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Niles Paul Was A Sad Clown And More Redskins Halloween Stories

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on October 31, 2013 – 6:16 pm

(AP Mexican Clown Portaits Photo Gallery)

(AP Mexican Clown Portaits Photo Gallery)

The festival of frights is upon us. Tonight, a cavalcade of incognito adults and children take the streets in search of a sugar-fueled bacchanalia.

In honor of October 31, I solicited the Redskins for some of their favorite Halloween stories of costumes, mischief and gluttony.

I did find some highlights, starting with Niles Paul, who had probably the best and the worst Halloween stories of anyone who talked to me.

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Join Our Redskins Pumpkin Patch & Win

Posted by Andrew Walker on October 31, 2012 – 10:10 am

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Note: the photos above are not necessarily winners in our Redskins Pumpkin Carving Contest — I just thought they were pretty cool.)

Happy Halloween, Redskins fans!

Today is the final day to have a chance to release your “Hailoween” creativity to win several items from the Redskins, including tickets to Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers and an autographed Ryan Kerrigan jersey.

Fans have been choosing three Redskins-themed pumpkin stencil options by clicking here and carving them up and sending us photos — that’s how easy it is, and it’s not too late to get involved:

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Get Your Robert Griffin III Halloween Mask!

Posted by Andrew Walker on October 11, 2012 – 9:48 am

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to go dressed up as the top rookie quarterback in the National Football League?

The NFL Players Association is selling Robert Griffin III masks just in time for the Halloween season on their website for just $11.99. This digitally printed image on flat vinyl is the perfect way to impress your friends and family — heck, impress the FedExField crowd during game days, too.

Want to get your hands on one?

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Cousins’ Jersey Saga Has ‘Happy Ending’

Posted by Andrew Walker on September 20, 2012 – 2:23 pm

(AP photo)

Halloween isn’t for another 40 days, but Kirk Cousins said he already got a head start on his Joe Theismann costume.

Or at least that’s what Cousins — the Redskins’ second-string rookie quarterback — said he was wearing throughout the preseason.

Most modern-day football players — particularly quarterbacks — want a tight-fitting game jersey with extremely short sleeves, which can deter defenders from getting a hold of them and bringing them to the ground without at least working for it.

But when Cousins put his white No. 12 Redskins jersey over his shoulder pads for the team’s preseason opener Aug. 9 against the Buffalo Bills, he said it was quite the shocker.

“I show up in Buffalo and my jersey literally looks like a Halloween costume,” Cousins recalled Wednesday. “I was swimming in it.”

Cousins alerted the Redskins equipment staff about the jersey, but continued to play on through the preseason with his baggy sides exposed and his sleeves down to his elbows.

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A Mixed-Emotions Halloween For Redskins

Posted by Brian Tinsman on October 31, 2011 – 5:07 pm

If someone knocks on your door tonight dressed as the undead, it’s best not to assume that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun (Although, if the zombies chose tonight to start it would be ingenious). ¬†These zombies do not thirst for human flesh, they just want a candy bar and then they’ll leave you alone.

Redskins returner Brandon Banks may show up at your house tonight…dressed as himself:

There are some very creative Redskins fans out there tonight, who were kind enough to post their celebrations on Twitter: Read more »

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Happy Halloween From 1993 And Joe "Frankenstein" Jacoby

Posted by Matt Terl on October 30, 2009 – 2:35 pm

This was just a bit of serendipitous timing.

Yesterday, with Halloween coming up, I was going through a drawer here in Redskins Park on a completely unrelated — and, frankly, boring — errand when I came across a press packet for something called Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron.

Monsters of the Gridiron was an ad campaign from 1993 that involved 29 players being elaborately made over into mildly entertaining pseudo-horror characters. There were prizes, TV ads and radio spots, giant cardboard displays (like the one pictured to the right), and a call-in game.

I remember none of it.

(There’s a reason for the odd number of players: it’s one from each of the 28 teams at the time, plus then-Cowboys defensive lineman Tony Casillas — as “Conde [Count] Casillas” — doing the Spanish-language version of the ad; he’s listed on the Coca-Cola News Release Fact Sheet as “Hispanic player/monster,” as compared to “National player/monster” Randall “Rocket Man” Cunningham. 1993 suddenly seems like a VERY long time ago.)

The Redskins representative for this promotion — which, according to the press release, “combines America’s number one sport with the country’s most popular soft drink in an effort that is sure leave football fans ‘trance-fixed’ to their favorite games,” a phrase that is almost completely meaningless — was none other than offensive tackle and original Hog Joe Jacoby.

Jacoby was in his last year in the league at the time, the final act to what would in any just world have been a Hall of Fame career, so “undergoing several hours of extensive make-up and costuming” — again, per the press release — to look like a football-playing Frankenstein, complete with enormous square football helmet, probably seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea.

The press release breathlessly assures us that the monstrous alter-ego “accentuates each player’s most notorious personality traits.”

For example, Cunningham was “Rocket Man” because was an incredibly gifted scrambler. Ronnie Lott was “Rattler,” presumably because his legendary hits left opponents “rattled”. I guess Tom Rathman’s dominant personality trait was sheer lunacy, because his alter-ego was “Psycho”. Craig “Iron Head” Heyward was “Iron Head” because his nickname was “Iron Head”. And so on.

So I guess Jacoby was notorious for being a stiff, shambling monster of a man with an outsized square head. Nice.

Somehow, that’s not quite as awesome as “Rocket Man,” but it’s still vastly better than Steelers QB Neil O’Donnell, whose “Night Raider” moniker sounds just a little questionable in hindsight.

More pictures, and a full list of players and their nicknames, below. Read more »

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