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Fourth Quarter Conclusions: #SFvsWAS

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on November 25, 2013 – 10:57 pm



The scene at the end was jarring. With more than two minutes left to play and the Redskins taking possession, peppy music played to an otherwise silent stadium as cheerleaders bopped red-and-green Christmas pom-poms devoid of cheer.

The Redskins didn’t score a touchdown, and the league’s worst passing offense threw in three. Colin Kaepernick went 15 of 24 with 235 yards and three touchdowns.

San  Francisco downed Washington, 27-6, at FedExField on Monday Night Football. The 49ers defense was too much.

When Robert Griffin III had time to throw, he had trouble finding receivers and was constantly under fire from pressure up the middle.

When they were open, he couldn’t get them the ball. The quarterback ended up completing 63 percent of his passes, but a glut of screens and quick throws to the flat inflated that number. He threw for 127 yards and an interception that closed the first quarter.

Ahmad Brooks tallied seven tackles and combined with Aldon Smith for four sacks.

Washington’s defense valiantly held Frank Gore to 31 yards rushing, but it couldn’t contain Anquan Boldin, who caught five passes for 94 yards and two touchdowns.

There is now no chance the Redskins can finish with a winning record, and the hardest times are ahead. The men in the locker will have to find a way to cope with falling to 3-8. They can take solace in their families during a holiday week.

Third quarter thoughts: Washington couldn’t turn long drives into touchdowns and couldn’t seize the game when it had the chance.

The Redskins recovered a fumble in San Francisco territory, but the sequence ended with Roy Helu‘s face in the dirt a yard shy of the first down line. Helu Jr. gained a yard when he needed two, leading to a turnover on downs and a successful drive from San Francisco. Anquan Boldin was a beast, breaking a tackle on a 32-yard catch and securing a 6-yard touchdown three plays later.

The Redskins tallied their own fourth down stop later in the quarter, but it didn’t matter. The offense stalled again, and Colin Kaepernick threw his third touchdown pass to a wide-open Vernon Davis.

The third quarter ended on an 11-yard sack by Ahmad Brooks. Things are not looking good.

Third quarter high: The Redskins defense pressuring Colin Kaepernick into a throw out of bounds on fourth down.

Third quarter low: Vernon Davis getting wide open on the play-action pass to catch the short touchdown pass.

Follow the fourth quarter below to see if the Redskins can get any mojo working.

Redskins 10th drive continued

4th and 19 <12: Sav Rocca punts deep to LaMichael James, who muffs the catch. San Francisco recovers at its own 45-yard line.

49ers 10th drive

1st and 10 <45: Kendall Hunter runs for no gain.

2nd and 10 <45: Gore runs right for a 1-yard loss. He’s wrapped up by Ryan Kerrigan.

3rd and 11 <44: Kaepernick completes a pass to Boldin for 13 yards and a first down.

1st and 10 >43: Gore runs left for a 3-yard loss.

2nd and 13 >46: Kaepernick hits Manningham for 10 yards.

3rd and 3 >36: Kaepernick scambles away from pressure and dives for the first-down marker. He’s short.

Timeout San Francisco 11:10

4th and 2 >35: Kaepernick scrambles and slides for 5 yards.

1st and 10 >30: The 49ers are flagged for delay of game in between downs.

1st and 10 >35: Kendall Hunter runs for a 1-yard loss.

2nd and 11>36: Kaepernick overthrows Davis on what could have been another touchdown.

3rd and 11 >36: Kaepernick scrambles left for 5 yards.

4th and 6 >31: Phil Dawson attempts a 49-yard field goal, and the kick is good.

49ers 27 Redskins

Dawson kicks off to Paul, who fields a bouncing ball and picks up 16 yards on the return.

Redskins 11th drive

1st and 10 <20: Griffin III hands off to Helu Jr., who picks up 4 yards up the middle.

2nd and 6 <24: Griffin III hits Pierre Garcon for a 10-yard pass.

1st and 10 <34: Griffin III hits Garcon again for 5 yards.

2nd and 5 <39: Aldon Smith gets around Trent Williams and notches a sack on Griffin III for a 6-yard loss.

3rd and 11 < 33: The man of the night, Ahmad Brooks notches the 49ers’ second straight sack after Smith puts on the pressure.

