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Santana Moss Tells Of First Car Purchase

Posted by Stephen Czarda on August 6, 2013 – 9:25 am

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

The purchase of your first car is one of the many stepping stones towards independence from your parents. While not always the greatest vehicle, it means the days of waiting around for them to get back from work to go out are long gone.

It’s rare these days to hear of a 1990 Mazda getting so much attention in a world driven by the latest and greatest, but Alfred Morris’ ‘Bentley’ is the most famous car in an NFL parking lot.

While ‘Bentley’ is currently back in Northern Virginia getting a slight renovation to ensure a few more years of life, the same can’t be said for Santana Moss’ first which is bought in an auction his sophomore year of college.

In an interview with Jim Rome yesterday, Moss explained that his first car wasn’t exactly a sportster.

Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to even find a car quality car radio that costs 500 dollars, but that’s the exact amount he purchased on his first car.

Yes radio, tires, windshield and every other amenity combined.

“I think I paid about 500 dollars for it,” Moss told Rome. “That showed me what 500 dollars could get you.”

Intrigued by the fact that he actually forked out 500 dollars for a car I asked him after yesterday’s afternoon practice session how his car buying process went. Sure we all want a car at a cheap price, but that cheap?

“It was my sophomore year, so I went to an auction to get something to ride around in, and being from Miami, I wanted to be able to go home now and then,” Moss said. “My dad convinced me to not spend my money on one car and to buy something cheaper so I would have a little spending money.”

The car lasted me a couple of years, but it was a piece of crap. It broke down a few times, and I had to get it jumped.”

While he couldn’t recall the number of times he had to call a friend with jumper cables to bail him out, he distinctly remembered the day it was time to give up on his first car.

“I remember my senior year of college when I was about to have my son, it broke down on me and my girl. That was a wrap. I was pushing it to the side of the road with my pregnant girlfriend in the car. A fan jumped out of his car to help me push my car. I went home and told my dad I wanted a new car.”

Even though he knew that he was about to be taken in the NFL Draft, Moss knew that he needed to get a new car ASAP.

“[My] dad said wait until you get drafted to get a car,” he told me. “But I said ‘dad I need to get something for now.’ I fixed the other car up and sold it and actually got some money off of it.”

Morale of the story—you get what you pay for.

“That’s why you don’t pay 500 bucks for a car.”

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4 Responses to “Santana Moss Tells Of First Car Purchase”

  1. By Luke Buchanan on Aug 6, 2013 | Reply

    Haha. Yes, Santana! Killin it! My first car was a 1990, gold volvo sedan with flame decals, stick.

  2. By Jullian Regina on Aug 12, 2013 | Reply

    Haha! And now he tips his driver $500 on a given night! That is kind of cool to see at least he seems like a legit dude, even at a young age. Very cool!


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