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General Manager Bruce Allen: ‘It Is My Job To Find The Next Head Coach’

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on December 30, 2013 – 3:22 pm


Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen had a “painful” day he said was fitting for a “painful” season.

Allen met with Owner Daniel Snyder and Mike Shanahan at 9 a.m. Monday morning to relieve Shanahan of his duties to the franchise. The GM met with assistant coaches throughout the day, then addressed the media four hours after the dismissed coach made a statement.

Allen stressed that that every member of the organization had a part in a 3-13 season. He spoke to the media about how the franchise has begun its search for a new head coach, what the criteria for that position will be and what the club will learn from a regular season full of distractions.

He talked about how the world of sports lends itself to instant evaluation, how to create stability and how NFL teams can complete quick turnarounds.

Watch video of the full press conference below and follow @Redskins for breaking news.



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18 Responses to “General Manager Bruce Allen: ‘It Is My Job To Find The Next Head Coach’”

  1. By Robyn Stultz on Dec 30, 2013 | Reply

    What a tough day for All who are and have been involved with the Washington Redskins. The responsibility of this past season does fall on All and not One. I strongly believe that within the past year, there have been too many distractions in regards to social media, rumors and drama that may have been created from within the organization itself. May the New Year bring the Redskins TEAM professionalism, character and above all TEAM Players who have a desire to play and win like a TEAM!

    I am confident that the Washington Redskins TEAM can put the past behind them and realize that “The Future is Now” for the 2014 Season.

    With Sincerity,

    A New York Redskins Fan

  2. By Matt Dwyer on Dec 30, 2013 | Reply

    If I ran the skins (yeah, certainly not, but.. what the heck), I would look pretty hard for a young, but well-respected coach with a good record, like David Shaw. Of course, he is likely not available, so need to be creative. Not sure I care about the interview much, but history of results :), and I like tests like Berke assessments.

    Personnel, we need depth, then depth, and then depth. For every $12M FA, we need four $3M guys. Even though I love watching the $12M ones play, I like winning wayyy more. Picking them is the tough part of course, and then making sure they are healthy. And we don’t need high draft picks, we need more draft picks. Way more.

    And … I would dump Redskins for Pigskins. I love the Hogs, bring em back. Tired of the argument about if Redskins is an offensive name. Kill that frigging topic with a change so minor, it just makes sense. Yes, people will then whine about the name change for another 5 years if the Bullets is any indication, but I was thinking longer term. 5 years is a heartbeat.

    But if you think I’m nuts, yeah maybe – and I am obviously not in charge.

  3. By joel hudlow on Dec 30, 2013 | Reply

    while mant sour on cowher hes an in your face coach,He only won one super bowl but hit the playoffs regularly.I like zimmer if hes running the defense.Seattles oc san frans oc or sand iegos oc or jay gruden are all good with me.But whos gonna run the defense.I have no problem keeping hastlett under cowher but thats about it.I think this team needs to go after ny s other d tackle and go 43 defense.Ithink we should draft baylors guard if hes there in 2nd rd.Perhaps with baylors center and guard trent williams and montgomery at guard all we need is a right tackle and depth.

  4. By Joe Hayes on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    One man for the job, Russ Grimm, please make him an offer.

  5. By John Dugan on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    As a Giant fan living in Richmond, Virginia I am truly sorry for the crappy hand the Redskin Fans have been put through under this team’s administration. I went to college here and lived with 8 Redskin fans for three years. The one thing I have and will always say is that the Washington Redskin fans are one of the best (if not the best) fans in professional sports. The dedication and loyalty that you show for your team is incredible. You deserve better and I’m not so sure you’re going to get it from Mr. Snyder. Until he completely gives up control (completely), I’m not sure you can get past that huge interference. Because of him and Jerry Jones, I always feel my team has a chance regardless of the make-up of the teams. Again, I hope you get someone who can steer the ship in the right direction. Gruden, Cower, even Lovey Smith? Final thought, I’m not so sure that when it is all said and done that Cousins doesn’t have a better career than RG3. Happy Hunting and Happy New Year!

  6. By Frank O on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    John, Well said !!! As a redskin fan living in N.Y. I take a few ribbings during the year ,however I can dish them out too. I would love to know what was going on in that locker room, what was being said about the players themselves ? Can’t argue with the Snyder comment either.

  7. By Frank O on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    Joe, not so sure Russ Grimm has enough experience yet ! good OL coach. I truly believe Jon Gruden for HC great with young QB’s and great leadership skills, Phillips from the Texans as DC. or Zimmer from Bengals. in a perfect world those should be the choices.

  8. By John Dugan on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    Frank, Thx! Like most of us – we just love our team and live and die each week with wins and defeats. Crazy isn’t it! Quick story, when we won it all three years ago – was going through a tough time personally. In December that year, they just kept winning and got me through one of the roughest patches in my life. Regardless of the “down” time, it only lasted two months, but something I will never forget. Been in sports my whole life – played and coached professionally in another sport. My point being, it was that experience, my team making an improbable run that made me go get some ink on the arm to show my gratitude. Never thought I’d do that. FYI, love my coach and GM. Coughlan is going to go out on his terms. Love talking about this stuff. Keep it coming. Regards, John

    Dan Patrick just mentioned Cower as a possible option. Says they had a “conversation” last week with him. He would be a good choice.

