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Coach’s Turn: Jim Haslett At The Mic

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 26, 2013 – 12:18 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

On Thursday, Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett addressed the media.

Haslett’s unit has been disappointing through the first three weeks of the season, but showed obvious improvement against the Detroit Lions. Predicated on stopping the run, the defense was able to have its best performance to date—holding the Lions to 63 rushing yards and limiting the damage in the red zone.

With Calvin Johnson in his arsenal, the Redskins held quarterback Matthew Stafford to only 20 percent completion percentage inside the 20-yard line.

Moving forward though, Haslett’s defense is facing the unknown of the unknown. Will Terrelle Pryor be healthy enough to play? If so, will the read-option make an appearance or stay in the O.co Coliseum dugout? If Matt Flynn is playing, will the Raiders resort to a more “traditional” game plan?

Here’s Haslett in his own words to those questions:

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5 Responses to “Coach’s Turn: Jim Haslett At The Mic”

  1. By rabidskin on Sep 27, 2013 | Reply

    HTTR Haslett has been a joke from day 1. Cuts Rogers and Landry who both made pro bowl the very next year with 2 different teams. Trashed our defense from day 1 of his hire. Skin lovers and die hards can’t ignore this and can’t argue. The proof is in the stats. How many games did we score and lead but only lose with this joke coach. remember the Houston game for example? How about the worst beating and most points scored on in the history of Monday Night Football against the Eagles…and to make matters worse Haslett had 2 weeks to prepare as it was a bye week. How about setting the record for the most yards allowed after the 1st 3 games in the History of the NFL! Here are the stats for die hards and Haslett fans.

    2007 D ranked 8th 305 yds/gm 19.4 pts against
    2008 D ranked 4th 288 yds/gm 18.5 pts against
    2009 D ranked 10th 310 yds/gm 21 pts against

    Haslett takeover
    2010 D ranked 31st 389 yds/gm 23.6 pts against
    2011 D ranked 20th 339 yds/gm 22.9 pts against
    2012 D ranked 28th 377 yds/gm 24.2 pts against

    2013 D ranked 32nd 488 yds/gm 32.7 pts against
    Hasletts 4th year is setting the record for the all time worst Defense ever in the NFL. This guy has no clue about player personel, as he cut 2 pro bowlers. How many draft picks do you have to go through to find 1 pro bowler? If they made the pro bowl on different teams the following year, what does that say about the player and THIS COACH? Its not the players….Haslett has got to go! The proof is in the stats and after 4 years of his building….this is pathetic…Wake up Shanahan and Snyder!

  2. By Tattooedscorpio on Sep 28, 2013 | Reply

    pro bowl means nothing its a popularity contest by the fans. the key recognition is all pro status and neither were all pros which are picked by coaches and players. well how about the 18 mil cap hit the last two years and having to change personnel to get the 3-4 to b effective and with no true FS on the team that isnt a rookie does have a impact on the defense. also remember even tho the players are the same from last year for the most part they havent played together a whole lot. players play and coaches coach. barry coefield (whos in the locker room and on the field) has said the gameplan has been good but player execution has been not so good or connsistent. lets not forget the constant rule changes to help the offense also so before u compare #s take all factors into account. It took him a lil while to figure out his personnel and the team to start playing like a team. there is no quick fix its about progression chemistry and execution. now if he comes out the bye week with improvement (gettin jackson ang jenkins back) wat then???? its because of the players or the coach???? its a team effort. play organized sports and people will figure that out. NFL is NOT a madden game #HTTR #StayMedium

  3. By rabidskin on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    say what you will with pro bowl status…but pro bowlers are what each team desires and usually points to best players by years end as judged by their play….ie look at who makes the pro bowl. The best players…not talking about the game itself. Stop trying to use salary cap or injuries etc as excuses as every team gets hit with problems. instead just look at 1st year coaches who whip us over the last 4 years…all with losing records the year before…or even a 1st game coach in Kelly. Face the facts…..these figures are of the worst in the history of all time in the NFL. This is not a new coach but one with years of losing experience and these stats are the worst. Face the facts, the D was destroyed when this group came in and it falls on the coaching, not talent. Personel decisions and preparation are the worst. Thus the stats speak for themselves. this is their 4th year and others turn things around in 1 year. Make all the excuses you want….this D coach stinks and you will never see a SB with Haslett as a D coach with the Redskins. 4th year and we are the worst. The WORST! Rank 32nd Re-read the stats before and after. Forget salary cap penalty and look at the 3 previous years before and look at the 1st year under Haslett. No penalty there…just took us to the bottom. Face the stats since day 1. The major change was Hasletts hire. Keep on with the excuses, our talent is much better than 32nd but you Haslett lovers keep on loving the pathetic D and what they did to our D from day 1. Fire this coach NOW! Enough is enough! HTTR but not Haslett…..ps. We had season tickets starting in 1961, so you can bet I have seen it all, and this D coach take the cake! What an embarrassment to our franchise.

  4. By rabidskin on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Final note…your right, it is not a madden game….its business and you don’t destroy a top 10 D and make changes for the worst. You play the D based on the talent you have and what works best, and build to make it to a 3-4, not destroy it and make it worse. You play and plan to win. you already had a top 10 D, why destroy that???? use the draft and FA to add to make the changes while keeping the D intact. If I had a top 10 business, I wouldn’t hire someone to come in to make it the worst. I would hire to make it better than top 10 without going backwards. Better or leave it the way it is…..just don’t make it worse….especially not the worst! I would have fired him long ago. Trust me, you will never see the NFC Championship with Haslett as the D coach. When the losing seasons continue, when is it enough for you?

  5. By Tattooedscorpio on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    well just cause uve been watchin since 61 doesnt mean u know anything about what makes a football team work as i have coached defense and understand what goes into making a defense better. it took 2 years to get the personnel for the 3-4 which took longer cuz vinny cerrato traded away all oure draft picks and when we were gonna go get personnel thru free agency last year what happened the 36 mil cap penalty the day before FA begins. now about the top 10 ranked defense do u remember that when blache and williams were here they were ranked top 10 but would constantly lose leads in the 4th qtr because once again we had old and aging players that vinny traded draft picks for . now with all ur WATCHING experience dont u remember fans complaining about that. the reason for the change from 4-3 to 3-4 was for more turnovers which the team had 31 and was plus 17 in the turnover margin with backup personnel. not to mention when the players got cut from the 4-3 NONE of them had NFL jobs after they left the team. the defense is jelling and getting itself together the knee jerk reaction of impatient fans that have no idea about x’s and o’s need to stay fans and keep the football decisions to the football minded. who can u bring in? if they go back to a 4-3 then ur looking at another 2 years to switch personnel and then another year for the players to learn the system. last time i checked Haslett isnt tackiling or miss tackling on the field. when the players are saying its not the coaching its the execution then how can u or these media ANALyst that arent in the locker room swear they know more then the players. football takes chemistry. timing and execution of the gameplan. instead of listening to all the naysayers and putting more negative pub out about the skins y dont u support and shut up or jump ship and root for another team that u will know nuthin about. Have a nice

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