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First Quarter Happenings: #WASvsPHI

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on November 17, 2013 – 12:57 pm



The Redskins have one loss left. Maybe two. Okay, the NFC East is really bad. Maybe three.

In any case, nothing mathematically final will happen today, but the outcome of an away tilt in Philadelphia will be the strongest indicator of Washington’s postseason potential. By now you know the legend of 3-6. The Redskins have played poorly enough to put their backs against the wall. Sunday could be a last shot at redemption, or it could be one more case of what could have been.

Philadelphia has a different quarterback, but its most important cog remains the same. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying LeSean McCoy is the most elusive runner in the NFL. DeSean can Jackson can take the top off a defense.

Alfred Morris has been running better every week. If the Eagles are to stop him, sideline-to-sideline linebacker DeMeco Ryans will be key.

Is today the start of another miraculous streak, or is it one more nail in the coffin? Follow the first quarter in the live blog below.

Niles Paul is back to return the kick. He takes it out of the end zone and up to about the 19-yard line.

Redskins first drive

1st and 10 <19: Robert Griffin III fakes a handoff from the pistol, searches, searches, and can’t find anyone open. The quarterback scrambles right and throws the ball away on the sideline. Fletcher Cox pushes him after the play, and the officials call a personal foul.

1st and 10 <34: Pierre Garçon takes a handoff on a reverse. His foot is trapped under the tackle, and he may be hurt.

2nd and 1 <43: Alfred Morris runs right for 8 yards.

1st and 10 >49: Morris takes his second consecutive carry around the left edge for 11 more yards.

1st and 10 >38: Logan Paulsen is wide open on the play-action pass, but Griffin III overthrows him by at least 5 yards.

2nd and 10 >38: Morris runs up the middle for no gain.

3rd and 10 >38: Connor Barwin tips Griffin III’s tip at the line.

4th and 10 >38: Sav Rocca is on to punt to a dangerous return man, DeSean Jackson. Rocca punts a beauty and traps Jackson at the 12-yard line.

Eagles first drive

1st and 10 <12: LeSean McCoy has nowhere to go. Brian Orakpo stops him for a 1-yard loss.

2nd and 11 <11: Foles fakes a handoff and looks deep for Riley Cooper. David Amerson was beaten handily, but Cooper can’t track the ball. Lucky break for the Redskins.

3rd and 11 <11: Foles squeezes a 19-yard throw to DeSean Jackson on the left sideline. E.J. Biggers hits him hard, but is called for unnecessary roughness.

1st and 10 <45: LeSean McCoy runs for a 1-yard loss.

2nd and 11 <44: Foles incomplete to Cooper.

3rd and 11 <44: Foles incomplete to Jeff Maehl.

4th and 11 <44: Nick Williams is out to try his first NFL punt return. He lets the ball bounce into the end zone, but the Eagles save it at the 2-yard line.

Redskins second drive

1st and 10 <2: Alfred Morris has nowhere to go. He pick up 1 yard.

2nd and 9 <3: Griffin II lines up in the pistol, looks to throw and runs up the middle for 14 yards and a first down punctuated by a patented awkward slide.

1st and 10 <17: Griffin III keeps the ball on an option to the left for 5 yards.

2nd and 5 <22: Morris steps out of one tackle on a zone stretch to the right, picking up 4 yards.

3rd and 1 <26: Griffin III lines up under center in the two-back I formation. Darrel Young grabs the handoff and moves the pile for a first down.

1st an 10 <28: Griffin III is running early and often. He dops back, feels pressure in the pocket and escapes to his right for 4 yards.

2nd and 6 <32: Morris runs off right tackle for 7 yards.

1st and 10 <39: Morris is smacked by Brandon Graham upon receiving the handoff. The Redskins lose 3.

2nd and 13 <36: Griffin III takes the shotgun snap. He can’t evade the blitz and goes down on a sack by Najee Goode.

3rd and 19 <30: Roy Helu Jr. receives the outlet pass and has nowhere to go.

4th and 18 <31: Rocca punts deep to Jackson, who gains a few yards before newly minted special teams captain Reed Doughty makes the stop at the 32-yard line.

Eagles second drive

1st and 10 <32: Zach Ertz catches a 15-yarder from Foles.

1st and 10 <47: LeSean McCoy runs a wheel route on Ryan Kerrigan, and the running back exploits the matchup. McCoy makes a catch and runs for a 49-yard gain before Brandon Meriweather saves the touchdown.

1st and Goal <4: Foles incomplete to Cooper.

2nd and Goal <4: Foles runs the read option and keeps the ball, stretching out and spinning for a touchdown run. The extra point is good.

Eagles 7 Redskins 0

Alex Henery boots a touchback for the Eagles.

Redskins third drive

1st and 10 <20: Morris runs to the left sideline and flashes the balance of a teenage Russion beam-walker, absorbing contact and picking up more yards. On second look he was out of bounds, but the officials missed the call, giving him the extra yardage.

2nd and 1 <29: Morris is stopped for a 1-yard loss.

3rd and 1 <28: Griffin III incomplete to Santana Moss.

4th and 1 <28: Rocca punts to Jackson, who’s stopped at the 31.

Eagles third drive

1st and 10 <31: Nick Foles drops back, sees a gap in the middle and picks up 14 yards.

1st and 10 <45: Foles incomplete to Jason Avant.

2nd and 10 <45: McCoy takes a draw up the middle for 9 yards.

3rd and 1 >46: McCoy up the left side for 3 yards.


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  1. By Raw on Nov 17, 2013 | Reply

    Time to get rid of the Shanahans.Their coaching and play calling really do suck.

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