  9. By akknelle on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    Any way we can pry Todd Bowles from Arizona?

  10. By Lacy Loan on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    I will come and coach the redskins for a lot less than anybody else will and I have a few people ( coaches) I could bring with me. It sounds like you need to get away from big name coaches and hire a nobody that can focus on football and not media so e-mail me and I will be there tomorrow.

  11. By New Mexico Redskin on Dec 31, 2013 | Reply

    If mr, Hasselt is still with the Redskins, he has done well with what available. Has stepped in with other teams as needed as head coach and done well.

  12. By Eric Bowens on Jan 1, 2014 | Reply

    Art Briles deserves a shot. Aside from him being rg3’s former coach have anyone seen baylor the last couple of years? They have been outstanding compared to most college teams. Look at chip kelly. Art Briles deserves a shot at the professional level. So why not with the redskins? After all we already know what he can do with rg3. Its only a matter of time before another coach needy team scoops him up.

  13. By Eric Bowens on Jan 1, 2014 | Reply

    Maybe rg3 wasn’t so great. Maybe Art Briles was the reason everything worked. I’m confident he could bring stability to an organization that is in chaos. In fact, I don’t remember baylor winning any championships before him. Who else have “restored underachieving football team” on their resumes? He’s perfect for the job.

  14. By John Dugan on Jan 2, 2014 | Reply

    As I said earlier – I’m a (diehard) Giant Fan living in Richmond. You and your fans deserve better. You are some of the best fans in sports and have an owner who grew up a Redskin Fan. I’m not knocking Art Briles. Honestly, don’t know enough about him. But “YOUR OWNER NEEDS TO GET OUT HIS F__KING CHECKBOOK” and go get John Gruden, Bill Cower, Bill Parcells (retired), or Vince Lombardy from the grave. I don’t give a **** about the fact that these guys are comfortable in their current positions in broadcasting. As Tony Soprano once said, “We’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse!” He’s (Dan Snyder) pissing money away every year anyway. Honestly, I don’t know how you put up with this crap? Again, I stated earlier, I laugh when I put my owner, coach and GM up against your owner and coach (Allen actually is a good football mind) and the Cowboy administration. With those in power at Washington and Dallas, I always feel we have a chance in New York because of their ineptitude. The Eagles have good ownership!
    Also, I realize that there are some coaches (like Chip Kelly) who are not really big-time names, but at this point you have to show your fan base that we are pulling out all the stops. Many said this when he hired Shanahan! What a joke. Look, I’m a NY Giant fan and proud of our division. Best one in Football over the last 15 years – not even a discussion!! We’ve (NFC East) had some rough seasons over the last five years. Essentially, we beat each other up. The best record over the last six years of a division winner is 10 – 6. We won two Super bowls at 9 -7 twice (I think?). If not, we were 10 – 6.
    Lastly, I hope you bring someone in who has enough sense to keep Curt Cousins. When all is said and done, I think he has a better career than RG3. You guys have got to stop drinking the RG 3 cool aid. RG should have never stepped on the field (started) until at least November 1. And you can’t put the starts Cousins had at the end of the season on him. His stats were actually good. Your defense was just bad! So was ours, so I can’t say much regarding defense. My coach, after starting 0 – 6 rallied our team and to a 7 – 3 finish. Coughlan is going to go out on his terms and I’m good with that. Quick story about Jerry Reese our GM. Our Super Bowl win three years ago – the draft that year before the season started, Jerry Reese drafted 13 players. First time in NFL history (and only time) it has ever happened….every player in that draft class played in a game for us that year!! In the day and age of cutting players and trying to evaluate talent, that is amazing. Most newly drafted players don’t make it out of training camp.
    Bottom line, you and your fellow brethren deserve to have a head coach that has a sparkling resume. Now that I think about it – Tony Dungy! Mr. Snyder and Mr. Allen need to go and do whatever it takes to make that HUGE move and acquire that someone who will make a change and bring winning back to Washington DC. Again, I have huge respect for our division and love the rivalries that each team has with the other. Sorry, last story! Two years ago, the GM in Jacksonville, Gene Smith drafted a kicker three spots before the Seahawks took Russell Wilson! To his credit, he tried to resign the year before because he felt like him and his staff were not doing a good enough job to remain employed. The owner talked him into staying on for the next season and that particular draft. Subsequently, he was fired on December 31, 2012. FYI, don’t hire that guy! I care about the Redskin fan (I know that sounds crazy) because I’ve seen them go through some rough times. I have friends who live and die from week to week on wins and lose. I’m sure you are the same way – or else you wouldn’t be blogging about your favorite team. Have a Happy New Year and I hope your owner and GM does the right thing and gets the person in D.C. that can lead you all to the promise land. Sorry so long! Love the playoffs and the matchups this weekend. Regards, John

