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Hall Deflects Spotlight Onto Team Effort

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 19, 2013 – 4:35 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

It all started a few days ago and the media absorbed it quickly, translating and dissecting the words of both as either two veterans that have grown up or a professional game of cat and mouse.

Both Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall have been known for producing some pretty noteworthy soundbites over the years, so you know the two were going to be asked about one another in their first meeting since 2010.

On that day, Cutler’s psyche was crushed by Hall, as he picked off the former first round pick four times, returning one 92 yards to the house.

After the game, Cutler said that he’d throw his way again if they played the next day while Hall said he’d get into the Hall of Fame if he played the former Vanderbilt gunslinger every week.

This go-round though, the two had slightly more subdued comments for one another.

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Look! It's DeAngelo Hall!

Posted by Matt Terl on November 10, 2008 – 11:55 am

DeAngelo Hall made his Redskins debut today, talking to the media from the interview stairs. It was exactly the sort of small, well-contained group that usually accompanies a bottom-of-the-roster move like the cutting and signing of a third (or fourth) cornerback. Here’s the view from the landing looking down the steps behind Hall.


Hall was, as you’d expect, full of praise for his new team. He claimed that all the teams expressed some level of interest in him, but “I just kind of feel in my gut that this is the place for me.” He acknowledged that he had only signed a short-term deal, but clearly hopes that it will lead to a longer tenure here.

Fred Smoot shrugged off concerns about there being too much depth at the cornerback position. “The first time I walked into a meeting room,” he said, “it was me, Deion Sanders, Darrell Green, and Champ Bailey. So I’ve seen worse.”

Hall has initially been issued number 32, but there are persistent reports the he and Reed Doughty will be working something out for number 23. (Doughty, for what it’s worth, told me that “I haven’t even spoken to him.”) If a deal gets done, it would be the second time THIS season that Doughty would’ve turned some kind of a profit by selling his number to an incoming ex-Pro Bowler signed as a backup. That’s a niche market if I’ve ever seen one, but if you want someone to pick lottery numbers for you, you could probably do a whole lot worse.

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