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Walk With Jay Gruden Through His First Day At Redskins Park

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on January 10, 2014 – 12:35 pm


“You ready?”

“I’m ready I guess.”

Jay Gruden was self-deprecating already.

The previous offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals stood in Daniel Snyder’s corner office at Redskins Park and answered the owner’s question. Three flat-screen televisions flashed football highlights.

Joey and Jack Gruden, the next line of a football family, shook hands with Snyder. J.J. Gruden was away at college. The boys wore ties to match their father, who chose a navy pinstriped suit, oxblood shoes and a white oxford shirt. His burgundy tie was adorned with white dots.

Three hours earlier he wore a gray Redskins sweatshirt and jeans to his first lunch at the facility’s dining hall, where they served chowder. When he was finished eating, Gruden walked out and stopped in an adjacent hallway. He paused to read the ‘60s section of a historic photo mural, eyeing pictures of Sam Huff and Bobby Mitchell.  

“One word: Lombardi,” was written in plus-size print.

Gruden would soon be introduced as the 29th head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Back in Snyder’s office, he joked with Jack about his grades. He made small talk with his new boss while Sherry Gruden and Tanya Snyder exchanged pleasantries.

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Jay Gruden Thanks His Family, The Bengals And The Redskins

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on January 10, 2014 – 9:00 am


As new Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden and Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen demonstrated Thursday night, it’s never a bad move to begin with a thank you.

Some of the classiest moves in a classy day for Gruden were the thank yous he delivered to his blood relations,  football family and the center circle of that venn diagram.

Gruden began his statement with a shout out to wife Sherry, sons Joey, Jack and J.J. and mom Kathy, “the toughest Gruden of them all.” He thanked his dad Jim, whom he called a “football coach, a football man, a football person,” and, his brother Jim, who “taught me there’s things other than football that are important.”

The new coach thanked his older brother Jon, who gave him his first NFL job with the 2002 Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. Read more »

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Watch Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden Introduce Himself to Washington

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on January 9, 2014 – 6:17 pm


Bruce Allen didn’t mind answering the phone in the middle of the night.

The Redskins Executive Vice President/General Manager said he received calls at “all hours of the evening” from coaches looking to praise the man sitting to his right inside the auditorium at Redskins Park.

Jay Gruden’s references were impeccable.

Allen introduced Gruden as the 29th head coach of the Washington Redskins in a Thursday night press conference. The executive detailed the franchise’s exhaustive search for it’s new leader and the qualities required of the man who would direct the football team.

Gruden had the fire in his belly Allen described 11 days earlier.

The team’s new teacher accepted a round of applause before thanking his family. Gruden thanked Marvin Lewis, Mike Brown and all the Cincinnati Bengals, then showed his appreciation for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and Allen.

For about 45 minutes, he fielded questions about reviewing the assets he has in Washington, his impressions of quarterback Robert Griffin III and if he favors a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. Gruden talked about his history with Allen, picking a coaching staff and much more.

Watch the full press conference below and follow the Redskins on Twitter and Instagram for breaking news as Gruden hires his staff.

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A Few Links Heading Into The Weekend

Posted by Matt Terl on July 24, 2009 – 1:48 pm

“There aren’t many times when you have a player like that hit free agency, a guy who can change the balance of power,” one long-time agent said. “You’ve had Reggie White and Deion Sanders [with San Francisco and Dallas], just a couple of guys with that kind of talent [who were able] to switch teams. They helped their teams win Super Bowls. That’s huge and it helps the case for the players.

“Most of the time, the players who hit free agency aren’t truly premier guys. It just doesn’t happen. That’s why a lot of people look back at free agents and say, ‘Oh, that guy was a bust.’ He wasn’t really a bust, he just wasn’t worth all the excitement that was created. It’s a real perception thing.”

Off-the-field, though, I’m frankly amazed to find out that Haynesworth not only has “stark-white, ostrich-skin furniture,” but that he has that furniture in his yacht. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous stuff aside, this is a really in-depth piece of writing.

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