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Madden 13 Projects Redskins-Cowboys

Posted by Andrew Walker on December 29, 2012 – 4:13 pm

Madden Simulation

If Madden NFL 13’s projection of tomorrow night’s Redskins-Cowboys game is accurate, Washington will be celebrating an NFC East title and playoff berth late tomorrow night.

ESPN.com ran a simulation of tomorrow’s night’s game, and the Redskins came out on top, 31-26, to win the divisional title and earn a home playoff game.

Here’s some notes from the Madden 13 simulation:

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Redskins Fans Dominate Madden 13 Poll

Posted by Andrew Walker on August 14, 2012 – 11:03 am

I’d say it’s time to pat yourselves on the back, Redskins fans, but that would mean you’re wasting time not playing the Madden NFL 13 demo that features your very own Washington Redskins.

Ah, go ahead and do it anyway.

EA Sports gave its Twitter followers a chance to vote on the team they were going to play as first in the Madden NFL 13 demo, which was released today.

Voters had a chance to choose between the Redskins, the Seattle Seahawks, the New York Giants or the San Francisco 49ers.

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80th Anniversary Unis In Madden NFL 13

Posted by Andrew Walker on August 13, 2012 – 9:27 am

Want to get a sneak peek at the Washington Redskins’ 80th Anniversary Uniforms and at the latest installment of the popular Madden football video game?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Tomorrow, EA Sports Madden NFL 13 will have a demo available to be downloaded for free, and the Redskins are among the four teams featured in the two demo games.

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Good Job, Superstitious Redskins Fans

Posted by Matt Terl on March 28, 2011 – 1:43 pm


A week ago I spent a few hundred words mulling over the possible existence of the Madden Curse, with special attention on that might affect Brian Orakpo‘s performance in the current open vote for the cover spot on Madden 12. My conclusion was that I was too superstitious to see Orakpo win, but that I would be fine seeing him advance through any and all rounds up until the finals. Many people — including Jon Robinson of ESPN’s The Gamer blog — told me that I was being ridiculous. That the Curse doesn’t exist. That it was my duty as a Redskins fan to vote for our representative.

That’s not exactly how it played out.

Either Redskins fans didn’t care about the vote at all (which seems unlikely to me, given past experiences mustering a Redskins vote), or they were even more superstitious than I. Either way, the whole debate became moot today when it was announced that Orakpo had lost in the first round to Giants WR Hakeem Nicks, 61% to 39% with more than 400,000 votes cast.

I’m fine with that. The Redskins defense had enough problems last year; we don’t need to add even the possibility of a Curse to the mix. I’m sure Orakpo isn’t pleased to have lost — no one likes losing at anything, obviously — but I think this serves the greater good. And so I say to whatever percentage of that 400,000+ people was comprised of superstitious Redskins fans: nice work, and thanks.

(Hat tip to @HogsHaven, who saw it first.)

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Brian Orakpo And The Paradox Of The Madden Cover Vote

Posted by Matt Terl on March 22, 2011 – 9:44 am

So I have this friend who’s a die-hard Redskins fan — probably a lot like you, if you’re the sort of person who reads this blog regularly — but for the last decade or so he’s been faced with a tricky problem. See, he travels a lot, sometimes for extended periods of time, and sometimes EVEN DURING FOOTBALL SEASON. (I know, it sounds awful to me as well.)

In fact, there have been two years recently where he’s been out of the country for nearly the entire season: 2005 and 2007. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that those are the only two times in the last decade that the Redskins made the playoffs — and they were seasons that he didn’t get to follow in nearly the level of detail that he’d like.

Correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causality, of course, but I believe that it’s entirely his fault that the team hasn’t seen the postseason more often — and, by extension, I believe that if he REALLY loved the Redskins as much as he says he does, he’d exile himself FOREVER so the team could become a perennial contender. He disagrees (although he made something of a compromise by moving to the west coast, almost internationally distant from the day-to-day workings of the team) and that’s his right, but now he lives with the guilt of knowing that every single non-playoff season MIGHT be his fault.

Now, thanks to the kind folks at EA Sports and ESPN, the rest of us can face a similar (albeit smaller-scale) version of the same soul-crushing dilemma. Read more »

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