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The Women Of Washington Redskins Walk For Fitness

Posted by Matt Terl on November 13, 2010 – 4:41 pm

That’s Roxi McNabb, wife of QB Donovan, and Christy Cooley, wife of tight end Chris, walking together just before the start of today’s Fit For You 5K at National Harbor. The Women Of Washington Redskins assembled prior to the start of the race to send off the runners before leading the group of walkers, and Cooley’s holding the sign up to help guide the group to the stage. Tanya Snyder, wife of team owner Daniel, held a similar sign aloft on the stage.

It might seem like a minor detail. But the signs, with their new official-looking logo and enthusiastic exclamation point, seem to represent a moment for this group, as the Women Of Washington Redskins take another step from just being a group of Redskins’ wives and toward being a visible, recognizable ambassador for the team.

McNabb seemed both pleased and mildly surprised with how the group was coming together, and she has a broader frame of reference than some. “Just in the first nine weeks of the [regular] season, I think we’ve done more charity work and been together and worked out with each other more than I think I’ve done in … you know, eleven years with the other team we were with.” (Oh, did the McNabb’s come here from somewhere else? I had no idea. You’d think someone would’ve mentioned that at some point.) Read more »

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Former Redskins QB's Wife Talks Healthy Tailgating, Food TV

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2010 – 10:31 am

Tomorrow is the Fit For You 5K — register now! — and, in addition to celebrity fitness trainers and current Redskins players’ wives, an EX-players’ wife will be appearing as well. Yolanda Banks is the wife of Tony Banks, former Redskins quarterback, and she’ll be demonstrating how to tailgate — and eat — healthier, without sacrificing any of the flavor or fun of cooking at a tailgate.

Here’s one of her tips: “The biggest change you can make is using meats that have less saturated fat, number one. And you don’t have to sacrifice-it’s not like you have to not eat red meat. You can go to some of the healthier red meat options, like buffalo-you know, bison’s very, very lean.” (Mike Williams was also a huge proponent of bison meat, you’ll recall.)

That’s what Banks does, through her business Fresh Is Fabulous, but she’s also co-written a book, Cooking For Your Man, and has done cooking appearances on Good Morning Texas, At Home Live, and the Food Network.

Actually, food television had a pretty substantial influence on Banks’ entire life, starting in childhood.
Read more »

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Tanya Snyder And Christy Cooley Head To Indianapolis For A Walk

Posted by Matt Terl on October 30, 2010 – 4:21 pm

The Fit For You 5K in D.C. is still a couple of weeks away, and you should sign up now. But the 5K walk/run, which supports the NFL Play 60 Challenge, is also part of the NFL’s new women’s initiative. And since Tanya Snyder and Christy Cooley are two of the official spokepeople for that initiative, they found themselves on an early morning flight to Indianapolis today to take part in the first such event.

I’ll have much more on the event on Monday, but wanted to at least share some pictures today. The day wound up gorgeous, and the walk was well-attended by women, men, kids, dogs, and even mascots — both official:

— and unofficial (think Chief Zee, only Coltsier):

Then there was an appearance by Lazytown‘s Sportacus, which was … surreal. Read more »

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Video Of The Women Of Washington’s Tracy Anderson Workout

Posted by Matt Terl on October 27, 2010 – 3:02 pm

When I wrote on Monday about the Women Of Washington preparing for the Fit For You 5K, I ran into some trouble trying to describe the Tracy Anderson Method that they were using. I mentioned some of Anderson’s celeb credentials — Shakira! Madonna! Gwyneth! — and then offered this gem to describe what the workouts looked like: “an intense combination of yoga, cheerleading, and the movie Flashdance.”

That, it could be argued, is not a very good descriptor. Fortunately, we live in an age where moving images can be captured via a “camera” and “embedded” onto these here “websites,” and TV has provided just such a moving image of the event. So here are Tanya Snyder, Christy Cooley, and more of WOW, along with Tracy Anderson. You be the judge of if my descriptor was terrible or just bad.

Also, don’t forget to register for the Fit For You 5K, even if you haven’t had that particular variety of training. Very few of us have. Read more »

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The Women Of Washington Prepare For A 5K

Posted by Matt Terl on October 25, 2010 – 5:26 pm

On November 13, the Washington Redskins and the NFL will be hosting the “Fit For You 5K” at National Harbor. All proceeds from the event will benefit Play 60, a joint program between the NFL and the American Heart Association. I’ve mentioned this before — it’s tied in to the NFL’s new women’s initiative, and Tanya Snyder (wife of owner Daniel Snyder) and Christy Cooley (wife of Chris Cooley), two of the faces of that intiative, are leading the Redskins’ involvement in the 5K.

More than just “leading involvement,” Snyder and Cooley will actually be participating in the 5K, along with many other wives of Redskins players and coaches. In fact, that group has even gone so far as to take on a name: WOW, or Women Of Washington, which they wore on their basketball jerseys at the now-semi-legendary charity game in Philly.

Tanya Snyder explains, “We’ve always referred to the group as the team behind the team, because they are. These are the women that get everything done, and that support these men that make it happen for the Washington Redskins. I wanted it to be about everybody, and I wanted to call us something so that — for example — when we do an event, instead of me being up on stage or any one person, it’s everybody.” Hence the name, and hence the group’s increasingly visible profile.

Today, Snyder brought WOW together to work out with Tracy Anderson, creator of the Tracy Anderson Method and fitness trainer to stars like Shakira and Madonna. Anderson will also be at the Fit For You 5K, offering advice and inspiration, and she took today’s class as a chance to get WOW into 5K shape using her “method,” the mission of which (according to her website) “is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups so that these muscles can pull in the larger muscles – which results in a lean figure that is not bulky.”

What this actually looked like was an intense combination of yoga, cheerleading, and the movie Flashdance. Here’s Anderson leading the exercises: Read more »

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