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Best Of ‘Redskins Late Night’: Logan Paulsen On Why He Grew Out His Beard

Posted by Stephen Czarda on March 5, 2015 – 9:46 am

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As the 2012 season progressed, tight end Logan Paulsen’s beard kept growing. And growing. And growing.

Eventually, by the time the Redskins capped off a seven-game winning streak to capture the NFC East title, Paulsen’s beard was a few inches long.

While some might have thought it was some sort of fashion statement or maybe one of those superstitious sports things where you try not to change habits when you’re winning, Paulsen resisting the razor was for a completely different reason.

“My college roommate…broke his leg in a motorcycle accident two years ago now, and so he had to get his lower leg amputated,” he said on “Redskins Late Night.” “We used to grow gross beards and do gross stuff together all the time. So basically I said like ‘I’m not going to shave until you can walk.'”

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

A few months after the end of the season, and a little more than a year after his friend’s injury, Paulsen got the news he had been waiting for.

“About a year and a couple of months after he called me and I said I can walk,” he said. “He sent me a video and everything, it was great. And then I shaved my beard, and that was it.”

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