Charley Casserly: ‘Give Ball To Morris’

Posted by Stephen Czarda on October 9, 2013 – 12:19 pm

Alfred Morris, Eric Frampton

There are “experts” and then there is Charley Casserly.

Unlike his talking head counterparts, Casserly knows a thing or two just about everything in talent evaluation and what it takes to build a winner. So when he talks we listen.

The former general manger and disciple of Hall of Fame head coach George Allen chatted with the guys on “Inside the Locker Room” yesterday on ESPN 980 about the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry and what it will take to defeat Jerry’s boys.

“The way you beat Dallas is you put pressure on Romo and force him into bad plays,” Casserly said. “Last week he didn’t make those bad plays.”

Okay, okay so it doesn’t take a football managerial background to know that Romo is going to confuse DeMarco Murray with Rob Jackson (because they look so much alike), but he does know that Dallas couldn’t stop the option last season and their solution—hiring Monte Kiffin—doesn’t have much track record of success against it.

“The story of the Dallas game this week other than Romo and the Redskins secondary is this—Dallas in two games last year absolutely could not stop the option,” Casserly said which unsurprisingly drew a gleeful laugh from Rick “Doc” Walker.  “Never did they figure it out.”

“Hire Monte Kiffin, well guess what? He didn’t stop Oregon’s offense. That’s the number one thing is do the Redskins try to give the ball to Morris more in the zone running game and build off that or do they say you know what, these guys never stopped our offense last year do we run that read option and let’s see if they can stop it. That’s the fascinating thing to watch for me in this game.”

That mean’s a whole lot of Alfred Morris on Sunday.

“Offensively, I’d like to see Alfred Morris get the ball more. Put the ball in his hands.”

Three cheers for that analysis.

CHIME IN: Do you think the option will be more prevalent on Sunday compared to the first four games of the season? 

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    smash mouth football period.

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