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Gibran Hamdan And His Fashionable Life After Football

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 13, 2011 – 1:39 pm

I don’t always cover former Redskins players on this blog, but intern Brian Tinsman made a compelling pitch for this remarkable look at former quarterback Gibran Hamdan. I think you’ll agree that it was worth it.

For those of you that lie in bed at night wondering what ever became of former Redskins quarterback Gibran Hamdan, this story is for you. You’re welcome.

Hamdan was a seventh round pick (232nd overall) by the Redskins in the 2003 NFL Draft. Aside from an illustrious career in NFL Europe, he holds the distinction of being the first player of Pakistani descent to play in the NFL. He is also a local product out of Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High School in Arlington, Va.

He only appeared in one career NFL game, for the Redskins against the Eagles in 2003. In that game, he was 1-for-2 for seven yards, and a whopping 58.3 quarterback rating. (You might also remember him leading the Buffalo Bills against his old team late in a 2008 preseason game. Then again, you might not.) Read more »

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Niles Paul Has A Believer In Former College Coach

Posted by Ryan Gracia on June 13, 2011 – 12:05 pm

Intern Ryan Gracia checks in with some highlights from one of several quality Niles Paul interviews with the Examiner’s John Keim.

From the looks of it, Niles Paul seems destined to quickly win the respect of his teammates, fans and coaches once training camp finally comes around.

Ted Gilmore, who coached the receivers at Nebraska during Paul’s four-year college career, has a good feeling Paul could be “an absolute steal” for the Redskins come the start of the season. There are things that fans know about Paul from what they see him do on the field and what they hear about him in the media.

But what some may not realize is that the wideout has all the characteristics to be a great player, besides the obvious on-field capabilities. He’s got great work ethic, competitiveness and confidence to name a few. Simply put, he loves the game — and it’s all put into perspective by Gilmore in an excellent recent interview with John Keim of the Washington Examiner. Here are some of Paul’s lesser-known qualities, highly praised by his former college coach:
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Bruce Allen Is Okay With Rooting For Dallas In Basketball

Posted by Matt Terl on June 13, 2011 – 10:48 am

Like so many other fans of D.C. sports, I was rooting pretty enthusiastically against LeBron James in this year’s NBA Finals. All these years later, the whole DeShawn Stevenson/Soulja Boy/Jay Z thing is still amazing, and the crab dribble still annoys me. And all of that doesn’t even account for his more recent spectacles of ego. So seeing a bunch of ex-Wizards (and one Player Development Coach who’s a Redskins fan) crush James’ hopes and dreams … I was pretty okay with that.

But I had a real problem admitting that I was rooting for Dallas. It just plain doesn’t feel right as a Redskins fan to root for a Dallas team, and that nagged at me right on through the Mavericks’ victory. Fortunately, I was able to ask an expert about the situation

Bruce Allen has lived and breathed the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry all his life, and feels it as keenly as anyone. So today, while Allen was getting ready for the Red Cross Invitational charity golf tournament, I explained the situation to him and asked if he believed it was acceptable to root for Dallas teams in other sports. Read more »

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Watch The Redskins Fan Draft Winner Announced Live TODAY

Posted by Matt Terl on June 13, 2011 – 8:24 am

I’ve mentioned the Redskins Fan Draft a couple of times — a chance for a dedicated fan to win lunch with Bruce Allen — and the voting is now wrapped up.

The winners will be announced today, LIVE on the Fan Zone tab on the Redskins Facebook page and on UStream. Tune in at 1:00 this afternoon as Amanda Mitchell announces if the Tailgating Crew pictured above should be pencilling in lunch with the GM. Read more »

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The First Segment Of The FedExField Upper Deck Being Removed

Posted by Matt Terl on June 10, 2011 – 4:02 pm

Hey, you know all those cranes that we’ve seen looming over FedExField? The ones that never seemed to be doing anything in the pictures I’ve posted? They’re doing stuff now.

Specifically, they’re pulling out huge segments of concrete from the upper deck. As always, I’ll have more details one I know them, but for now I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. (Click to enlarge; they’re much more impressive when you get a sense of the size of the concrete segment.)

Read more »

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Anthony Armstrong Talks Redskins, Racing, Rookies & RB's

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 10, 2011 – 2:19 pm

Intern Brian Tinsman catches up with yet another of Anthony Armstrong’s other gigs: his Sports Journey radio show.

