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#PHIvsWAS: Second Quarter Summary

Posted by Stephen Czarda on September 9, 2013 – 8:08 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

Despite the fumble return for a touchdown to start the game thanks to seasoned veteran DeAngelo Hall, the Redskins got off to a very slow start. On the first offensive play of the season, second-year running back Alfred Morris coughed up the football. On the very next play, Michael Vick found DeSean Jackson wide open in the back of the end zone for the first touchdown given up on the season.

On the next drive, things didn’t get much better as Morris had no clear holes to run through and Griffin III, who only threw five interceptions all last season, was picked off when he tried to squeeze a pass into coverage.

Defensively, the biggest standout was Ryan Kerrigan who swatted down a Vick backwards pass that resulted in the touchdown and then barreled through the Eagles O-line on their fourth drive that set up a Perry Riley Jr. sack.

Next possession–safety.

Anyway, the offense generated a little something to end the half. Starting on their own 41, here’s how the second quarter went.

Redskins 4th Drive:

2nd and 4 <41: Alfred Morris gains a few but Logan Paulsen is flagged for holding.

2nd and 14 <31: Robert Griffin III hits Pierre Garcon.

3rd and 9 <36 : Pass incomplete.

4th and 9 <36:  Sav Rocca with a boomer. Fair caught at the 17.

Eagles 6th Drive: 

1st and 10 <17: LeSean McCoy gets two.

2nd and 8 <19: McCoy gets it again and is taken down by Stephen Bowen.

3rd and 3 <24: 2-for-6 on third downs…make that 3-for-7. Michael Vick connects with DeSean Jackson.

1st and 10 <29: McCoy taken down by Bacarri Rambo after a five-yard gain.

2nd and 5 <34: Vick hits Jackson on a screen. He gains enough for first. E.J. Biggers with the tackle.

1st and 10 <39: Jackson again with a first down. Secondary hasn’t found answer for him yet.

1st and 10 >49: McCoy taken down by Chris Baker.

2nd and 11 50: Bryce Brown gets his first carry of the quarter. Gets five.

3rd and 6 >45: Hello Mr. Vick it’s Mr. Kerrigan! We meet again…sack! Kerrigan having best performance on team so far.

4th and 19: Thompson with first career return…makes it out to the 10. BUT an illegal block in the back call on Jerome Murphy pushes drive back to the five. Second straight drive where they’ll start from within own 10 yard line. Can they get it going this time?

Redskins 5th Drive: 

1st and 10 <6: Play action roll out for Griffin III…hits Joshua Morgan.

1st and 10 <17: Griffin airs it out…incomplete. Would have been a huge gain had they connected.

2nd and 10 <17: Morris’ first carry of the drive but no gain is the result.

3rd and 10 <17: Griffin III drops back…pass is off target.

4th and 10 <17: Rocca’s punt finds the sidelines.

Eagles 7th Drive: 

1st and 10 <38: McCoy gets seven.

2nd and 3 <45: Vick with the keeper gets slammed down by Rambo…but the play doesn’t matter as the Eagles are called for holding.

2nd and 13 <35: Vick lobs it to McCoy who is taken down by Riley Jr.

3rd and 8 <40: Crowd is roaring…Jackson once again though for first down. Hall called for personal foul. 15-yard penalty.

1st and 10 >31:  McCoy runs out of bounds but not before picking up three.

2nd and 7 >28: Vick hits Celek for a touchdown. Extra point is good. Eagles up 19-7. Rambo showing that he is indeed a rookie making NFL debut as he went for big hit in open field opposed to making a sound tackle. Thompson taken down at nine on kickoff.

Redskins 6th Drive: 

1st and 10 <9: Morris on the stretch play gains five.

2nd and 5 <14: Griffin III taken down for a sack. Loss of six.

3rd and 11 <8: Griffin III shows mobility but only to elude a collapsed pocket. Three and out again.

4th and 9 <10: Punt is short. Sails out inside Redskins territory.

Eagles 8th Drive: 

1st and 10 >44: McCoy nets eight.

2nd and 2 >36: Vick hits Jackson…out of bounds.

3rd and 2 >36: McCoy with a second effort gets the first down. Kerrigan on the tackle.

1st and 10 >24: Quick huddle…McCoy gets 10.

1st and 10 >14: Brown bounces of disappointing tackle attempts…gets six.

2nd and 4 >8: Brown gets two after being upended by Fletcher. Two-minute warning.

3rd and 1 >7: McCoy gets first down.

1st and Goal: McCoy stopped at the line.

2nd and Goal: Vick keeps it for a touchdown. Extra point is good. Redskins down 26-7. Kickoff taken out of the end zone and out to the 13.

Redskins 7th Drive: 

1st and 10 <13: Griffin III connects with Santana Moss for his first catch of the season. Hands to the face penalty declined. Penalty on offense though.

1st and 15 <24: Griffin III connects with Moss again, this time for 12.

2nd and 3 <36: Griffin III escapes a sack attempt and is able to get the ball out for an incompletion….but it is called for intentional grounding.

3rd and 13 <26: 0-for-4 on third downs tonight. Called for false start before play even starts.

3rd and 18 <21: End of the quarter.

Redskins fans, don’t forget to tune into Redskins.com tomorrow morning for Monday Morning Redskins Roundup with Chris Cooley and Chris Russell LIVE at 9 am!

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  1. By 172flyer on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    We had better learn to play fast, too! the Eagles look really strong, or is the Skins defense that looks pathetic?

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