4th and 23 <21: Sav Rocca punts 42 yards to James, who calls for the fair catch at the 37-yard line.

49ers 11th drive

1st and 10 <37: Anthony Dixon gains 9 yards.

2nd and 1 <46: Dixon picks up 3 yards.

1st and 10 <49: Dixon runs for 1 yard.

2nd and 9 <50>: False start San Francisco

2nd and 14 >45: Kendall Hunter runs right for 4 yards.

3rd and 10 >49: Hunter picks up 1 yard.

4th and 9 <50> Andy Lee is on to punt, placing the ball inside the 20 for Santana Moss, who calls for a fair catch at the 15.

Redskins 12th drive

1st and 10 <15: Griffin III takes the shotgun snap and hurls a quick throw to Garcon, who gains 4 yards.

2nd and 6 <19: Griffin III completes a deep pass to Santana Moss on the left sideline, but the Redskins are called for holding.

2nd and 15 <10: Griffin III completes a pass to Moss for 4 yards.

Two-minute warning

3rd and 12 <13: False start on the Redskins.

3rd and 17 <8: Griffin III takes the shotgun snap, steps back and drops a short pass into Roy Helu Jr. for 7 yards.

Timeout Washington

4th and 10 <15: Griffin III scrambles left for 8 yards. Turnover on downs.

49ers 12th drive

1st and 10 <22: Kaepernick kneels the ball.

2nd and 11<23: Kaepernick kneels.

3rd and 12 <24: Kaepernick kneels.

Final Score: 49ers 27 Redskins 6

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10 Responses to “Fourth Quarter Conclusions: #SFvsWAS”

  1. By Jeff on Nov 25, 2013 | Reply

    More embarrassment on national TV. Very few true Redskins on this team. Time for wholesale changes. Coaches, players, attitude and culture.

  2. By frank lujano on Nov 25, 2013 | Reply

    Why dont they just sit Rg3 AND PUT COUSINS IN!! Hurts to see my team go down in history like this!!!!

  3. By Charles straley on Nov 25, 2013 | Reply

    maybe if you tried to play like an nfl team instead of a pop Warner team you might have more wins. coach let rg3 play his game and not treat him like fragile baby

  4. By Tim Timbrook on Nov 25, 2013 | Reply

    This is a bad team,they are poorly coached all around.Kyles play calling is terrible at best.I would like to thank coach Mike Shanahan for taking a defence that was ranked in the top ten the previous 3 years before he arrived and turning them into the 29th ranked “D”.The 3/4 is really working well for them.

  5. By Brian Vasey on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    There needs to be a change. Whether its coaching or player. Its hard to watch them play anymore. Definitely frustrating. Give cousins a shot. It worked for philly.

  6. By Lisa S on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    Very sad and depressing to watch my team go down in flames like this! How many times is Jim Hasslett going to watch Josh Wilson get burned by Anquan Boldin before he calls a different play????????? Fire whole coaching staff – esp Hasslett. I agree he has ruined a once great defense. The offense isn’t protecting RGIII but he’s too fragile and too skittish tight now. Put Cousins in and at least play for pride for the remainder of this sad season.

  7. By danny on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    this is very sad. i have never downed a coach but good grief. Jim Haslett defense is horrible. what happened to playing bump and run. that gives your defense a extra second or two. zone defense has not worked for four years haslett!. we need to go back to a 43 defense. i love L Fletecher but he is to old and slow. we need 4 new o-linemen. we need a d-line that can push people around.
    i hate to say it but, we was better off with Jim Zorn. its time to clean house!

  8. By Mike F on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    I have been a Skin fan for over 40 years…that game was embarassing…Shannahan was not much of a coach in Denver…he inherited a Super Bowl team from Reeves…Worst D in years…Hasslet has been everywhere and what has he done…i feel bad for all the season ticket holders who are invested in this team year after year…and continue to lose money and faith in the front office…

  9. By akacraney on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    Pitiful, to say the least. Last year, the coaches, the trainers and even RGIII didn’t know when to take him (himself) out of the game that he sustained his injury. Fast forward to today….they still don’t know. Time to clean house.Get rid of the struggle offensive and no heart defensive slugs. They need someone that can think on their feet and change things when game plans aren’t working. Again, just plan pitiful.

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