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Fourth Quarter Conclusions #SDvsWAS

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on November 3, 2013 – 3:09 pm

Robert Griffin III


The Redskins executed a nearly flawless third quarter, stringing together two long drives to dominate time of possession and pressuring Philip Rivers into poor decisions on the Chargers’ lone drive. Pierre Garcon topped 100 yards for the game. Santana Moss exceeded 700 catches for his career.

At the end of the period, Washington was 8 yards away from breaking the tie.

See what happens in the running summary below.

Third Quarter High: Santana Moss running for 18 yards on an option pitch from Griffin III

Third Quarter Low: Antonio Gates catching a 15-yard pass to convert a third down.

Follow the game live below

Redskins seventh drive continued

2nd and Goal >5: Morris slips off one tackler before falling at the 1-yard line.

3rd and Goal >1: Young notches his second touchdown of the day, diving in from the 1-yard line. Forbath’s kick is good.

Redskins 21 Chargers 14

Lavelle Hawkins returns Forbath’s kickoff 23 yards to the 22-yard line.

Chargers sixth drive

1st and 10 <22:Rivers steps up in the pocket and drives a ball to Vincent Brown on the right sideline for 17 yards.

1st and 10 <39: Ryan Mathews picks up 1 yard.

2nd and 9 <40: Rivers throws an incomplete pass to Rivers. Deangelo Hall absorbs a hit from London Fletcher in traffic.

3rd and 9 <40: Rivers throws a perfect pass down the field to Keenan Allen, but the ball bounced off the rookie’s chest.

4th and 9 <40: Scifres punt takes a backwards bounce before San Diego stops it at the 29-yard line.

Redskins eighth drive

1st and 10 <29: Griffin III sails a pass over the head of Santana Moss.

2nd and 10 <29: Morris runs for 2 yards.

3rd and 8 <31: Griffin III lines up in the pistol, doesn’t see anybody open and runs up the middle for 3 yards.

4th and 5 <34: Sav Rocca punts 40 yards out of bounds on the left side.

Chargers seventh drive

1st and 10 <26: Rivers drops back and gets hit as he throws, completing a 15-yard pass to Eddie Royal.

1st and 10 <41: Rivers tries the one on one matchup pitting David Amerson against Keenan Allen. Amerson outplays the receiver for the ball, steps in front of the throw and picks off the second interception of his career.

Redskins ninth drive

1st and 10 <49: Alfred Morris takes the handoff 7 yards.

2nd and 3 >44: Morris runs for 2 yards.

3rd and 1 >42: Morris picks up 5 more yards.

1st and 10 >37: Roy Helu Jr. rushes for 2 yards up the left.

2nd and 8 >35: Griffin III throws a screen to Joshua Morgan, but Morgan fell down and the pass was incomplete.

3rd and 8 >35: Helu Jr. breaks open in the middle of the field, and Griffin III finds him for 6 yards.

4th and 2 > 29: Kai Forbath kicks a 47-yard field goal through the uprights, producing more points off turnovers in a two-possession game.

Redskins 24 Chargers 14

Forbath kicks off to Hawkins, who returns the ball to the 23 yards.

Chargers eighth drive

1st and 10 <23: Rivers throws incomplete for Gates

2nd and 10 <23: Rivers hits Woodhead on a 7-yard pass, Woodhead’s helmet goes flying and the ball is on the ground.

Coach’s challenge: The Redskins are challenging the ruling on the field of a catch and not a touchdown. The ruling on the field stands.

3rd and 3 <30: Rivers is flushed out of the pocket. He runs forward and finds Allen for  a 16-yard gain.

1st and 10 <46: Rob Jackon escapes a blocker and sacks Rivers for 0 yards.

2nd and 10 <46: Rivers completes an 8-yard pass to Woodhead, and London Fletcher is called for a horse collar tackle.

1st and 10 >31: Rivers hits Woodhead for 8 yards.

2nd and 2 >23: Rivers passes 7 yards to Gates.

1st adn 10 >17: Rivers drops a touchdown pass into the corner of the end zone for Keenan Allen. Novak’s kick is good. Washington’s lead is cut to 3.

Redskins 24 Chargers 21

Washington lines up to protect against the onside kick. Novak kicks deep to Santana Moss, who bobbles the ball and returns it 15 yards to the 22

Redskins 10th drive

1st and 10 <22: Griffin III hits Garcon over the middle. Garcon cuts backs and picks up a few extra yards, gaining 26 on the catch.

1st and 10 <48: Morris runs for 1 yard.

2nd and 9 <49: Morris runs right for a few yards, but Chris Chester is called for holding.

2nd and 19 <39: Griffin III delivers a ball behind Garcon, but the receiver completes a stunning one-handed grab to pick up 16 yards while falling on his back.

Timeout San Diego

3rd and 3 >45: Griffin III can’t synch up a sideline pass to Garcon.

4th and  3>45: Sav Rocca punts 27 yards to the San Diego 8-yard line.

Chargers ninth drive

1st and 10 <8: Rivers finds Eddie Royal for a 21-yard gain.

1st and 10 <29: Woodhead catches a ball in the middle and runs 8 yards.

Two-Minute Warning

2nd and 2 <37: Rivers receives the shotgun snap, and throws early for Danny Woodhead. He didn’t turn around in time.

3rd and 2 <37: Washington’s defense is switching and adjusting. Rivers’ pass does not cross the line of scrimmage. A helmet deflects it.

4th and 2 <37: Keenan Allen is wide open for Rivers due to some confusion by the Redskins’ defense. He picks up 22 yards.

Timeout Washington

1st and 10 >41: False start San Diego

1st and 15 >46: Rivers appears to find Eddie Royal, who can’t bring the ball to the ground.

2nd and 15 >46: Allen gets the best of Amerson, breaking inside and catching a 20-yard pass from Rivers.

1st and 10 >26: Rivers hits Allen for 11 yards, and the receiver runs out of bounds.

1st and 10 >15: Rivers looks to pass, can’t find anyone and runs 9 yards out of bounds.

2nd and 1 >6: Rivers hits Danny Woodhead underneath. The scatback leaves his feet with Redskins closing in. He extends the ball for the pylon and flies out of bounds. The initial ruling is a touchdown, but the officials are reviewing the play. The officials overturn the ruling. Woodhead is called out at the 1-yard line.

1st and Goal >1: Woodhead takes the ball on a draw. A gang of Redskins stop him for no gain.

Timeout San Diego

2nd and Goal >1: Rivers tries Gates on fade route, but the ball is nowhere close.

3rd and Goal >1: Rivers drops back to pass, rolls right and tries for Allen in the back of the end zone. The ball is out of reach.

4th and Goal >1: Novak lines up to kick. The kick is good. We’re 3 seconds away from overtime.

Redskins 24 Chargers 24

Novak’s kick goes for a touchback.

Redskins 11th drive

Griffin III kneels the ball to run out the clock

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