  15. By Eric Bowens on Jan 2, 2014 | Reply

    The giants offense haven’t really been good at all this season. Mainly because of his Eli’s 27 interceptions this year. T. coughlin been pretty good in the past but ever since the giants second superbowl you guys have been dropping all your quality players as if

  16. By Eric Bowens on Jan 2, 2014 | Reply

    The giants offense haven’t really been good at all this season either. Mainly because of Eli’s 27 interceptions this year. T. coughlin been pretty good in the past but ever since the giants second superbowl you guys have been dropping all your quality players as if Eli is the sole reason behind those superbowls. Those name brand coaches sound great but shanahan was one too, and who is to say that they will come out of retirement? If it were that simple don’t you think other teams would have picked them up by now or that we would have joe gibbs back by now? Its 2014; a new generation, it time for new players and new coaches alike with fresh perspectives and ideas. Look at jim harbaugh, pete carroll, chip kelly etc.. This is exactly why shanahan needs to retire. I agree i don’t believe cousins should be traded but i don’t believe he is better than Robert griffin either and my personal reason is that even though robert haven’t had a good season based on the facts that he lead a playoff season with a questionable organization and coaching staff while 100% healthy. Its only been his 2nd season. We gave a lot to aquire him to only give him up because of cousins 3 games without giving him a good chance. If i’m not mistaken Eli didn’t win superbowls right away either, or played professional football on a acl injury which is shanny’s fault for letting him play this season and the reason he is fired now. I like cousins very much he has potiential, but he must show more than almost winning games right? Not starting a debate or anything just my own opinion which is reasonable. Actually, Its a fact that dispite all of our drama this year RG3’s overall is better than Eli’s this year(84 to Eli’s 77). I love Eli but this haven’t been one of his best seasons either. I do agree that the giants have a much better head coach , organization and just love their scouting. I must say i love watching new york almost as much as the redskins. HTTR.

  17. By John Dugan on Jan 2, 2014 | Reply

    Eric, I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. Actually, that wasn’t my intention at all. I feel for you and what you are going through. We were lucky to win those last two Super Bowls. That is why the playoffs are so great. I liked what Marvin Lewis said today. A reporter asked him about the time between the franchises last playoff win and getting that one win to get them off the “shnide”. His reply was “I’m not looking for one win, I want four!” And as the Giants showed you just have to get hot and use that momentum to get you to the next week. Survive and move on!! The one thing that helped us in those two Super bowl games was our defense. Although, I think our secondary has been complete crap for at least seven years, Getting a couple of good players. Brown last year just fell on our lap – he lead the league in interceptions last year with nine. Got hurt in training camp and never had a chance to make an impact. Prince Amukamara isn’t half bad and has some potential. How about Antroll Rolle and his bitching about not making the pro bowl. Unbelievable! He had a decent year statistically, but have some class. I heard of a few other corners and safety’s who had good years and didn’t get selected and might of had something to gripe about, but instead, they tweeted out congrats to those who made it and showed some class. We cut him two years ago and he ended up back on our roster the next year. Not a big fan of Deangelo Hall’s, but I thought he had a good year!

    Eli has been crap all year. Love the man for the two rings and he can be as clutch as they get, but he just had a shitty year. Interesting to see how he reacts to this past year and how he comes out next year. I’d love to get Maurice Jones Drew. Says he’s gonna test the free agent market and Mortenson (ESPN) said he would only cost 2 or 3 million per year. I’d take him for two or three years. Both of our teams have a lot of big decisions to make regarding our rosters. It will be interesting.

    I get the occasional redskin fan to tell me to go take a flying leap when I tell them I feel sorry for what they are going through. Says I need to worry about my own team. I’m like, Damn – just trying to tell you how hard it can be in the NFL and the NFC East. Anyway, good talking to you and again, I hope you guys find the guy who can put it all together. I know hindsight is 20/20, but I didn’t like the Shannahan hire when it happened. Snyder was enamored with him and that was part of the problem straight away. Good chatting and I hope we both get to see some good playoff games. Marvin Lewis is right, don’t sleep on Cincy, Carolina, or the Eagles. I could see the Eagles making a run. I got Seattle winning it all. They have home field all the way through. A cold weather team who can handle the weather in New York for the Super Bowl. Everybody likes Denver? I’m not so sure. Payton has to show me he can win a playoff game in the COLD weather. He’s something like 3 -11 in playoff games when the temperature is 40 or below. You think San Francisco can go into Seattle and win? I don’t see it!. Brady and Belicheck always find a way to survive and move on…..and they can play in the cold. Got a running game and their defense has picked it up the last five weeks. Brady has had a sub-par year. Reminds me of Russell Wilson – they both just manage the game and don’t do anything to really screw things up – especially in the 4th quarter. Take care Eric!

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