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Kyle Shanahan Responds To Fletcher Smith's Statement

Posted by Matt Terl on December 24, 2010 – 1:53 pm

Yesterday afternoon, head coach Mike Shanahan issued a statement responding to an earlier statement from Donovan McNabb‘s agent Fletcher Smith. Despite the fact that Smith’s statement was lengthy and highly critical, Mike Shanahan’s response was terse and fairly general.

Speaking to Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson after practice today, though, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan rebutted a good deal of the Smith statement very specifically, and in no uncertain terms.

“When I heard that last night, it definitely was a little disturbing,” Kyle Shanahan said. “Anytime you work with someone every day like I do with Donovan — we’ve been together for about seven months at least, we’re around each other all the time — and never once have a confrontation; you eat together every day, nothing ever’s been bad … to hear stuff like I heard, that was a little surprising. So of course it bothered me.”

Upon hearing about the statement, Kyle Shanahan called McNabb to ensure that the two could sit down and discuss things in person. And what the player told his coordinator was just a little bit different from what the player’s agent said publicly.

“When I talked to Donovan,” Shanahan said, “and he says that he didn’t say any of that, I’m like, ‘Well, yeah, your agent did, which to me is you.’ And he said he didn’t agree with any of that; those words didn’t come out of his mouth; he didn’t tell his agent that stuff. So … all I can go off is what Donovan tells me. We’ve never had a confrontation all year. Never had an argument. Everything’s been good. So it is kinda … really a different situation to hear that stuff, but when I clear it up with him, I’ve gotta go with the reality of what the two guys it’s between talk about.”

Just for fun, here are a few excerpts from Smith’s statement, contrasted with Kyle Shanahan’s comments to CSN:


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Jason Campbell And Rock Cartwright Watch The Presser

Posted by Matt Terl on January 7, 2010 – 9:40 am


Some quality work from Comcast SportsNet here: Chick Hernandez watches the press conference introducing Mike Shanahan with Jason Campbell and Rock Cartwright, two of the six captains of the 2009 team. I find watching these guys watch this press conference interesting for two reasons, and they rarely overlap:

Reason 1: It affects them very directly. As fans, we watch because we want the team to improve. We want to hear that this new coach is going to clear out the guys we want gone and bring in guys we think are better. We want to hear that he’s going to institute some discipline and really make the players work. As players, they have to worry about being gone, about being subject to that discipline, and about undergoing a grueling new training camp.

Reason 2: And yet they sound just like us. There are plenty of times during this video where you could replace Rock Cartwright or Jason Campbell with Random Guy From The Barstool Next To You and not notice the difference.

The video starts with a bunch of Reason 2 stuff as the press conference begins on the TV in front of the guys.

Rock Cartwright: “What d’you think Jerry Jones think about that?”

Jason Campbell: “How many guys you think he’ll actually keep? How many coaches you think he’ll keep?”

RC: “I don’t know, man. I don’t know. That’s gonna be tough to figure out.”

[Onscreen, Mike Shanahan is asked about his immediate to-do list.]

RC: “I can’t even imagine coming in, man. You got so much stuff you gotta do.”

JC: “You got a TON of stuff. You probably already been looking at some stuff, though. You been looking at some stuff about a month and half, two months now. Ever since after the Detroit game.”

RC: “He’s probably been watching the games and everything, too. You know that.”

I’ve lumped the above exchange under Reason 2 because — you’ll notice — it doesn’t actually sound like the two guys actually have any particular reason to believe that Shanahan’s been making plans since the Detroit game. It’s just that they, like so many fans, assume that it’s true.

Then we get some examples of Reason 1 as onscreen Shanahan is asked about Jason Campbell and mentions in his response that he’s going to go over every play of Campbell’s career.

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Wednesday, December 2: Redskins Discuss Easy Bake Ovens

Posted by Matt Terl on December 2, 2009 – 10:52 am

One last bit from yesterday’s “Holiday Wishes Come True” event, hosted by Renaldo Wynn and his wife LaTanya (along with the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, the Family of Faith foundation, and Target).

Even though the event was about giving tangible gifts to kids as we get into the meat of the holiday season, Wynn made absolutely certain to remind everyone what the real purpose of the event — and the holidays — is. “Whenever we’re given the opportunity,” he said, “that’s our goal as human beings: to serve others. And it’s just a great feelin’ when you come and you give yourself to someone else, I think that’s the greatest gift you can have.”

And he’s probably right about that. Still, though, the kids seemed really enthusiastic about the material gifts they were getting, too. Read more »

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