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The Fish Story Behind Samuels’s Wedding

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 5, 2012 – 4:30 pm

via @BallHogsRadio

Thanks to our friends over at @BallHogsRadio, we have photographic evidence of the beautiful weekend wedding between Redskins great Chris Samuels and his fiancee Monique over the weekend in DC.

Samuels is one of the classiest guys to ever suit up in the Burgundy and Gold, and we congratulate him for marrying his best friend and soulmate.

One of the best finds of the wedding festivities was the engagement video, and story about how the couple fell in love.  Throw out any skeptical notions of shallow, superficial attraction between these two.

Their love was kindled over an afternoon of fish bait and hooks in Virginia Beach (courtesy of Thomas Bowen Films): Read more »

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Chris Samuels Heads Back To The Gridiron

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 25, 2012 – 3:10 pm

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When most student assistants join an NCAA football staff, there’s a worry about making a good impression and getting up to speed with the responsibilities of the job.  There’s the apprehension of being respected by the players and being an asset, rather than a hindrance to the coaching staff.

But no student assistant has ever had quite the résumé of Chris Samuels, the latest addition to the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide’s coaching staff.  As Matt Scalici of AL.com reports, he’s come a long way to end up back with his alma mater:

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with this group. Coach Saban is the best head coach in college football and his staff is second to none,” said Samuels. “For someone like me looking to build a career as a coach, this opportunity is a real blessing. I can’t wait to get to Tuscaloosa and start learning and doing what I can to help these guys win another championship.”

Samuels’s coaching journey began after his retirement from the NFL, serving as a coaching intern during the 2010 Redskins training camp.  In 2011, he served as the offensive coordinator for the Blount High School football team in Prichard, Ala.

As Scalici noted, the Blount Leopards score 390 points en route to a 10-2 record, and a trip to the second round of the 6A Alabama high school playoffs.

Now that he has found his new calling on the football sidelines, Samuels was also inspired to finish up his undergraduate degree.  During his first stint in college, he was a Human Performance major.  According to Scalici, his return to the classroom has been a long time coming:

“I’m really looking forward to it.  I haven’t been in a classroom other than an NFL classroom in a very long time. Back when I was at Alabama, I had my heart set on making it in the NFL so I kind of took some things for granted. I’m glad I have the chance to go back and do it right.”

“I always planned to go back and finish my degree and I knew that if I wanted to be a college or high school coach, it was something I needed to do,” Samuels said. “I was asked to come introduce the captains at the team banquet this year and while I was there, Coach Saban sat down and talked with me a while and told me he’d love for me to come be a part of their staff. It was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.”

Redskins fans will remember Samuels as one of the great left tackles of his generation: a first-round pick, turned six-time Pro Bowler, with one All-Pro selection and 141 starts.  Injuries forced him to retire prematurely in 2010, but his many years in Washington helped to prepare him for this next step.

Samuels was available at yesterday’s Senior Bowl practice, and spoke to the assembled Washington media (via Ryan O’Halloran of CSNWashington.com):

“I thought it would be easy because I played, but it was totally different.”

“I learned a great deal from playing all those years and I’ve been around a lot of great coaches,” Samuels said. “But a lot of players don’t realize it’s different playing football and coaching football. The Redskins [coaching staff] taught me about shifting different personnel groupings and different concepts in the passing game.

The best of luck to Chris as his strong work ethic carries him into the next step in his great football career.  If the desire is there in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in the NFL someday.

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Chris Samuels Inducted Into (A) Hall Of Fame

Posted by Matt Terl on April 22, 2011 – 11:19 am

It’s been a good twelve months for Redskins offensive linemen and the Hall(s) Of Fame. Russ Grimm went first, enshrined in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame back in August of 2010. Then (and only slightly more surprisingly) it was Will Montgomery and the Fairfax County (Va.) Hall Of Fame. Yesterday, all-dacade offensive tackle Chris Samuels joined this illustrious fraternity, being enshrined in the Mobile (Al.) Hall of Fame.

Samuels was honored (alongside his fellow enshrinees) at the Mobile Bay Bears game; while he was there, Samuels talked to WKRG-5, the CBS affiliate in Mobile, about how much the honor meant to him — and about how Redskins fans match up to the die-hard supporters in Alabama.

