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Fourth Quarter Conclusions: WASH-PITT

Posted by Stephen Czarda on August 19, 2013 – 10:23 pm

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

Three quarters down and this defense looks like it can compete with anyone on any given Sunday–and Monday–oh and Thursday too.

Anyway, well not exactly the fireworks for a matchup that some would have expected, this defensive affair has favored the burgundy and gold. With Pat White expected to come in at some point though, that could all change in a heartbeat. The guy has a way with the theatrics.

Steelers 10th Drive Continued: 

4th and 1 >10: Jones connects with Moye for a 10-yard touchdown. First passing touchdown secondary has given up in preseason.

Suisham’s extra point attempt is good. Redskins 17 Steelers 13. Suisham boot’s kickoff into end zone for a touchback.

Redskins 10th Drive: 

1st and 10 <20: Pat White is in. The southpaw connects with Niles Paul for a seven-yard gain.

2nd and 3 <27: Chris Thompson sighting! On his first carry of the preseason he grinds his way for right yards.

1st ans 10 <35: Thompson, despite showing initial quick burst, coughs up the pigskin. Steelers ball. Unfortunate for the rookie.

Steelers 11th Drive: 

1st and 10 >40: Alexander takes the ball but he gets nowhere. Seriously, the defense has come to stuff out any rushes tonight.

2nd and 8 >38: Jones rolls out to avoid pressure but Moye can’t get his hands on ball that sails into the Redskins sideline.

3rd and 8>38:  Jones finds Wheaton, but illegal hands negates that gain. Stop those chains.

3rd and 18 >48: Jones thinks he connected with McCoy but the ball slips out of his hands with no pressure around him

4th Down: Dawson back. He moves out of the way of the ball. Downed at 14. Worst starting spot of the game.

Redskins 11th Drive: 

1st and 10 <14: Pat White rolls way out to his left to find Eric Kettani.

1st and 10 <27 : White looks for Briscoe on another rollout but the pigskin slips in and out of his paws.

2nd and 10 <27: Thompson gains two.

3rd and 8 <29: White connects with former UConn star Nick Williams, but even with his quick feet he can’t avoid a plethora of Steelers. Falls short and its fourth down. Neither team moving the ball on third down tonight.

4th Down: Long punt and long return. Rocca’s punt goes 54 yards, but Dunn returns it for a 26 yards.

Steelers 12th Drive: 

1st and 10 <40: Alexander gains one yard, but Will Compton is there to make it nothing more.

2nd and 9 <41: Jones’ errant pass nearly finds the hands of Jerome Murphy for first Redskins’ interception of preseason.

3rd and 9 <41: Almost the exact same consequence, but this time the ball doesn’t hit Murphy’s hands.

4th Down: Dawson shows his exceptional 4.4 speed and nearly breaks the return for a touchdown. Seriously it was that close.

Redskins 12th Drive: 

1st and 10 <32: Holding on the Redskins.

1st and 20 <22: Incompletion. Wanted to find Reed.

2nd and 20 <22: Keiland Williams take one out of the pistol for a quick six-yard scamper.

3rd and 14 <28: White’s pocket quickly crumbles and even he can’t avoid the Steelers pursuit.

4th Down: Rocca’s super short punt hits a Steelers defender running down the field and having no clue that the ball is coming for him. BUT illegal touch by Redskins overturns what would have been the wackiest play of the game.

Steelers 13th Drive: 

1st and 10 <39: Jones corraled by Chris “Swaggy” Baker. He throws ball into ground for an incompletion. No. 92 wanted that sack.

2nd and 10 <39: Crawford watches Jones lock in on Justin Brown and nearly nabs the team’s second interception for a touchdown on the game.

3rd and 10 <39: Delay of game. Move that ball back!

3rd and 15 <34: Timeout Steelers. Jones funds Wheaton who’s taken down by Jordan Pugh.

4th Down: Dawson jukes a steeler straight out of his white cleats before taking the ball back to the 26.

Redskins 13th Drive:

1st and 10 <26: Welcome to the NFL Jawan Jamison. Gain of six.

2nd and 4 <32: Jamison rumbles his way forward for a first down.

1st and 10 <37: Pat White on his first read-option keeper of the contest nets him 13 yards.

1st and 10 50: Lets make the last two plays symmetrical why don’t we? White to his left for 13 yard rush.

1st and 10 >37: Jamison gets five. Steelers defense looks gassed by Redskins quickness at the moment.

2nd and 5 >32: Jamison takes the ball right in his belly and gains two.

3rd and 3 > 30:  Well that was easy–Roy Helu Jr. just slices the Steelers defense right up the middle for a TOUCHDOWN!

Forbath nails the one pointer and its a 24-13 game. Barring a huge comeback, this one looks like another Redskins victory. Kickoff specialist John Potter’s kick just crosses the goal line. Steelers return it to their 19.

Steelers 14th Drive: 

1st and 10 <19: Jones can’t connect with anyone. Incomplete.

2nd and 10 <19: Jones in shotgun gets eaten alive by multiple Redskins defensive lineman and linebackers. Kehl in again. He’s having quite the game.

3rd and 22 <7: Deep pass way off target. Incomplete.

4th Down: Dawson can’t avoid the Steelers this time as he is gobbled up on his first move.

Redskins 14th Drive: 

1st and 10 <42: Jamison carries it for two. Despite small gain, he showed some elusiveness. Could of been no gain. Great moves by the rookie out of Rutgers.

2nd and 8 <44: White intercepted by a diving Devin Smith. Really nothing that can be done about that. Smith made a great move and got himself firmly inbounds while securing the ball.

Steelers 15th Drive: 

1st and 10 <38: Jones’ pass looks for Alexander but its incomplete.

2nd and 10 <38:  McCoy makes a one-handed grab in traffic for a medium gain.

1st and 10 <49: Another near interception this time by Will Compton.

2nd and 10 <49: Wheaton catches a screen and goes opposite field in hopes of finding a first down

3rd and 10 >39: Jones finds Brown.

4th and 5 >34: After being batted out of the air, the ball hits the ground. This should do it.

Redskins 15th Drive: 

1st and 10 <34: White kneels.

2nd and 11 <33: White kneels.

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4 Responses to “Fourth Quarter Conclusions: WASH-PITT”

  1. By kretthop on Aug 19, 2013 | Reply

    Should call Pat White, “The Closer”…used his legs for two key first downs, read the play to Helu correctly for the run and score, sealing another W for the ‘Skins

  2. By kretthop on Aug 19, 2013 | Reply

    Should call Pat White “The Closer” Used his legs for two key first downs and read correct play for Helu’s run and score to seal the W for the ‘Skins…again

  3. By citizen exceed on Sep 5, 2013 | Reply

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