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Throwback Thursday: 1995 Was A Good Year (To Beat The Dallas Cowboys)

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on December 19, 2013 – 12:29 pm



Among the turmoil that’s defined this season, the Dallas Cowboys offer a beacon of hope.

In his Wednesday press conference, Mike Shanahan said he did not relish playing the potential spoiler role. He’d rather be competing for playoff seedings.

But still, with as much bad blood as these teams harbor toward each other, #DallasWeek offers a nice oasis. The Redskins have a chance to inflict their pain on the Cowboys. Keeping Dallas at home during January could be a nice carrot.

So that got me thinking. How has Washington fared against Dallas during down seasons? I researched how every Redskins team with at least 10 losses played against the Cowboys. Read more »

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Dallas Week 1983: We Hate Dallas

Posted by Matt Terl on December 24, 2009 – 12:44 pm

While searching YouTube this morning for old George Michael clips — a pointless exercise, since this NBC-4 tribute video from today trumps everything — I came across this entertaining halftime segment from another December Cowboys game, hosted by another much-missed late local sportscaster.

The host is Glenn Brenner of Channel 9, who passed away too young in 1992. But the relevant part for Dallas week comes from Mike Buchanan, broadcasting from a then-new sports bar in Georgetown called Champions. “We are joined together in a common cause,” Buchanan says “We. Hate. Dallas.” And the whole bar joins in.

I don’t know: for me, “We hate Dallas” actually carries more weight than “We want Dallas.” I wonder why it never caught on.
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Friday, November 20: People Still Want Dallas

Posted by Matt Terl on November 20, 2009 – 9:46 am

Every Tuesday, the crew from Redskins Broadcast Network takes over Gordon Biersch in Tysons Corner to film Redskins Late Night. There’s a player co-host, a whole bunch of fans, and it’s a generally good time. Everyone has fun, the crowd cheers at the right spots, but it doesn’t really get particularly loud.

This week, though, things turned sort of lively when Jason Campbell and host Chris Paul tried to record a promo for the show (which airs at 1:30 Sunday morning on NBC-4).


I happened to be standing just behind the cameraman while this was being filmed, and the “We Want Dallas” cheer was completely spontaneous — and also chill-inducing. Which led me to believe that watching a few more “We Want Dallas” videos might be a good way to get fired up for Sunday’s game. Read more »

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Thursday, November 19: Dallas Week On CBS, 1983

Posted by Matt Terl on November 19, 2009 – 9:17 am

In some ways, any rivalry is by definition about nostalgia. It’s about the accrual of loathing for a specific opponent over a number of years. Without that — without the memory of a few heartbreaking losses, a few dominating wins, a few extracurricular events — you don’t have a rivalry at all. You just have what the Redskins used to have with the St. Louis Cardinals when the Cardinals were in the NFC East: a team you play a lot.

So here’s a bit more Dallas Week nostalgia for you. For me, Pat Summerall will always be the TV play-by-play voice of these games. The NFL On CBS music brings back early ’80s NFC games. The vaguely greenish tint of the video reminds me of what the screen picture actually looked like in the days before HDTV.

Meaning? This is the intro to a Week 15 game between 12-2 teams who had faced off in the previous year’s Conference Championship game. Extracurriculars? The game that follows this intro would end as a 31-10 Redskins win, which would frustrate the Cowboys to the point that they broke up the then-traditional Fun Bunch end zone high five. So, yeah, this says rivalry to me as much as anything could, even if it does say nostalgia just as emphatically.

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Wednesday, November 18: A Dallas Week Flashback

Posted by Matt Terl on November 18, 2009 – 10:00 am

It’s Dallas week, and thanks to the win at home on Sunday, it actually feels like it matters. Over at the Redskins.com mothership, the estimable Larry Weisman has composed a nice retrospective of the Redskins/Cowboys feud; it’s worth reading as a whole, but here’s the section that stuck out for me:

Back in the early 1980s, before the Cowboys began their slide into mediocrity, Dallas Week roused the D.C. area. A radio station went so far as to print dart boards with a picture of [then-Dallas head coach Tom] Landry covered by concentric target circles – don’t doubt me, I still have one on my desk.

And it was. I borrowed it and scanned it to share with all of you. Weisman tells me it was distributed with a dart, and if you click the picture for a larger image, you can see the holes where the dartboard was actually used.

Weisman can’t be sure, but told me he thinks the radio station doing the handouts was 107. Given the timeline and the number, it had to be Q107, one of the great pop music stations of my childhood. Which is really only relevant for two reasons: Read more »

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Tuesday, November 11: It's Washington Week!

Posted by Matt Terl on November 11, 2008 – 10:07 am

It seems like every time the Redskins and Cowboys square off, there’s another round of articles and blog posts trying to figure out if the Skins/Boys rivalry is still alive and relevant. There’s been something of trend recently claiming that the Redskins (or at least their fans) take the rivalry vastly more seriously than the Cowboys (and their fans) do, sort of a professional football version of the “Not our rivals!” chant that Maryland gets from Duke in college hoops.

Earlier this season, in fact, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog made a fairly compelling Google-based argument on that very point:

See, if you Google Redskins and “We Want Dallas,” you get more than 2,000 returns. If you Google Cowboys and “We Want Washington,” you get 60, and none are about fans chanting. The top return for a “Dallas Week” search is that Washington Post story about the Cowboys, although you also come up with stories about Eagles fans looking forward to Dallas Week. The top return for “Washington Week?” A link to Gwen Ifill’s Web site.


Over at the Sportatorium, The Official Sports Blog of the Dallas Observer, Richie Whitt is taking something of a different approach this time around. (Link warning: The picture on that post a) contains strong language, and b) makes Redskins fans look no better than Philly fans. Just so you’re prepared. Anyhow, on with the quote.)

But this week, with Sunday’s game in D.C. much more crucial to the Cowboys than the Redskins, let’s make a proclamation: “Washington Week.”

If the Cowboys – with Tony Romo and Felix Jones and Kyle Kosier and Terence Newman returning from injury – are who we think they are, they’ll win this game. Sitting at 5-4 and needing to go at least 5-2 in their final seven games to sneak into the playoffs, dare I say this is even do-or-die?

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Well, then. I suppose we can lay that one officially to rest, then.

Whitt then goes on to count down his ten most memorable Redskins-Cowboys tilts, and it’s a bit strange to see how many of them remain the same no matter which team you root for. The Mark Brunell/Santana Moss Monday Night Miracle is there, as is the Sean Taylor Blocked Field Goal Return. (Sadly, in recounting the one game that could conceivably immortalize Nick Novak, Whitt consistently calls him Jeff. Presumably he’s thinking of the old offensive lineman, although it’s conceivable that he’s a big fan of fashion photography.)

I’d probably lose his number 3 choice, the overtime season opener from 1999 that ended on an Aikman to Ismail touchdown, and replace it with my beloved NFC Championship game before Super Bowl XVII, and I’d definitely reshuffle the order a bit. But when fans of both teams can acknowledge the greatness of more than ten games regardless of if their team one … that seems to me to be as good a definition of rivalry as any, really.

Read more »

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