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Keenan McCardell Named Wide Receivers Coach

Posted by Matt Terl on February 2, 2010 – 3:17 pm

The Redskins today announced the hiring of Keenan McCardell as wide receivers coach. McCardell takes over for the departed Stan Hixon — a guy who happens to have been McCardell’s final position coach in the NFL.

McCardell, of course, was drafted by the Redskins in the twelfth round of the 1991 draft — the only Pro Bowl player from the final five rounds of that draft — and got his name onto the trophy for Super Bowl XXVI before going on to greater NFL success with Jacksonville, and another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. He returned to the Redskins in 2007 for the final season of his NFL career, catching 22 passes for 256 yards and a touchdown, and often serving as a coach-on-the-field.

He’ll be starting his official coaching career in the same place he started his playing career; his previous coaching experience came coaching the receivers for the West team in this year’s East/West Shrine Game, and as part of a Bill Walsh Minority Fellowship program during the New York Giants training camp.

Even during the limited experience, though, McCardell was able to make a fairly significant impression working with one of the Giants’ young wide receivers. Read more »

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Two More Coaches: Steve Jackson and Sean McVay

Posted by Matt Terl on January 22, 2010 – 3:29 pm

The Redskins announced two more coaching moves today — or, rather, one move and one staying-in-the-same place. Steve Jackson has been retained as Safties Coach and Sean McVay has been added as an Offensive Assistant.

Jackson has been the Safties coach here since 2004; he was instrumental in the development of the late Sean Taylor, and has also done wonders with unheralded young players like Reed Doughty and Chris Horton. He’s a popular coach who also has some incredibly stylish golf pants and made an interesting sartorial decision at this year’s Welcome Home Luncheon. On the whole, this is a good keep-around, for both on-field and on-blog reasons.

McVay worked as a Quality Control/Wide Receivers coach on the UFL’s Florida Tuskers (with new Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett) last year, and was an Offensive Assistant with Tampa Bay the year prior. “Sean is a young, energetic coach who comes from a great football background,” new Head Coach Mike Shanahan said in a statement. “We are excited to have him on our staff.”

Here’s how precocious McVay is: he played his college ball at Miami (Ohio), where he was a wide receiver. But he never caught a pass from noted Miami (OH) alum Ben Roethlisberger, because McVay arrived at the school in 2004, the year Roethlisberger was selected in the NFL Draft. That is today’s sign that I am catastrophically old.
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Thursday, January 21: A Different Feel To The Offseason

Posted by Matt Terl on January 21, 2010 – 11:47 am

It can’t come as a surprise to anyone that there’s a different feeling around Redskins Park this offseason.

There are a lot of reasons for it, some of them obvious (an almost entirely new coaching staff and a new general manager are going to create a slightly different feeling) and some of them less so. I have a suspicion that I’ll be spending a lot of this offseason trying to pinpoint some of these less obvious differences.

One of them became eminently clear on Friday night, at the Pigskin Club‘s 72nd Annual Awards Dinner in D.C.

“The Pigskin Club,” Brig Owens explained, “has a very rich history.”

The former defensive back, named one of the 70 Greatest Redskins on the occasion of the team’s 70th Anniversary, should know — he was a two-term president of the club. (That’s him on the far right of the picture on top of this post.)

“It was originally started to honor those African-American players who weren’t normally honored back in the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties,” he said, “so there’s a rich tradition. And it’s also a community. You’re able to bring players in from around the country regardless of what color they are; it’s all about democracy in sports.”

Friday’s event was, according to the club’s description, “a celebration to acknowledge the accomplishments of our young people and community leaders who serve as role models.” I was there mainly because Brian Orakpo was slated to receive the John W. Posey Award for his rookie season, and I thought it might provide an excuse to ask him a couple of dumb questions.

“Brian Orakpo came in as a rookie and made an impact right away,” Owens said, explaining the meaning of the award. “The Pigskin Club took note of that and said we’ve gotta honor the young man and introduce him to the community here in Washington D.C. I think he’s gonna have a great career here, and the Pigskin Club recognized that right off the bat.”

Orakpo wasn’t able to attend because of a prior commitment, but Owens was there. As was Bobby Mitchell, another of the 70 Greatest Redskins, and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Mitchell is second from the right in the photo.)

Oh, and new General Manager Bruce Allen. He was there, too. (He’s second from the left.)

It wasn’t the first Pigskin Club event for any of those three.
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NFL Offers FAQ On The Uncapped Year

Posted by Matt Terl on January 20, 2010 – 12:34 pm

The two guys in the picture above have a lot at stake with the current negotiations around the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), which is currently scheduled to expire in March of 2011. Assuming nothing changes, Jason Campbell and Carlos Rogers are both slated to be restricted free agents this offseason, rather than unrestricted free agents as they otherwise would have expected.

We know that, and I think most fans pretty much understand that that’s the result. But the NFL today sent out a Q&A to help explain some of the other details of the uncapped 2010 year — the “Final League Year” of the current CBA — and I found it helpful enough to offer here without comment or further elaboration, at least for the moment.

If nothing else, it helps to make sure we’re all on the same page as far as what this uncapped year means and what it doesn’t. The Q&A is after the jump; if you have any questions about it, ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. Read more »

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Tuesday, January 5: Redskins Sign Futures Guys

Posted by Matt Terl on January 5, 2010 – 12:52 pm

It’s the big Redskins news you’ve been waiting all day for: the team signed a bunch of guys to futures contracts!

These are players who weren’t on the active roster at the end of the season but that the team wants to bring in to camp next year. And … they’re pretty much the guys from the practice squad (hence the Anthony Alridge video above), along with linebacker Darrel Young (who was with the team in training camp last year) and tight end Lee Vickers but minus fullback Jonathan Evans.

Here’s the full list:

  • Anthony Alridge, RB
  • Anthony Armstrong, WR
  • Doug Dutch, CB
  • Antoine Holmes, DT
  • Clint Oldenburg, OL
  • James Robinson, WR
  • J.D. Skolnitsky, DT
  • Lee Vickers, TE
  • Darrel Young, LB

If there’s any other news today, I’ll be sure to mention it, but it’s tough to imagine anything topping this for excitement and relevance to next season. Read more »

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