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Alfred Morris’ ‘Bentley’ Getting Tune-Up

Posted by Stephen Czarda on July 25, 2013 – 7:12 pm

Morris Car

Earlier today, running back Alfred Morris took the podium in front of the media for the first time in months in what was supposed to be a football centric update about his progress entering his second year in the National Football League.

Instead, under the bright lights of the brand new Bon Secours press conference room, Morris was one upped by ‘Bentley’.

Few cars from the early 1990’s remain on the roads these days as they are rapidly being replaced by those with fancy amenities such as automatic parking and satellite radio, but Morris’ beloved 1991 Mazda is still going strong.

With some help from the guys at Mazda while he’s away on “vacation”, ‘Bentley’ is getting a tune-up that will hopefully allow her to see her 40th birthday.

“She’s getting refurbished – Mazda is going to make her like new, like she came off the floor on ‘91. They actually just took it, so we’re going to switch cars while they’re doing it.”

Maybe it’ll come with a complementary Boyz II Men cassette, too.

Now before you go out tonight trying to spot some old school ‘Bentleys’ with tinted windows and 24 inch rims, Morris said that she’ll look pretty much the same upon return. Sorry tuner enthusiasts.

“It’s not like ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything like that [laughter]. I’m not into that type of stuff anyways. It’s just kind of – I just had a crack on my dash, so fixing things like that. They made sure the engine was in tip-top condition. Maybe if the transmission is not so good, rebuilding the transmission.

“Just making sure that it can run 20 more years so that I don’t have to worry about it, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I want to put it on the road. It might break down and I’ll be stranded.’ Just to get that worry out of the way, they’re going to refurbish, and they might update it a bit, maybe put a navigation system or something in it. But nothing like big rims and fish tanks in the back.”

Sorry Nemo. Besides, you never know what to expect from Virginia weather.

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5 Responses to “Alfred Morris’ ‘Bentley’ Getting Tune-Up”

  1. By Jeff on Jul 26, 2013 | Reply

    Alfred, you are a fresh blast of pure CLASS in this day and age of bling and smack talk. Your work ethic is second to none and your heart seems pure. You are the most underrated RB in the league but it doesn’t bother you, you just keep on working and doing what you are paid to do….and by the way, you are extremely talented! We know that you’re one of the best and hopefully, you’ll have another super season!! God looks out for the humble!


  2. By Korcoran on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    It shows that you are a well raised, wise young man! You are a great role model for young men in the DMV!!! Can’t wait to see you hitting more HRs as one of the best RBs in the game and certainly the most underrated! HAIL!!!!


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