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Cheerleaders Point Out Healthy Living Tips

Posted by Redskins.com on September 16, 2013 – 12:52 pm

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Hey Redkins Fans!

It’s Lauren and Adrienne and we’re here to welcome you to the start of another wonderful season of Washington Redskins football. As the season is heating up, summer winds down, school is beginning again, and everyone starts getting busier than usual! Despite how crazy, hectic, and stressed all of our lives can be it’s important to always remain balanced in all aspects of your life. As professional cheerleaders, we not only need to find time for each and every game, practice, promotional event and the like for Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (WRC), but also find time to juggle our careers, family, friends, health, and everything in between. Needless to say, it’s quite the balancing act.

Lauren: Some pointers that I’ve received from WRC Alumni, family members, and other wiser people than I, have really helped keep all of the seemingly constant stressors in check.  For example, living a healthy and positive lifestyle does wonders. Waking up is so much easier when you are in a rhythm of getting the right amount of sleep on a consistent basis as well as sticking to a consistent physical regiment. It’s seems difficult to make time for those things, but the paradox is that including those in your daily routine will actually save you time in the long run. Both contribute to better ability to focus at work or in the dance studio and also, keep you out of the doctor’s office! That’s in addition to the fact that eating healthy and getting in physical activity increases energy levels and helps you to get through those more challenging days.

Another great tip is to constantly remained challenged. Becoming comfortable can be so relaxing and easy, but gets old after some time. It makes everyone become somewhat lethargic about things that used to excite them! Monique, my line captain, does a great job of not letting us get too comfortable on those sidelines! She throws new material at us every game and it keeps us on our toes. Finding new ways to keep your daily routine fresh is always a positive!

Adrienne: As my second season as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader, I have learned that the key to being successful when balancing so many different aspects in life is preparation.  Being prepared for practice, game days, appearances, and everything in between makes the season run smoothly.  After a successful rookie year, I have applied the numerous experiences and things I learned last year to this season.

A final note to help everyone find that balance is to take five minutes at the end of every day to simply reflect. Think about all of the positives throughout your day and find a way to reignite them. Also, reflect on maybe the not so positive events that occurred and brainstorm ways you can approach a similar, future situation better. Think about the people that affected you that day and really appreciate each and every one of those encounters because they have shaped the way you will approach tomorrow regardless of your realization of it. Every night, I reflect on how amazing my experience so far has been with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. There are fans that come to games, fan days, promos, that have a positive impact and help us to have a constant awareness of how special this wild, crazy, hectic yet always amazing life is.


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