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What Went Right: Redskins Chargers

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on November 4, 2013 – 12:55 pm

Highlight: Darrel Young bangs into the end zone from 4 yards out, ending overtime and delivering a win.

What went right: Power football. The offensive line is fast off the ball, delivering a push at the line of scrimmage. Young takes the quick handoff and sees a crease up the middle. The fullback slips behind Kory Lichtensteiger and follows the lane created by two athletic linemen sealing off the next level. Will Montgomery ties up linebacker Bront Bird. Tackle Tyler Polumbus puts linebacker Andrew Gachkar on skates. Young finishes through contact and falls forward for a touchdown.


Highlight: Robert Griffin III converts a third and 9 with his legs, flying over the top of two defenders.

What went right: The quarterback’s ability to extend the play. San Diego rushes only four defenders. The defensive ends execute a twist, meaning they shoot inside while the tackles loop around them. Trent Williams and Kory Lichtensteiger switch assignments effectively, so the rush is pushed inside from the left. San Diego linebacker Reggie Walker moves in a zone to the offense’s left, keeping his eye on Griffin III but aware of Roy Helu Jr., who is running an checkdown route. Griffin III sees the space in front of him and takes off. Helu Jr. puts enough of a block on Walker for Griffin III to follow. The quarterback leads four yards in the air, absorbs a hit from linebacker Thomas Keiser and falls on his back for a first down.


Griffin 2nd look

Highlight: The Redskins keep San Diego out of the end zone by the slimmest margin, knocking Danny Woodhead out of bounds inches ahead of the pylon.

What went right: A well-placed hit. Washington shows a nickel alignment with five defensive backs on the field. Four players rush the passer, and the remaining seven drop back into a zone coverage. San Diego running back Danny Woodhead “sits down” about three yards in front of Perry Riley Jr.’s zone. Philip Rivers delivers the ball to the runner. Woodhead races to the pylon. David Amerson has Keenan Allen in his zone, but the rookie corner watches the quarterback. As soon as Rivers releases the ball, Amerson is in pursuit, beating Brandon Meriweather and Riley Jr. to the ball. Amerson has to blast Woodhead in the shoulder to stop his progress and send him out of bounds. Woodhead reaches with the ball but doesn’t knock over the pylon until he drags his knee. The ball never crosses the plane, and the initial ruling of a touchdown is overturned.


After that, Washington’s defensive line clogs the middle to stop a run on first down. DeAngelo Hall jams Antonio Gates at the line, disrupting the timing of the fade route on second down. On third down, Allen might have had a small step on Amerson, but Barry Cofield and Brian Orakpo pressure Rivers into a poor throw.

Highlight: Pierre Garcon reels in a falling, left-handed, one-armed catch.

What went right: Body control. The Chargers rush four and set up zone coverage. San Diego cornerback Johnny Patrick sticks his arm out to tap Garcon, but the receiver blows by the chip attempt. Garcon sets up corner Richard Marshall with a stutter step outside before breaking in. Marshall stumbles, and Garcon establishes position. The receiver looks back at the quarterback, who throws behind his target. Garcon plants hard with his left foot to stop his progress, lunges backwards and creates a cushion with his left hand. When the ball arrives, the receiver traps it under his facemask and clings tight.


Highlight: Darrel Young scores his first touchdown of the day from the 1-yard line.

What went right: A bulldozer at left tackle. The Redskins call right-handed zone run. Defensive end Cory Lieuget lines up inside of Trent Williams. Lieuget tries to shoot the gap, and Williams attacks him from the side, getting low to drive him out of the hole at the last second. Young trusts his line, keeps his legs churning and scores.


Highlight: Pierre Garcon completes his most impressive grab of the day, a bobbling one-hander in traffic.

What went right: Soft hands. San Diego shows seven men at the line to start the play. Five rush, and two drop back. Griffin III stays put in the pocket, sets his fit and releases a deep throw with two Chargers closing in. Matched up one on one with cornerback Derek Cox, Garcon creates separation with his break on a corner route. Cox is in solid position, but never turns around to track the ball. With Cox practically tackling him, Garcon reaches for the ball with his right palm, gently bats the pigskin once and makes traps the ball on his second effort.

Garcon 2

Highlight: E.J. Biggers picks off Philip Rivers, leading to Washington’s first touchdown drive.

What went right: Eyes on the quarterback. The Redskins rush four and drop back in a mixed coverage. E.J. Biggers is covering Vincent Brown, but watching Rivers. Brown cuts outside, but Rivers throws inside, and Biggers is there to make the easy pick and capitalize on miscommunication from the offense.


Highlight: Alfred Morris runs 5 yards to give Washington its first points of the day.

What went right: Blocking and vision. San Diego brings five men to the line. The Redskins load up heavy on the right side with Logan Paulsen lined up at tight end and Niles Paul to his right as an H-back. The blockers step right for a zone run. Left guard Kory Lichtensteiger cuts nosetackle Cam Thomas, freeing center Will Montgomery to take out linebacker Manti Te’o. Guard Chris Chester takes defensive end Kendall Reyes playside, so Morris cuts back behind him. Tyler Polumbus drives Andrew Gachkar out of the play, and both tight ends lock down a defender. Morris is left one on one with Eric Weddle. The runner lowers his shoulder and plows through contact to score.


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  1. By Randyredskin on Nov 4, 2013 | Reply

    David Amerson saved this game and maybe the SEASON with his stop of Woodhead at the one yard line!

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