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Mike Shanahan On Fans: ‘They’re Our MVP’

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 24, 2013 – 10:37 am

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

No matter what the score is at the end of the day, it’s a known fact that Washington Redskins fans will stand pat by their team.

Through thick and think, they prove each and every day that they are the best fans in the world.

While the team has gotten off to its slowest start in 12 years, the fans have continued to bleed burgundy and gold, letting it drip through their social media accounts and at the water cooler in the office kitchen.

‘Only three of the last 115 teams to start a season 0-3 have made the playoffs?  So what, let’s be the fourth.’ has been floated around on radio call ins, tweets and Facebook updates.

Having said that, head coach Mike Shanahan had a special message for you, Redskins faithful, at his press conference yesterday.

YOU deserve the honor of MVP through the first three weeks for always being loud, and proud, about your football team.

“They’re our MVP right now because the fans were great. Hopefully we can play at the level that the fans are helping us, or at least trying to help us, because they were excited all through the game.

“I thought they helped us, especially in that second half, and I thought we made a couple of plays to at least get us in the game. It’s always disappointing when you lose a game that you feel like you should have won because you beat yourself, but that’s part of life. I think our football fans see that we played well at the end of last season and hopefully we can go on a run.”

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2 Responses to “Mike Shanahan On Fans: ‘They’re Our MVP’”

  1. By rich hoff on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    i just wanted to say that i’ve been a fan of this storied nfl franchise since 1982 & will continue to do so in the future !
    as of late there has been alot of controversy surrounding this franchise because of the nickname of it …
    if a name change was to take place could you retain the colors & logo ..
    if a name was to be picked how about the washington warpath ??
    for home games can the team start wearing white jerseys again like in the gibbs era ??
    dallas does it why cant you ??
    please start winning again the season has 13 games left !
    good luck team we know you can turn it around and get some wins !!
    pull together redskins players ,staff and fans
    hail to the redskins!
    hail victory!
    braves on the warpath!
    fight for old d.c.!

  2. By rabidskin on Sep 25, 2013 | Reply

    Loud and faithful….but not proud! While its always HTTR, this is not in appreciation of HASLETT! Here are the facts and numbers before and after his hire.

    2007 – 8th ranked Defense 305 Yds/Gm 19.4 pts. against

    2008 4th ranked D 288 yds 18.5

    2009 10th ranked D 310 21

    Haslett/ Shanahan D

    2010 31st ranked D 389 23.6

    2011 20th ranked D 339 22.9

    2012 28th ranked D 377 24.2

    2013 32nd ranked D 488 32.7

    HASLETT MUST GO! he cut Landry and Rogers who both made pro bowl the next year with different teams. Its not the players….its the D coach and the head coach who allows this to happen…..THIS IS WHY THE FANS ARE THE MVP!

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