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Donte Stallworth: Historical Quote Buff

Posted by Stephen Czarda on August 13, 2013 – 10:51 am


George Washington, John Quincy Adams and Donte Stallworth—all three have more in common than you think.

Sure there aren’t any photos on the first president’s Facebook page of him wearing camouflage shorts nor did John Qunicy Adams ever rock a part of bright red kicks under his coattails, but the three share a love of the United States of America that is unwavering.

Stallworth, who’s entering his second stint with the Washington Redskins after spending a very brief stint in one of the fellow 13 original colonies  in Boston (aka the New England Patriots), fancies himself on being a star receiver and a history buff—in no particular order.

While most use Twitter to speak of how stellar girls night went or their thoughts on the ridiculousness that is Sharknado (because it is), Stallworth uses his as a platform to show his passion for the foundation of this great country.

Besides, nothing screams America more than social media.

Also here’s fellow Founding Father Patrick “Pat” Henry:

“I love quotes, Stallworth said.  “I just try to put some of my personality out there, so people can get to know me outside of football.”

And make no mistake about it; Stallworth wants everyone to know he’s no dumb jock.

“I’ve always loved history, and I think what’s made this country so awesome is the fact that our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been in place for as long as they have. I try to remind people and enlighten people on how this country was founded and what the Founding Fathers’ vision for the country was when they started out.”

So before you attempt to label him as a “typical” athlete who cruised by on his athletic abilities, you might want to check your facts. Otherwise, you’ll get schooled on all things American history.

He for one didn’t snooze through his 7th grade social studies class like the other 17 kids.

As for a Donte Stallworth quote that will be remembered for the ages–well he’s still young in American figurehead years so he’s got some time.

“I’m sure I’ve said things that people have asked where it came from, [but] nothing is as profound as something George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would say.”

While opposing corners might best take to Washington’s quote “It is better to be alone than in bad company”, they’ll soon realize Stallworth is still the same guy who has 35 career touchdowns.

That’s all for today’s lesson.

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