Chris Cooley’s Sleepless Radio Transition

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 10, 2013 – 4:23 pm

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What happens when you cross a tight end that spent a lifetime of fall weekends physically applying himself to be the best player and teammate that he could be with his current job as a radio broadcaster?

A whole lot of sheep being counted while lying in bed.

For nine years Chris Cooley spent a living breaking down game film in hopes of finding holes in opposing defense,  and boy would he.

While he may be doing the same now for ESPN980, he isn’t speaking on a microphone through a helmet nor is he walking on the freshly waxed floors inside the radio booth at FedExField with football cleats on.

Cooley admitted this morning on “Monday Morning Redskins Roundup” with Chris Russell that he struggled catching Z’s last night after his first regular season game as a radio broadcaster.

“I tell you what, I went home last night from the game, I got home about one o’clock from FedExField, lay down in bed—could not sleep. Wired. So frustrated and I felt like I played a game. My attachment to this team and what’s gone on so far is so much that I was mad. I finally fell asleep at 4:30 this morning.”

Cooley, who made a knack out of eluding linebackers in excess of 75 pounds heavier than him miss, said that the rush of football would eventually wear him down to the point of exhaustion.  But an adrenaline crash in the world of radio broadcasting? Well he’s still looking for it because there’s nothing but repeats on at three in the morning.

“My body didn’t hurt at all and it’s actually funny, you’re so in tune when you’re doing the radio and you’re doing the broadcast for the game and there’s no physical exertion so you get your adrenaline going, but there’s nothing to bring you back down. Because after football games you’d come home and you’d be excited for about an hour, hour and a half and then exhaustion set in. Well exhaustion doesn’t set in when you’re doing any kind of broadcasting.”

Cooley’s radio colleague and Voice of the Washington Redskins, Larry Michael, phoned in during the show and had a great idea to settle the sleepless night conundrum.

“If you really want to, we’ve got a new broadcast booth and there’s a little room back there behind you could actually do pushups in during TV timeouts and you might get the workout you’re looking for in there.”

Be sure to tune in to “Monday Morning Redskins Roundup” every Monday at 9am exclusively on No word yet on how many pushups Cooley can do.


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