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Logging The Reaction To DeSean Jackson

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on April 9, 2014 – 10:46 am



Wednesday marks one week since DeSean Jackson officially signed with the Redskins. From that time on,  the deep threat’s recruitment, character and potential have all been hot topics in Washington. Here’s a sampling of what his head coach, his new teammates and a few Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks have said about the latest addition to the receiving corps.

Head Coach Jay Gruden

It was ‘Wow’ for us. Guys like that don’t come around very often. And when they do, you have to do your due diligence and you have to do whatever it takes to try to get the guy if you think he’s a fit. And we felt like he was a fit for us. So Bruce Allen, all systems go, and made a play for him, and it ended up working out to get him.”

(SiriusXM NFL Radio)

“We’re excited to have him. Any time you have an opportunity to get a splash player like DeSean Jackson, you have to do your best to get him. Fortunately Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder got it done, but we’re excited to have the competitor and the player of DeSean’s caliber.”

(Team Press Release)


DeAngelo Hall

“We were so much alike on that football field, being small guys but feeling like we can take on the world. Whenever we locked up in games, you definitely saw that.

 “I don’t know too many corners in this league that can run with him step for step. I pride myself as being one of the fastest guys in the league, and seeing him twice a year, I used to stay up at night like, man, just trying to study film and figure out what advantage I could get on him. I know for a fact he can add that home run hitter, a proven guy that defenses are going to have to worry about where he is.

(NFL Network)


Robert Griffin III

“We are all excited to have him join our team. Our team and this city will be there for him. In talking with him, I understand his drive and his competitiveness to win – always doing it for his dad and now doing it for this city.”

(Team Press Release)



Trent Williams

“He just brings another home run hitter that I’m very excited to play with. Any time you get a Pro Bowl caliber guy in free agency, I think it does a lot for the team.”

(Team Press Release)

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I don’t think his character is bad. I think he can be a great addition to this team.

 “For a guy that had had the type of impact that he has had… three Pro bowls and countless numbers of big plays and putting his team in position to win, to me I wouldn’t question his practice habits. I wouldn’t question him as a player. He’s proven himself day in and day out.

“I’m not going to judge him or say that he needs to change which way or the other. Honestly, I can only go by his body of work… and his body of work, his numbers can stand up there with the top receivers in the league.”

(Conference Call)


Pierre Garçon

“DeSean is a great player. He can help our offense, help our team. You know he’s definitely going to open up things. We’re going to make plays for each other and help get the ball into the end zone.”

(Redskins Nation)


Ryan Kerrigan

“I was just happy enough that he wasn’t on the Eagles anymore, let alone for us to get him. It’s an awesome get for us. We already have an extremely talented wide receiver corps, and it only got better.”

(CSN Washington)



Barry Cofield

“A guy I absolutely hated playing against for eight years and a guy that hurt my teams countless times, so I was very excited getting him.”

(Conference Call)


Alfred Morris

“I’m excited to have another weapon. The guy is mad fast and I think, overall, it definitely helps the offense.”

(Team Press Release)


Kirk Cousins

“It’s a unique situation, but kudos to the Redskins for taking advantage of it and giving him a great chance to come in and make a difference. And from the way I look at the situation, a guy like that is going to have a chip on his shoulder, especially when you play your former team two times a year, you’re going to be motivated. You’re going to want to prove something.

“I think as a deep threat, that’s where he really stands out with his speed and his playmaking ability. When you have that ability, then you start to open up lanes for the other receivers, and it starts to open up opportunities for other guys. So he can have an impact in a lot of different ways. Any time you have that threat that makes defenses and coordinators think twice, it makes a difference.” 

(CSN Washington)



Doug Williams

“You got to like it, you know? And we’re sitting here without a first-round pick. And in essence as far as I’m concerned, what I look at DeSean Jackson as is a first-round pick for us. And it gives us a lot more flexibility. I really believe that.  With Garcon, with Roberts – who we’ve already added – and with Robert Griffin coming back this year, I’m sure he feels good about the weapons he has to play with.”

(CSN Washington)


Mark Rypien

“I think the one thing that DeSean can do is show all the naysayers out there … is I can be an impact here in the Washington, D.C., area. I can be a positive influence to young kids, and I can be a good team player. The chemistry that the Redskins need is that. If you’re going to be an individual and do things on your own watch, then you’re probably not going to have a lot of success overall.

“Obviously, there’s no question the guy can play football. I think this motivates him even more to prove to those who have declared him a problem and give him an opportunity to rectify that and be a great Redskin. And be someone 10 years from now… when his days are over with, we can remember as someone leading us to playoff games, playoff wins, and God hope, another Super Bowl.”

(Redskins Broadcast Network)


Joe Theismann

“The most important thing for the Washington Redskins this year is they understand there are a lot of people who have the capability of changing the complexion of a game. You don’t know when it’s going to be your turn, but you have to be ready when your turn comes, so it’s going to have to be a very unselfish group of wide receivers. And I believe that will happen.”

(CSN Washington)

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6 Responses to “Logging The Reaction To DeSean Jackson”

  1. By Michael Zawitoski on Apr 9, 2014 | Reply

    I was born 3 months before the Redskins won their last Superbowl, and while i can say that the redskins have won a superbowl in my lifetime, i can’t say i remember the “good times” that many of the older fans have fond memories of, a lot of my memories are of subpar seasons. When DeSean was first released i didn’t expect the Skins to make a push for him, but i am happy they did and succeeded, because i know how good of a player he is, and it is my hope that he can help lead the Skins back to good times, and more division, conference, and even superbowl titles.


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