The fact that Samuels is very excited to be honored in his hometown doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but I definitely WAS pleased to hear how well he rated the Redskins faithful in comparison to the legendarily-devoted Alabama fans.

“It was really an honor,” Samuels says. “Great place to play. I’m well-known in that area now as well — I worked hard to establish a good name there so I’m trying to hold on to. It was great. I’ll tell you what, though: they really love football up there in Washington, D.C. They really love the Redskins. And it’s crazy like Alabama/Auburn when we played Dallas. I really enjoyed that.”

There’s a bit more in the video, including Samuels’ future plans, but it’s mainly worth watching to see the excellent footage of Samuels in his younger days and marvel at how much (or how little) he’s changed.

Congratulations to Samuels on this honor. Read more »

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Chris Samuels Goes To High School, And Other Links

Posted by Matt Terl on February 9, 2011 – 3:54 pm

Former Redskins coaching intern (oh, and offensive tackle) Chris Samuels has been named the new offensive coordinator at Blount High School in Mobile, Alabama. And, according to an article on AL.com, he’ll also be working as a substitute teacher while he’s there.

Samuels does not hold a teaching certificate and will be officially designated as a volunteer coach. To satisfy requirements as a volunteer coach, [Blount head coach Kevin] Sigler said, Samuels will work as a substitute teacher.”He’s not doing it for the money,” Sigler said. “He basically wants to give to the kids.”

Congratulations to Chris, who had mentioned the possibility of coaching high school more than once and talked often about paying his coaching dues. This seems like a terrific move for him.

Other links…. Read more »

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Looking Back At A Monday Night Game To Forget

Posted by Matt Terl on November 15, 2010 – 9:17 am

On September 16, 2002, I was at graduate school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I didn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket yet, so it still felt like a pretty big deal to have the Redskins on national TV for the Monday Night Game. It was the beginning of the Steve Spurrier era — I’m not sure if two seasons constitutes an era, but that’s what we thought at the time — and the possibilities seemed limitless. We hosted some of my fellow grad students at our place for the game, and I mainly remember talking pregame trash with an Eagles fan by the unlikely name of Starlet.

If you didn’t know anything about the game and you were to look at the picture of Jacquez Green above, you might think that I was able to keep jawing throughout the game. That would not be precisely correct; Green’s second-quarter punt return touchdown represented the only Redskins points for the night.

By halftime, with the Redskins trailing 23-7, I wasn’t talking any more trash, and by the middle of the third quarter even Starlet had been overcome with pity; the whole gathering had fallen into a vaguely uncomfortable silence. The possibilities of the Steve Spurrier era no longer seemed so limitless, as SI.com’s Don Banks grimly recounted at the time:

“The most apparent realization produced by the Eagles’ blowout victory?” Banks wrote. “Offensive genius or not, Spurrier isn’t going to win many games with the likes of Matthews or Danny Wuerffel at quarterback. Not when there’s a Donovan McNabb in the other team’s pocket, and not when there’s a quality defense lined up against you.” And that wasn’t even the harshest criticism in Banks’ piece.

But the beatdown isn’t the main thing that folks remember about the game now. The only person who was on the Redskins roster in 2002 that’s still around to chat with is coaching intern Chris Samuels, and his primary memory of the game focuses on a moment in the fourth quarter when play was halted because, as the AP story explains, “police used pepper spray to break up a fight in the stands.”

“It wasn’t too long after the terrorist attacks on 9/11,” Samuels told me last week, “so it was pretty scary. I thought it was another attack or something like that. Everybody kinda panicked on the sideline.”

The gas got caught in the cooling fans on the Eagles’ sidelines and blown across their bench, causing several players and team staffers to become sick.

Samuels was the only then-Redskin who’s still around, but two current Redskins were on the Eagles sidelines at the time.

For Donovan McNabb, it’s not a game that stands out — just another win fairly early in his illustrious career — but he does remember the gas. Read more »

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Chris Samuels Discusses Where He Came From And Where He's Going

Posted by Matt Terl on July 21, 2010 – 11:14 am

According to the About page for WashingtonPost.com’s On Success, that section’s goal is to “introduce you to successful people and let them tell you how they got to where they are and what advice they might offer to others trying to make it.” Chris Samuels — six Pro Bowls, third overall pick in the NFL Draft, ten-year career as a starting left tackle — is a successful person by just about any measure. So this offseason — as Samuels transitions from life as a player to life as a coach — made for a perfect time for them to profile him in one of their “Conversations With Achievers”.

