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Cooley’s Take On Offense’s Performance

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 15, 2013 – 3:02 pm

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(AP Image)

No sleep can do a lot of things to the human body.  I know for myself personally, it means a lot of coffee drinking, the subsequent consequences of drinking multiple cups of jo and rubbing of the eyes over and over again.

For former Washington Redskins tight end and current ESPN 980 radio personality Chris Cooley, it means an amplification of his team pride and a great soundbite on Monday Morning Redskins Roundup, heard every day following a game at 9am on Redskins.com.

Regardless of what any other so-called “expert” wants to say about what’s going right and wrong with the Redskins’ offense, absolutely none, zero, nada (I just want to get my point across) have the same level of expertise about this Mike Shanahan offense that Cooley does. While he may have only recorded one catch last season, he served as an important de facto coach, mentoring the younger players and teaching them the intricacies of the Shanahan scheme.

Yes, the offense’s numbers and performance is down from last season and there’s no way to hid from. But why?

“We’re looking at a completely touchdownless first quarter [for the offense] in every game this season and only one touchdown in the first half this season,” Cooley said with a fiery passion. “While the offense looked better this week, they aren’t able to punch it in. An offense that is confident, an offense that believes finishes drives.”

There’s a killer instinct and this offense had a killer instinct last year to make big plays, to finish the drives and put points on the board and they just haven’t had that this year. There’s almost been a tentativeness coming out of the huddle [and] there’s a slowed rhythm. Even on drive one they show turbo offense, they march down the field no-huddle and then they get down to the 30-yard line, huddle up and slow down. There wasn’t that instinct to punch it in.”

It’s great to see Kai Forbath and all, but it’s only acceptable if he’s coming in for an extra point attempt or a long, 50-yard field goal.

Instead, the offense penetrates the red zone but continually stalls out. Sure the defense is starting to mold into 2012 form, but you never want to get into a field goal for touchdown trading game.  Everyone can analyze the game from an outsider perspective, but sometimes they forget the pyshcological aspect of the game.

“I think it’s just that confidence that guys play with where you see them know that they’re going to finish a drive. You see another level, Robert talked about a fifth gear at one point this season, you see that fifth gear, you see guys up. There’s a rhythm but there’s also the element of physicalness and attack and I didn’t necessarily see that. Now I saw a better offense and I saw an offense that operated the way Mike Shanahan would like an offense in terms of running the ball well, converting on a lot of third downs, making some plays, they didn’t make a lot of big plays but they did make plays, and it was more indicative of what I see Mike Shanahan’s offense being with an amplified Robert Griffin from the first four weeks, but not enough to beat Dallas.”


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One Response to “Cooley’s Take On Offense’s Performance”

  1. By James Hill on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    Special Teams killed the ‘skins against the ‘boys. A punt return for a touchdown, a 90 yars kickoff return, and a missed field goal. That’s 17 points and the Redskins lost by 15. There’s the game!

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