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Priscilla’s Balancing Act Between Cheerleading, Working And Being A Mother

Posted by Stephen Czarda on February 4, 2015 – 3:22 pm

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Priscilla’s life goes pretty much non-stop.

Between being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader and the DC Territory Business Manager along with serving as the mother to a young boy in the first grade, she doesn’t have many opportunities to pump the breaks and just take it easy.

But, if she’s ever in need of a quick breather, her support which she calls her “triple threat” is always there.

“My directors, Stephanie and Jamilla, have always been understanding about my multiple roles and when I’ve had to miss a practice,” she said. “I’m blessed to have bosses who are so supportive of my commitment to this team, and always wishes me a good practice or best of luck before gameday weekends, and, most importantly, I’m very lucky that I have my family, who continues to encourage my participation with the team, and are nothing but happy for me when it comes to all the amazing opportunities that come along.”

Last year, which also happened to be her first year as a Redskins Cheerleader, Priscilla began looking for different jobs, sensing it was time for a career change.

With a B.S. in marketing along with a background in sales, she eventually landed her current job as DC Territory Business Manager.

“While I didn’t have any direct experience in pharmaceuticals, or even in outside sales, I had a proven record of unwavering determination,” Priscilla admitted. “My boss was very impressed with the fact that I had never danced, cheered, or had any background that would help me in becoming a professional cheerleader, prior to the year and a half before I made the team. This prime example was what helped rest his concerns, and gave him the confidence to hire me.”

And along with balancing her duties between the Redskins and pharmaceuticals, Priscilla is raising a son who is currently in the first grade.

As he continues to get older and advances further in school, she realizes her role as his parent will continually change as well.

“My role has evolved in his life to where I not only have to ensure his safety and well-being, but now I have to teach him how to do that for himself while enabling him to learn and embrace the characteristics that will help shape him into a good person,” she said. “Every single day involves helping him develop these traits, teaching him to recognize the difference between right and wrong and requires turning almost everything into a life lesson. …It has and will continue to be a wonderful journey watching my son grow up to be the man he is supposed to be.”




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