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The Name-My-Segment Poll Lumbers On

Posted by Matt Terl on September 2, 2009 – 6:28 pm

Yes, as you might’ve seen on today’s Redskins Nation, Larry Michael is determined to keep this name-my-segment thing going a little bit longer, in the desperate hope that Terls Gone Wild will somehow overcome a seemingly-insurmountable deficit. Personally, I think that the left-field late-in-the-game suggestion of “Terl Interrupted” more accurately describes my role on the show, but whatever.

(Also, please note: the vote is to name my twice-weekly segment on the show, not to rename the blog. Just so that’s clear.)

So go ahead and vote, just not for Terls Gone Wild. One way or another, this whole thing ends Friday.

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The Vote For My Segment Name Is Still Open

Posted by Matt Terl on August 26, 2009 – 6:22 pm

Well, the vote to name my segment on Redskins Nation rolls on through Friday, so if you haven’t voted, now’s your chance. As always, please just vote against Terls Gone Wild.


Quick reminder: no practice tomorrow, just the Welcome Home Luncheon. So expect some coverage of that. Read more »

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Thursday, April 2: A Quick Word On Cutler, And Clinton Portis Adopts An Alias

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2009 – 12:15 pm

Just a very quick word on the whole Jay Cutler thing: I’m at Redskins Park today, I’m asking most of the same questions everyone else is, and I’m getting the same “no comment” style answers. I was told unequivocally that the team was not making calls to move Jason Campbell yesterday, but that’s about it. As soon as I have something concrete, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, Clinton Portis was on Redskins Nation on Comcast SportsNet yesterday, and it was another strong interview. If you watch online, you can hear him talk about frisbee, about his reaction to the offseason moves, and about how he views his relationship with Coach Zorn, and about his prospects for taking over Larry Michael’s job.

At the end of the interview, though, are two notably entertaining bits. First, if you were someone who held off purchasing a Portis Pockets Straight T-shirt from Mister Irrelevant because you weren’t 100% sure exactly what the slogan meant, Portis comes to the rescue: Read more »

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Devin Thomas Continues To Say The Right Things

Posted by Matt Terl on March 27, 2009 – 1:34 pm

The offseason conditioning program didn’t start out well for Devin Thomas, as a planned absence from the program’s first day somehow took on a life of its own in media reports, leading to a post at Fanhouse with the admonishing headline “Redskins’ Devin Thomas Should Show Up for Voluntary Workouts”. This wouldn’t be particularly significant, except that it was posted on Wednesday of this week, seven or eight days after Thomas had actually shown up. It’s safe to say that public opinion has not been with the second-year wideout.

But things started to turn for Thomas yesterday, with a blurb on Redskins 360 acknowledging his existence at Redskins Park followed quickly by a reasonably positive entry on Redskins Insider.

Well, the Devin Thomas Positivity Train 2009 makes another stop today on Comcast SportsNet’s Redskins Nation, where Thomas sits down with Larry Michael and is perfectly upfront about what went wrong last year, what he hopes to do about it this year, and what the story is with Malcolm Kelly.

For those of you who don’t receive Redskins Nation, the audio of the interview is after the jump, but here — since it’s been a transcribe-y kind of day for me anyhow — are a couple of the choice quotes.

On reports that he came in last season out of shape:

Thomas: “When it really boils down to it, the NFL is a different shape you’ve gotta be in. That’s point blank, period. I felt like coming in I was in good shape, you know, I was in better shape than I’d normally be in, but for the NFL, I probably wasn’t ready. I probably needed to do more.

“And, you know, that showed in not being able to pass the conditioning test. But that’s something I had to learn with that, and I definitely learned that, like, ‘Man, I’ve gotta do more, like even extra.’

“And I think that played a role in it. Then the preseason came and I pulled a hammy, but that was just due to working hard in the practices and overexerting myself.

On this year’s conditioning test:

Thomas: “Oh, man, I’m down here with John [Hastings], our weight room guy, all the time, just getting ready for it, whatever it is. If it’s the same test or not, I’m gonna make sure I’m ready for it.” Read more »

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My Playoff Picks, And My Other Playoff Picks

Posted by Matt Terl on January 9, 2009 – 4:05 pm

So I show up on Redskins Nation again today, this time making playoff picks against Larry Michael. I did some research, brought some reference material, the whole nine yards, and these are my actual picks. Here’s the audio if you’re curious and can’t wait for it to air this evening.


Then Tanner and Chris Cooley showed up to film the last two segments of their playoff picks for Cooley’s blog. Their first two videos had Todd Yoder and Colt Brennan as their guest analysts, but neither of those two guys was around.

So they settled for me and Larry Michael. Those videos should appear at Cooley’s blog later on, and I fortunately manage to avoid melting down completely as I did the last time I showed up on video over there. But those of you who watch both sets of picks along with tonight’s Redskins Nation will likely notice that, in fact, I pick against my earlier self in both games. Hence this official declaration that for the record, my RN picks should be treated at least marginally more seriously than the others. In case anyone cares.

(For those of you who read this far, though, a little Redskins offseason tidbit: Brennan wasn’t around for Cooley’s video, but he did show up at the Park briefly today. He had his scheduled offseason surgery, it was successful and feels generally good, and he and I both agreed on two things: first, that he could probably beat me in a race with only one good leg, and second, trying to prove that would be a terrible idea on every level.) Read more »

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