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Fan’s Idea Generates Redskins Motorcycle

Posted by Stephen Czarda on July 29, 2013 – 3:11 pm


There have been a few rumblings over the past couple of days about a Harley-Davidson decked out in a Washington Redskins themed, burgundy and gold paint scheme parked just a few feet from the practice fields. And the roaring I’m talking about isn’t from the engine—it’s from the record crowds who have been flocking to it.

On Saturday, lifelong Redskins fan and Richmond native Gary Busic arrived to training camp along with his wife in the most atypical way—on the Harley-Davidson along with hundreds of other bikes.

Busic, wanting to combine his passion of motorcycles and the Redskins together, communicated with the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation to see how he could make it happen.

The end result is a beautiful 2013 Street Glide topped off with every single player’s signature that will be raffled off to one lucky fan during training camp.

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The Redskins, family and motorcycles are three things that have always been in Busic’s heart. He attended his first Redskins game at the age of four, admits that motorcycles are a lasting hobby and is excited to have his kids grow up as deeply rooted in the team as he is.

“I started getting into them heavy about 15 years ago and worked on them for a while,” Busic said of motorcycles. “I became a service manager [and have] been for about six years. So as far as Harley-Davidsons, I love them. I’ve loved them my whole life.”

With the idea of a customized Redskins Harley-Davidson in mind, he communicated with the Redskins Charitable Foundation about how to get the paint brushes and Sharpies moving.

“Well the first thing was, [director of development] Nadine Pottinga  called me and we started talking back and forth about what we could do, talked to the owner, he liked the idea and at that point I started drawing some pictures on my iPad, basically what the design, what the paint scheme would be on the bike.”

I probably ended up having about 20 different designs for it. And we kind of went back and forth, and they loved the whole helmet design going over the top was always there, but the logo on the front, that came a little bit later because we were deciding what we were going to put on there. One time we were looking at doing the spears on the side of the bags, but instead of that we went with the ‘Redskins.’”

The Street Glide is part of Harley Davidson’s Touring series and according to the official site is “made to eat miles.”

“We started looking at different parts that would go on bike as far as the handlebars, the rear fender – which is a big part of that bike – and I always thought the Redskins when I kind of designed it as their helmet coming in. So I went with the stripes all the way down the bike like the helmet and put the logo on the side of the bike. It’s got a ‘Bad Dad” rear fender. It’s got an Agitator front. Everything is chromed out. It’s a 103 cubic inch, 1690cc engine so it’s a good engine.”

As for his family, Busic can’t wait to come back to training camp later this week with them so they can start their own Redskins traditions.

“I saw Alfred Morris [and] a couple other players. I actually saw some alumni out there, Darrell Green and Art Monk, which was very cool. London Fletcher is my favorite.”

I’m bringing my kids back. I’ve got to make them Redskins fans. I’ve got one that runs around the house with a helmet on, that’s all he does is run around the house with a helmet on.”

Tell me how many motorcycles are decked out with Washington Redskins signatures?


This is your chance to win a once in a lifetime motorcycle.

It’s currently at the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation tent located just inside the main gate of the Bon Secours Training Center. Raffle tickets are $20 each and are being sold at training camp, Richmond Harley-Davidson and Steel Horse Harley-Davidson in Midlothian.

If 5,000 tickets are sold by the end of Fan Appreciation Day on Saturday, August 3rd, then the motorcycle will be raffled off then. If not, then it will be picked at the end of the last practice session on Friday, August 16th.

You do not have to be present to win the motorcycle.

Please thank Gary Busic for his innovative idea to have a Redskins themed 2013 Street Glide. It’s a truly gorgeous motorcycle.

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