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What Went Right: Week 6

Posted by Gabe Hiatt on October 14, 2013 – 12:44 pm

Highlight: Alfred Morris busts the longest run of his career, a 45-yard touchdown to cut the lead to single digits.

What went right: This is what a well executed zone running play looks like. The offensive line and the runner are moving in perfect concert. This play is successful because each blocker completes his assignment, Morris has the vision to be decisive and then breaks a tackle to complete the big gain. Center Will Montgomery has to trust guard Kory Lichtensteiger to handle the defensive tackle. Watch how quickly he passes the defender off, leaving the double team to get to the next level and  seal off Sean Lee in the middle. Outside linebacker Justin Durant keys on fullback Darrel Young, effectively running himself out of the play. Morris sees the lane, cuts upfield and has the patience to make a another cut off Montgomery. Orlando Scandrick can’t square up on Morris, and the runner shakes him off to complete the play.

Morris Lane

Highlight: Robert Griffin III converts a 3rd and 5 situation with his legs, gaining 26 yards on his longest run of the season.

What went right: First and foremost, this highlight stems from Washington’s ability to handle the blitz. Middle linebacker Sean Lee blitzes up the middle. Including Lee, Dallas rushes five defenders. All five offensive lineman have one-on-one battles, and all five win, giving Griffin III time to survey the field. With man coverage coming as a result of the blitz, Roy Helu Jr. and Jordan Reed run routes heading to the sidelines, which clears up the middle. Griffin III sees the gap and flashes his track speed.

RGIII middle

Highlight: Jordan Reed converts a 3rd and 7 with a 29-yard catch, the longest reception of his career.

What went right: Because of the play design, Griffin III was able to spotlight the mismatch he wanted presnap. By putting Reed in motion, the quarterback can see safety Barry Church following the tight end, tipping off single coverage. Reed is too shifty for Church, and Redskins pick up a first down.


Highlight: Rob Jackson picks off Tony Romo for his fifth career interception. Not a bad way to make your season debut.

What went right: Jim Haslett dials up a zone blitz on third down. Jackson beginss the play acting as a blitzer in an aggressive, forward-tilted stance from the quarterback’s right side. On the left side of the offense, cornerback Josh Wilson lines up over a receiver. At the snap, Wilson rushes unblocked, leaps in front of the ball and tips it high. Jackson drops back into a zone in the middle of the field and completes the tip drill.


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3 Responses to “What Went Right: Week 6”

  1. By flredskin on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    What went wrong was the special teams that aren’t so special! And a coach that got a 15 yard penalty. (This one did no harm, but another might)

  2. By Gian on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    I totally agrre wit you. SPecial team are not “special” at all. But my question is Why the kicker let them return punt and kickoff if the special team is not good???
    Their kicker never let us return any punto o kickoff.ù
    Plus in my opinion the head coach and his son (offensive coord) are not good at all. They always tried to run the ball while we were much more effcient throwing the ball. they have to use more receivers.
    Plus, also the clock management is really disappointing.
    I am a redskins fan but really guys, the team is pretty “unwatchable”…

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