That headline is brought to you by the letter ‘R.’

On his weekly Sports Journey broadcast of the “Anthony Armstrong Show with Lake Lewis,” Armstrong covers a little bit of everything Redskins, starting with his offseason workouts.

Armstrong–along with other Redskins in the area–has been working out with former Redskins linebacker Eddie Mason at his MASE Training facilities. Armstrong says that the goal of his workouts is to build strength and speed for the upcoming season:

I haven’t really gained a whole bunch of weight. I’m gonna be playing at about 185 [pounds], so it’ll be good. But it’s a lot more strength and things, a lot more of the smaller muscles. Y’know, the ones that you don’t really use as much, are getting built up. A lot of functional strength.

When Lewis asks him about the title of fastest Redskin, Armstrong likes his chances against return specialist Brandon Banks. However, he admits that the head-to-head race may never happen, due to the risk of injury: Read more »

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Hail! Throwback And Dexter Manley

Posted by Matt Terl on June 10, 2011 – 9:31 am

Man, when I was a kid I thought that Dexter Manley’s mohawk was just about the coolest thing ever, and Hail! writer/artist Ben Ceccarelli has done a terrific job capturing it here. As always, click this first panel or the Read More link to see the rest of the strip.
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Another Crane At FedExField

Posted by Matt Terl on June 9, 2011 – 3:27 pm

I’m presuming that at some point, these updates of the construction at FedExField will include scenes of dramatic, kinetic action … or at least some kind of solidly visible change. For now, here’s another crane that’s arrived at the stadium — a very, very large crane indeed.

After the jump, the same photo given the BeFunky.com treatment to look like a dramatic art print (or the cover of a ponderously serious indie rock album).
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Aldrick Robinson Ties the Knot

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 9, 2011 – 12:36 pm

Intern Brian Tinsman is rapidly turning into a one-man internet monitoring station for the Redskins’ draft choices. Here’s what sixth-round wide receiver Aldrick Robinson is up to.

Before Aldrick Robinson ever takes the field as an NFL wide receiver and tries to win some Super Bowl jewelry, he will already have a ring on his finger. According to his twitter account (@AldrickRobinson), Robinson got married to his fiancee, Bianca Samples, on Wednesday.

Here’s a photo of the happy couple after Robinson was drafted in the sixth round (178th overall) of this year’s draft, courtesy of his Facebook account:

There aren’t photos of any ceremony (yet), but Robinson did post some thoughts on his twitter page: Read more »

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Who Is The All-Time Best Redskins Safety?

Posted by Matt Terl on June 9, 2011 – 10:20 am


In an effort to fill this eerily quiet offseason, the folks over at Hogs Haven have been doing polls on the all-time greatest Redskins players at various positions. Most of these have gone as you’d expect, and haven’t really inspired me to weigh in either way. But today, the question is about the safety position, and I’m finding the answer a little bit … surprising.

Maybe “surprising” isn’t the right word, because I completely understand WHY the late Sean Taylor is leading this poll. I don’t have any details on Hogs Haven’s demographic reach, but I’m guessing their readership includes a lot more folks from the age bracket that remembers Sean Taylor than the bracket that remembers Kenny Houston.

It’s also true that Taylor’s abilities can’t be argued. He was an atheltic marvel, capable of insane, game-changing plays. Had he lived, he might very well have been the obvious, no-brainer answer to this question.

And it isn’t just fans who believe that Taylor is the best ever. When I somewhat skeptically posted about the poll on Twitter, former Redskins safety and current National Football Post writer Matt Bowen weighed in. My question: Sean Taylor is winning this poll in a runaway. Should he be?

Bowen’s blunt answer: Yes.

He elaborated a bit after a follow-up question:

I can’t argue with anything there, and Bowen obviously has a MUCH more informed perspective on this … but I think, when you’re voting for the best of all time, that “would have been” is a crucial note.

Because we’ll never know what Taylor “would have been,” and it’s not realistic to judge his “would have been” against what Ken Houston was.

And what Ken Houston actually was was … well, it was an awful lot like what we all believe Taylor would have been. Check out this excerpt from the summary on Houston’s Hall Of Fame page: Read more »

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