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Kirk Cousins On Impersonation, Fan Base

Posted by Stephen Czarda on July 19, 2013 – 10:57 am

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

Quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t one for the spotlight. He simply enjoys his time with the Washington Redskins learning under the tutelage of two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan and sharing stories with fellow second-year pro Robert Griffin III.

By now you know all about Shanahan’s decision to take the pair just 100 picks apart in the 2012 NFL Draft, but what you may not know is the man behind the facemask.

Sure he’s a nice guy and is willing to meet and greet with any Redskins fan that crosses his path, but when it comes to the man that picked him—well his personality gets a few audibles in it.

Over the course of the past week, The Redskins Blog has highlighted several of the Meet the Redskins segments and I must say they have a fair share of hilarious moments are well worth watching. From fullback Darrel Young spilling the beans on his unusual pregame pump-up jam to cornerback Josh Wilson giving “Hail to the Redskins” a try, they are the perfect Friday getaway from the reminisce of another long workweek.

The two are known as being some of the bigger jokesters on the team, providing laughs to anyone they can. Cousins, though, isn’t necessarily one you’d describe as designated team funnyman.

When asked if he has pulled and pranks before, however, he said he had—through impersonation of Shanahan.

“The prank I pulled, the only one I pulled, was on the head man, coach Mike Shanahan last season during training camp my rookie year. I did a rookie skit and impersonated him. It went over pretty well.”

If only I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

Of course Redskins fans know just how diehard and passionate they are about this team. Through the ups and downs, you stick with this team and your fandom never wavers. It’s why you’re the best fan base in the world.

Cousins, who grew up in Michigan, never really got a glimpse of Redskins Nation before last year and was a little overwhelmed by the support he’s received.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Redskins fan base.    I had no idea how loyal and how large this fan base is and I’ve felt nothing but the greatest support since the day I was drafted. It’s been a big blessing for me to be cheered on by such a big fan base.”

Loyal indeed.

Six more days until training camp!

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2 Responses to “Kirk Cousins On Impersonation, Fan Base”

  1. By George Dombrowsky on Jul 20, 2013 | Reply

    Never thought much about Snyder bringing in Shanahan a few years ago. He now has my respect for the “quality people” that he has brought into the Redskin organization. Guys like Cousins, RG 3, Helu, Karrigan are only a few thru the draft but he has surrounded them with quality veterans. Sometimes you take a risk(Tenard) based on others recomendations (Morris), but there aren’t many without “baggage” these days. Its’s really special to have a quality “Team” player who 80% of the fan base question why he was being drafted. Great pick “Shanny”

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