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Redskins Park Tribute To Army-Navy Game

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 25, 2012 – 4:53 pm

This week, the Redskins added this commemorative Army-Navy football to the display case in the lobby of Redskins Park.

For fans of amateur athletics, this Dec. 10th game was an absolute gem, befitting the game’s first trip to the Nation’s Capital.  Both teams resorted to a ground-n-pound offense that’s become synonymous with academy play, and the game came down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

With 80,789 people at FedExField to see the Nation’s Greatest Rivalry, it was the rivalry’s largest attendance in nearly three decades, since the game went west to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. in 1983.

All in all, it was a great game, and a big win for the Navy Midshipmen.  Now, it will also be remembered forever, here at Redskins Park.

Whether you “Hoo-rah!” “Hoo-yah!” or “Oo-rah!” (or some variation thereof), congratulations and thank you for your service.

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Redskins Thank Naval, Army Academies

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 13, 2011 – 2:14 pm

After a very successful Army-Navy game at FedExField on Saturday, the Redskins reached out to the respective military academies to thank them for helping to make this possible.

Today in Navy’s local paper, the Captial Gazette, and on Thursday in Army’s paper, the Pointer Review, this following advertisement will run, thanking the institutions and the fans:

Given the logical proximity to the Nation’s Capital, let’s hope that FedExField is a regular location for one of this county’s greatest sporting events.

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Frenzied Post-Game Excitement For Navy

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 10, 2011 – 6:57 pm

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As the clock ticked down at on the Army-Navy game at FedExField, I had the rare opportunity to stand on the sidelines near the tunnel as the game ended.  On Sundays, this is the tunnel that players take off the field, and standing there when the clock hits zero puts you right in the way.

For college football, this is prime real estate.

With about two minutes to go, it was almost certain that the hometown Navy crowd was going to go home happy, bringing the assembled Midshipmen to a fever pitch.  In the end, Navy punted and the ball was down at the 10-yard line with two seconds on the clock.

In a game that featured a combined five-for-nine for 90 yards through the air, how many 90-yard offensive plays do you think they have in the playbook?

This is the final play, spotlighting the Navy mascot, Bill the Goat:

Game over: Navy 27, Army 21.  The Midshipmen have now pulled off a decade of dominance, winning the last 10 contests.  The chant that rose from the stands was “Ten More Years!”

It was officially time for one of the proudest moments in all of sports: the singing of the alma maters.  First the West Point Military Academy: Read more »

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FedExField Has An All-American Makeover

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 10, 2011 – 4:23 pm

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While most of Redskins Nation is anxiously awaiting Sunday’s kickoff at 1 p.m., FedExField is hosting part one of the weekend double-header with the 112th annual Army-Navy game, sponsored by USAA.

The stadium has undergone an intense makeover, from both of the endzones and goalposts, to the hashmarks on the field, and the walls that line the field.  The traditionally Burgundy and Gold-clad crowd has been swapped for Cadets and Midshipmen–and their respective supporters.

One of the highlights of the pageantry that makes this game so special, is the academies’ respective marches onto the field.  Once the students are assembled, they chant traditional cheers and the fans cheer.

Today, the visiting Cadets took the field first.  If you listen closely, you can hear the jeering of the pro-Navy fans on that sideline:

After the Cadets had completely filed off the field, the Midshipmen took the field.  I didn’t do it on purpose, but in my travels, I ended up on the Army sideline.  This way, you get the full effect of the Army jeers for the Midshipmen filing off the field:

Don’t mind glimpses of my hand in the corner of your screen. If not for my hand, you wouldn’t see anything.

For any football fan, it doesn’t get much better than this.  For any blue-blooded American, this is the ideal setting for America’s oldest rivalry.

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Staubach At Home In House Of Redskins

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 10, 2011 – 3:21 pm

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In an odd twist of circumstance, former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach is at FedExField today, celebrating a home game for his Navy Midshipmen.

The possibilities are endless in an Army-Navy game.

Although Redskins fans will always remember Staubach for the 11-7 record he had against Washington, he was a beloved Heismann winner in Annapolis, and a classy testament to his military background.  He may go down as the only Cowboy that Redskins fans do and should respect.

As a younger member of Redskins Nation, I have a slightly different perspective of Staubach, having never seen him play.  But that’s not to say that he’s not part of my family lore.

