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Survivors Celebration Social Roundup

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on October 15, 2013 – 7:19 pm


Whether it was Darrel Young teaching the ladies to wobble or Darryl Tapp getting an impromptu lesson in makeup artistry, Tuesday’s sixth annual All-Star Survivors Celebration was a chance for players to help breast cancer battlers and survivors forget their troubles for an afternoon.

Check out the festivities below:

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‘Bentley’ Depicts Morris’ Lifestyle Perfectly

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 15, 2013 – 7:00 pm


Over the course of the average person’s life, they hit various “checkpoints” signaling further independence. The first and sometimes most important step is the acquisition of a car.

For teenagers and young adults, a first car is usually given to them by a family member, close friend or bought at a cheap price. As they continue on in their maturation process and land that first big job though, they ditch their first set of wheels for something flashier that’s equipped with the latest in stereo technology, HID headlights and shiny rims. That first car will live on in the memory of the driver, but its driving capabilities will long be forgotten when handed the keys to a new car.

Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris, however, refuses to let the bright lights of the NFL lifestyle seep into his love affair with his Mazda 626 he affectionately dubbed “Bentley” after getting it his junior year at Florida Atlantic University.  Instead, he had her refurbished in hopes of tacking on a few more hundred thousand miles and hopefully passing it on to future generations of the Morris family as an heirloom.

The thought of continually trusting a car that is 22 years old might be a bizarre one to some, especially considering this age of six-inch phone screens and cars that can park themselves, but for him, that’s just being Alfred— a continually humble young man that refuses to let the thought of being a mega superstar for a team that’s been around for 81 years, employing some of the greatest to ever play at his position, get to his head.

Just as he has this season, “Bentley” is going to be even better in 2013.

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Lauver Returns To Survivors Celebration

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on October 15, 2013 – 5:18 pm


Tammy Lauver hung up the phone and didn’t know what to do. Stunned, she walked into her boss’ office and told him the news.

In December of 2011, a mammogram revealed a tumor in Lauver’s breast. The diagnosis was cancer. Lauver went into shock, but her boss’ words comforted her. He told her she would get through it.

She underwent a mastectomy in February 2012 and returned to work the same week she started chemotherapy. Lauver’s coworkers formed what they called the “lunch bunch,” taking turns spending their lunch hour with Lauver, making sure she ate regularly and cheering her through rough patches in her treatment.

Her life followed a routine circling around sickness. She appreciated the support, but it was exhausting always being a patient, someone needing tending.

Until October 2012, when an invitation to an All-Star Survivors Celebration at Redskins Park introduced her to a new of survivors celebrating the time they had on earth.  She spent quality time with receiver Josh Morgan, whom she called a big teddy bear.

In 2013, she knew she had to come back. The women needed her support.

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Cooley’s Take On Offense’s Performance

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 15, 2013 – 3:02 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

No sleep can do a lot of things to the human body.  I know for myself personally, it means a lot of coffee drinking, the subsequent consequences of drinking multiple cups of jo and rubbing of the eyes over and over again.

For former Washington Redskins tight end and current ESPN 980 radio personality Chris Cooley, it means an amplification of his team pride and a great soundbite on Monday Morning Redskins Roundup, heard every day following a game at 9am on

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Redskins Weekly Stat Ranking Update

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 15, 2013 – 12:43 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

The only stat that doesn’t keep players up at night tossing and turning is victories.

Win and everything in the world is bright, sunny and positive. Losing, however, turns those beautiful eight-hour sleep nights into torturous hours full of bewilderment, frustration and pure disappointment. Add in a plane ride that a near-hour wait on the tarmac after a bitter loss to the Cowboys and there were 53-men who didn’t get much sleep over the weekend.

Anyway, Redskins Blog is keeping you up-to-date with how several key players are doing in certain statistical categories along with their NFL ranking.

As usual, we start the week’s look-in with quarterback Robert Griffin III:

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WTVR Richmond Interviews Cheroenhaka Nottaway Chief On Redskins Name

Posted by on October 15, 2013 – 12:12 pm

CBS6 in Richmond posted a report this morning that included the chief of Virginia’s Cheroenhaka Nottaway Tribe saying he considers the Redskins name “a great honor.”

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