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What Went Right / Wrong: Redskins Giants

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on December 31, 2013 – 1:26 pm

The last game of the 2013 season was a wet and miserable 20-6 loss to the New York Giants. The Redskins defense limited an offense playing without it’s starting quarterback and top two receivers in the second half, but the offense could not score a touchdown.

Let’s take a look back at what went right and wrong at New York.


Highlight: Reed Doughty intercepts Curtis Painter in the end zone.

What went right: The captain in coverage.

-The Giants line up in a shotgun set with a running back in protection, a tight end and an H-back on the left and a wide receiver on the right.
-The Redskins show their base 3-4 alignment and initially rush four defenders.
-Three linebackers are singled up in man coverage. Rob Jackson shadows Bear Pascoe , and Perry Riley Jr. eyes Peyton Hillis before adding pressure.
-London Fletcher, in the last game of a 16-year career, covers tight end Brandon Myers.
-Barry Cofield splits a double team and pressures Painter into throwing.


-Painter launches a flat pass for Myers in the end zone.
-Knowing he has zone help in the end zone, Fletcher plays underneath the tight end, reads the receiver and turns around in time to jump and deflect the ball.


-Fletcher’s tip alters the path of the ball and surprises Myers, who lets the ball bounce off his chest.
-Reed Doughty catches the ball off the tip, turns around and runs.
-Kedric Golston picks up a block and Jackson seals off Pascoe.
-Doughty returns the interception 25 yards.



Highlight: Josh Wilson intercepts Eli Manning.

What went right: A shove and a dive.

The play before:
-The Giants align in a shotgun set with three receivers bunched to the left, one split wide to the right and a running back in protection.
-The Redskins rush four down linemen. Ryan Kerrigan puts his hand on the ground as an end.
-Chris Baker lines up in a two technique, shaded on the inside shoulder of the left guard.
-Baker powers through the lineman’s outside shoulder and separates with a rip move


-Baker hits Manning as he throws. The quarterback’s ankle is injured as it rolls up underneath Baker.
-Manning carelessly throws a ball that’s almost intercepted by Perry Riley Jr.

The play of the pick:
-The Giants line up in a similar formation but spread out the receivers on the left.
-The Redskins bring six defensive backs in on the play and rush three defensive linemen and a linebacker.
-E.J. Biggers, David Amerson and Perry Riley Jr. set up in man coverage with three other defenders in zone.
-Biggers clings tight to tight end Brandon Myers. Manning likes the matchup.
-The quarterback delivers a throw to the tight end. Biggers shoves Myers as the ball arrives, forcing him to grasp for the football and tip it in the air.


-Josh Wilson reads the deflection and lunges onto the turf to make the pick.



Highlight: Brandon Meriweather strips Andre Brown to force a fumble.

What went right: Holding up the man with ball.

-New York sets up a shotgun look with two receivers split wide, an H-back on the left and a receiver in the slot on the right.
-The Redskins send a four-man front with the outside linebackers on the line, two inside linebackers behind them and five defensive backs.
-Left guard Kevin Boothe pulls across the formation along with H-back Brandon Myers.
-Brandon Meriweather creeps into the box to the play the run.
-Ryan Kerrigan collapses the edge, forcing Boothe to pick him up and creating a lane for Meriweather.
-The safety diagnoses the play from the back side and takes a straight line to the ball carrier.


-Meriweather collides with Brown, holding him up while two more defenders swarm the ball.
-Rob Jackson hits Brown from behind while Meriweather grips the football and yanks out the fumble.
-Josh Wilson fields the ball on the spot to pick up his second recovery in as many weeks.




Low point: Jerrel Jernigan carries an end around for a 49-yard touchdown.

What went wrong: Missed tackles

-The Giants line up biased to the right with a tight end, an H-back and a receiver inside the numbers.
-The Redskins put five men on the line and bring safety Reed Doughty into the box to defend a run.
-H-back Bear Pascoe crosses from right to left as Painter fakes a handoff to Peyton Hillis on the right.
-Jerrel Jernigan loops behind Hillis and receives a toss from Painter.
– Pascoe picks up a linebacker. Guard Stephen Goodin works up the field to block another linebacker.
– Hillis picks up a block and creates a wedge next to center Dallas Reynolds.
-Jernigan cuts inside of his blockers, trapping a safety away from traffic.
-Four Redskins miss tackles as Jernigan speeds past.
-Wide receiver Louis Murphy seals a final block down the field.
-Jernigan races up the sideline for a score.



Low point: Jerrel Jernigan catches a 24-yard touchdown pass to erase an early Redskins lead.

What went wrong: A perfectly thrown football

-The Giants set up in the shotgun with two running backs and three receivers.
-The Redskins play a nickel defense with five defensive backs.
– Jernigan lines up in the slot, matched up with Josh Wilson in man-to-man coverage.
-With another defender in zone coverage over the top, Wilson plays tight underneath Jernigan.
-The receiver runs a go route into the end zone.
-Eli Manning lofts the ball with precision, putting it in a tight window just beyond Wilson but leaving enough space for Jernigan to establish possession.



Low point: Trumaine McBride intercepts Kirk Cousins

What went wrong: Close coverage

-The Redskins align in a shotgun set with a running back and four receivers.
-The Giants show blitz with six men on the line of scrimmage.


-Six New York defenders rush. Roy Helu Jr. does a nice job of stoning defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka in the A gap. Kirk Cousins has a clean pocket to work with.
-Linebacker Jon Beason cuts off his pass rush and drops into a delayed zone.


-Cousins throws high, avoiding Beason’s reach, to Santana Moss, who has to jump for the ball.
-Moss gets his hands on the pass, but Terrell Thomas drills the receiver as he highpoints the ball.
-The hit jars the ball loose, and Trumaine McBride dives forward to field the pick.


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