Two excerpts, one covering the beginning of Samuels’s career and one covering the future:

First job: “I cut some grass here and there. My brother worked at this Chinese restaurant. They needed extra help and I came in and washed dishes for two or three days and made a little money. I made like $36. I was so proud of myself! But I’ve never really worked a job other than playing football. In college, you can’t work. In the off-season they would have little programs where you could go around and clean up the campus or paint something to make a little extra money.”

Read more »

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The Offensive Line Gets Used To Chris Samuels, Coach (And To Someone Else Wearing 60)

Posted by Matt Terl on May 21, 2010 – 2:28 pm

Redskins seventh-round draft choice Selvish Capers is learning a lot as he gets used to life on the professional level.

“It’s different,” Capers says. “It’s a lot faster, there’s a lot more that they’re putting in and installing at one time, but I can pick it up. The veterans are there helpin’ me out throughout the process. I’ve been grateful and it’s been fun.”

And Capers isn’t just dealing with the usual rookie whiplash. He’s also wearing number 60, which — for the entire last decade — belonged to all-pro, all-star, all-everything left tackle Chris Samuels.

The pressure doesn’t daunt Capers, though. “Not really,” he says. “Not much. I just keep hearin’ that I’m wearin’ a big-time jersey, and it’s probably gonna be retired, and all this other stuff. We’ll see what happens.”

So far, the only thing that’s happened is that his teammates are slightly confused. I ask center Casey Rabach how he feels about seeing someone else wearing 60 after all this time.

He says, “Who is?”

Selvish Capers, I say.

Read more »

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Chris Samuels Is Even Tougher Than You Think

Posted by Matt Terl on March 4, 2010 – 2:07 pm

I don’t think anyone would ever have questioned Chris Samuels’ toughness. He was an offensive line cornerstone; he’s been to more Pro Bowls than anyone else from his draft class; and he played 144 games at one of the most vital positions on the field.

I know that I, at least, have always thought of Samuels as a classy guy, a talented guy, and a tough guy. But I really had no idea just how tough.

“I was born with a neck condition called stenosis,” he explained during his retirement press conference today. “When I get hit a certain way, I lose power in my upper extremities, which is what happened to me last season against Carolina. Some doctors only predicted me to play six or seven years in the NFL, but here I am ten years later with six Pro Bowls. God has truly been good to me.”

We all knew about the stenosis, have known about it for years, but I don’t think I ever fully understood just how much it affected Samuels.

“I found out I had the condition in high school,” he said. “I hit a guy and everything went paralyzed on me. Not only did I lose power in my upper extremity, [but] also in my lower extremities. I was carted off in a stretcher, taken away to the hospital. Some doctors even told me not to play again, and it was pretty devastating. I got some more opinions and they told me that I could go out there and play, and it’s been a blessed career.”

And if that isn’t a horrifying enough image, a guy who had already been temporarily paralyzed once not only continuing to play, but to play at the highest levels of his sport, Samuels went into even more detail about his run-ins with paralysis with reporters after the conference ended.

Read more »

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Larry Michael's Chris Samuels Interview

Posted by Matt Terl on March 4, 2010 – 11:03 am

Larry Michael sat down with Chris Samuels to get his thoughts on retirement, find out what he plans to do next, discuss rapping (yes, really), and answer some fan questions. Part 2 is after the jump; the retirement press conference starts in just under an hour.

http://p.castfire.com/1Ll7r/video/260813/redskins_2010-03-04-103741.895.m4v Read more »

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RBN's Chris Samuels Highlight Video

Posted by Matt Terl on March 4, 2010 – 10:08 am

With Chris Samuels retiring today, the folks at Redskins Broadcast Network put together this tribute video. It features the pie-in-the-face incident (again) and also more highlights than you might expect given that offensive linemen rarely make the Top Ten Plays on SportsCenter, and it should do a good job of getting you ready for today’s press conference.

UPDATE: Commenter BobZmuda makes an excellent point: “Okay, if you don’t get fired up about watching an OT block, at least skip to 3:40 to watch Chris Samuels freestyle with a puppet.”

http://p.castfire.com/1Ll7r/video/260793/redskins_2010-03-04-095317.1671.flv Read more »

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