My great-uncle Chuck, on my mother’s side, was a career Navy chaplain, and spent part of his career stationed at the Naval Academy’s chapel in the early 1960s.    According to family legend, Roger Staubach–a devout Catholic–would go to the chapel on a regular basis during his free time, to pray and reflect. Read more »

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A Deep Redskins’ Army-Navy Connection

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 10, 2011 – 2:28 pm

Joe Bellino (AP Image)

Tomorrow may be the Redskins-Patriots game, but the football action is starting a day early at FedExField, with today’s 112th annual Army-Navy game, presented by USAA.

This is the first time that “America’s Game” has been played in the Nation’s Capital, but for what it’s worth, there is a Redskins connection to this game that goes beyond the venue.  For some of you Redskins historians, you may remember that the Redskins have drafted a total of three players from the two academies.  Then again, you might not remember them as Redskins:

Hank Foldberg, Army, 3rd round (1947), E

Drafted in the third round of the 1947 Draft, Foldberg never played a down for the Redskins and ended up in the All-American Football Conference, playing a season each for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Chicago Hornets.

That should ring a bell. Read more »

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Guide To Army-Navy Pregame Ceremonies

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 7, 2011 – 3:14 pm

To anyone with tickets to this Saturday’s Army-Navy game at FedExField, you’re going to want to arrive early and take in all of the pageantry of the game.  Indeed, this game is much more than a game, and much closer to an All-American Football Event that fans won’t want to miss.

The respective military academy bands will get into action around 11 a.m., performing and parading as part of the tradition step-off and march onto the field.  This is one of the best pregame ceremonies in all of football, and each band will play for about 45 minutes.

After that, there will be a game ball presentation by the academy marathon teams.  A little before 1 p.m., players will be allowed to warm up on the field, about 90 minutes before kickoff.  The players will exit the field at about 2:15 p.m. and prepare for pregame introductions.

Before kickoff, there will be service academy exchange of Cadets and Midshipmen, as well as an invocation by the Navy Chaplain.  As each team takes the field, there will be flyover by the respective branch’s aerial units.

All of this will happen before the 2:40 kickoff on CBS.  If you really want the full experience of an Army-Navy game, you ate strongly encouraged to show up early and take it all in.  Parking lots open at 8:30 a.m., and the early bird gets the proverbial worm.

For further preview, here’s Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder discussing the significance of the event with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael: Read more »

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D.C. Cupcakes’ Army-Navy Cupcakes

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 5, 2011 – 1:24 pm

via Georgetown Cupcakes

The Army-Navy Game, presented by USAA, is a prominent rivalry in college football each year.  This year’s game is going to be held on Saturday, Dec. 10 and will be hosted in the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C, for the first time in the game’s 112-year history.

In light of the match-up’s arrival in D.C, Georgetown Cupcake, Washington D.C.’s celebrated bakery and home to TLC’s hit series DC Cupcakes, will produce limited edition Army and Navy cupcakes branded with academy logos.

As part of their ongoing support of the military, the sisters of Georgetown Cupcake and DC Cupcakes will be selling limited edition Army and Navy cupcakes during the week leading up to game day.  Retired Military officials from both academies will be in the Georgetown store today at 1 p.m. to kickoff and help promote the sales of their cupcakes:

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Read more »

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Nation’s Greatest Rivalry Coming To D.C.

Posted by Brian Tinsman on November 30, 2011 – 2:53 pm

One week from Saturday, on Dec. 10, the Redskins will welcome one of the oldest and most storied sports rivalries to Washington.  For the first time in it’s 112-game history, the annual Army-Navy game will be played in the Nation’s Capital, at FedExField.

At today’s Army-Navy Press Luncheon, Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder spoke about the privilege of hosting an event with  such prestige and tradition.

“It’s humbling,” Mr. Snyder said.  “This is a really humbling experience.  To host this game here, with the backdrop of the Pentagon and the Nation’s Capital, for the first time ever, it means so much for us.

“We’re so appreciative to the Naval Academy and West Point to honor us, and to let us honor you by having this great game here.”

Navy Athletic Directior Chet Gladchuk discussed the significance of the game at FedExField, and discussed how impressed he was with the preparation by the Redskins and the Washington community as a whole. Read more »

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