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Posted by Stephen Czarda on August 29, 2013 – 9:18 pm

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If there’s one word to describe the first half of the Washington Redskins’ preseason finale it’d be domination–or whatever you use to describe a game where one team has more touchdowns (three) than the other has first downs (two) that’s what it’s been. Barring one play, Pat White’s second quarter interception after a linebacker jumped a slant route, the Redskins have looked every bit the part of  Super Bowl contender.

The offense, which received a quick boost of confidence thanks to Dezmon Briscoe’s 66-yard catch on the third play of the game, has looked fluid and moved the ball with relative ease. Despite being on his third team in as many seasons, Phillip Merling looks like a fantastic addition, swatting passes and jumping on loose footballs and has led the defense to another outstanding performance, limiting the Buccaneers to 35 yards. David Amerson, who’s biggest label coming out of college was “ball hawk”, nabbed his first NFL interception and Nick Barnett looks like the Nick Barnett of 2005 when he was an All-Pro. Did I mention Chris Thompson’s punt return for a touchdown and Kai Forbath hitting every single kick of the preseason so far?

Anyway, here’s how the third quarter went:

Buccaneers 8th Drive:  

1st and 10 <23: Hills gains nine. Jose Gumbs in there too.

2nd and 1 <32: Hillis with the first down. Buccaneers call a timeout.

1st and 10 <35: Glennon connects with Page for a gain of five.

2nd and 5 <40: Glennon finds Jordan Norwood for a long gain. Over Chase Minnifield.

1st and 10 >35: Robinson with the gain.

2nd and 10 >35: Glennon finds Page in the middle of the field. Gumbs with a big hit to make sure Page remembers he’s there.

1st and 10 >16: Robinson with a carry but gains only two.

2nd and 7 >13: Robinson still can’t get anything more than two.

3rd and 8 >12: The pass is dropped by Tim Wright. Will Compton was right there to take him down even if he secured the ball.

4th and 8 >12: Kick is good. Redskins now up 27-9. Nick Williams is back for the return–can’t make a case for return duties just yet as ball goes out of back of end zone.

Redskins 9th Drive: 

1st and 10 <20: White hands it off to Jawan Jamison for his first carry of the game. Cuts back and forth…runs over Bucs in the process for a 14-yard gain.

1st and 10 <34: Jamison bottled up this time for a loss.

2nd and 12 <32: White connects with Jamison on a swing pass for a gain of 13. First down.

1st and 10 <45: White’s pass is incomplete.

2nd and 10 <45: Jamison gets the rock and has his second double-digit gain on the ground so far.

1st and 10 >45: Jamison eludes a Buccaneer who goes flying into the backfield and picks up a yard.

2nd and 9 >44: Jamison gains five.

3rd and 4 >39: In the pistol, White hands it off to Thompson but he can’t make it to the yellow TV mark.

4th and 3 >38: Rocca’s punt returned to the 14. Illegal formation penalty on Redskins adds five yards to the return.

Buccaneers 9th Drive: 

1st and 10 <19: Dan Orlovsky is in at quarterback–first pass is incomplete.

2nd and 10 <19: Hillis gains three.

3rd and 6 <23: Orlovsky’s pass can’t hit the target. Three-and-out.

4th and 6 <23: Williams with a quick spin move–breaks a long one. Buccaneers penalty results in five more yards being tacked onto the play. No one wants to fall behind in the punt return duties race.

Redskins 10th Drive: 

1st and 10 >36: Jamison tucks himself into a sea of Buccaneers and gains one.

2nd and 9 >35: Jamison wrapped up in the backfield.

3rd and 10 >36: Lewis in motion…White finds Williams who makes a diving catch.

4th and 4 >32: 47-yard field goal attempt by Forbath is…straight down the yellow pipes and good! Redskins up 30-9. Kickoff is downed.

Buccaneers 10th Drive: 

1st and 10 <20: Mason Robinson with the carry…looses one.

2nd and 11 <19: Robinson negates his loss with a one-yard gain.

3rd and 10 <20: End of quarter.

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