williams, one of the team’s 2009 draft picks (and now the second of two guys named Ed Williams in the locker room, with offensive lineman Edwin Williams)
  • Wide receiver Trent Shelton, which marks a great stride at repairing yesterday’s damage to the team’s Twitter presence
  • Defensive end Rob Jackson, a 2008 draft pick who spent last season on the active roster
  • Defensive end J.D. Skolnitsky, adding another local guy to the locker room

Notable for his absence on that list is quarterback Chase Daniel, who told me yesterday that he expected to be in this morning to sign his practice squad deal. Apparently, that didn’t happen.

This leaves three spots to fill to the full practice squad contingent of eight. I’ll have more posted as I hear it, although I think this might be it for today. Read more »

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Tuesday, August 11: Lendy Holmes Sports A Dallas Haircut

Posted by Matt Terl on August 11, 2009 – 8:25 am

Here’s what safeties coach Steve Jackson had to say about undrafted rookie safety Lendy Holmes when I talked to him back in May:

“He’s very promising. Athletic guy. You wanna talk about ball skills, he’s got excellent ball skills, and he’s smart. It’s gonna be good to see what he can do once we get the pads on, because everybody looks good in shorts. It’s a talent show.

“But you wanna see the toughness and how a guy’s gonna react when it’s a hundred degrees outside and you’ve got guys who are bigger than you and faster than you that wanna knock you down, AND you’ve gotta remember your plays, AND you’ve gotta get out of there in one piece”

And here’s what a bunch of other people around Redskins Park had to say about undrafted rookie safety Lendy Holmes over the last month or so: “What’s up with his hair?”

Read more »

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Something To Watch Tonight If You Get The NFL Network And Can Stomach Deion Sanders

Posted by Matt Terl on April 29, 2009 – 4:40 pm

This is Lendy Holmes. He’s a rookie out of Oklahoma, where he converted from wide receiver to cornerback and then to safety, and he’s one of the Redskins’ undrafted free agent signees.

And — if you can tolerate an hour of Deion Sanders saying things like “You gotta believe. You don’t believe in yourself, ain’t nobody else will. Believe that,” and “We gonna make you feel it today, baby,” — you can learn a little bit about what Holmes went through to prepare himself for the possibility of life in the NFL on Prime U, tonight at 8:00 Eastern time on the NFL Network.

According to NFL.com, Prime U “goes inside Sanders’ training camp in Irving, TX for a look at how the legendary cornerback imparts his knowledge of the game and life as a professional football player to the next generation.”

I don’t know much about Holmes — he played a bunch of different positions, had a decent but unspectacular workout at the NFL Combine, and was once leveled by a block from that kid who spent the draft hanging out with Bill Cosby — but, based solely on the enthusiasm on display in the picture above, I am completely unsurprised that he decided that learning how to prepare for the NFL Draft from Deion Sanders would be a good idea.

I missed the show when it initially aired back in February — tonight’s re-air is updated with material from the NFL Draft — but based on the clip below, it actually looks pretty good. (Note also an appearance by Redskins’ sixth-round draft choice Robert Henson out of TCU.) Read more »

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