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Pierre Garcon Is Obvious Key To Success

Posted by Stephen Czarda on July 10, 2013 – 3:39 pm

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

That headline shouldn’t be too much a shocker. After all Pierre Garcon was signed last offseason for all intents and purposes to be Robert Griffin III’s first-ever top target in the NFL.

Garcon’s arrival to the Washington Redskins didn’t exactly receive the unprecedented fanfare that No. 10’s would one month later, but that doesn’t mean his on the field impact was going to be minute.

Unless you consider an 88-yard touchdown in his debut as nothing of a big deal (it is).

Anyway, according to one NFL.com writer, the key factor to the Redskins offense clicking on all cylinders again in 2013 isn’t going to be the same offensive line from a year ago or how Griffin III and Alfred Morris will perform in year two—it’s Garcon.

NFL.com’s Chris Wesseling recently dissected the Redskins’ offense and noticed one telling fact of Garcon’s impact.

No. 88 was hampered by several injuries throughout the duration of last year’s campaign, missing six regular season games. When he did play though, the Redskins went 9-1 with the lone loss coming against the Atlanta Falcons.

Garcon and the rest of his teammates will get a second crack at the defending NFC South champs this year and to reverse last year’s result they’ll need the wide receiver’s uncanny playmaking abilities.

“Garcon never has been reliable or well-rounded enough to join the ranks of the NFL’s legitimate No. 1 receivers, but his playmaking ability is undeniable. There aren’t more than 20 players in the league capable of consistently stretching defenses, beating double teams and making plays after the catch.”

Despite appearing in only 10 games last year, Garcon led the team in receiving yards. They’ll need him to replicate those team leading numbers again this year. If he does, expect even bigger numbers from the entire receiving core.

“With Garcon in the lineup, role players such as Josh Morgan (blocking specialist), Aldrick Robinson(situational deep threat), Santana Moss (slot receiver) and Leonard Hankerson (professional enigma) can concentrate on what they do best.”

Chime in: What are your predictions for Pierre Garcon entering year two with the team? Let us know below.

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3 Responses to “Pierre Garcon Is Obvious Key To Success”

  1. By Ersky Freeman on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Who in the hell made the Redskins allow a rap about Garcon that repeatedly states “Nigga?” That’s an incredibly cruel, stupid, and insulting mistake. I’m assuming it was a mistake. Take the rap off this website.

    Ersky Freeman

  2. By polofourme on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    None of our WR even came close to getting 1000 yards in receiving so by any measure we don’t have an established #1 receiver…Garcon has had a multitude of injuries last year and as I understand it, he is not fully recovered today. But, for better or for worse he is slotted to be the #1 receiver. A role he has NEVER played. I did not like bringing him in from INDY..where he was a clear #2 who IMO was made took a lot better than he was because he had PM throwing to him and even then at INDY he was known for dropping balls he should have caught. But here, with our weak group of WRs…he is the best of the litter. He had better stand up this season because he wont have the time to get open that he had last year..because Griffin is definitely going to be affected by wearing that very large knee brace…he simply wont be a mobile. And as such because Griffin will be limited in his scrambling Garcon is going to need get early separation…something he is NOT known for…but its time for him to step up or step out. Hankerson and Morgan both have to prove they belong this season..both have had to deal with injuries..so it will fall to Garcon to lead this group…I also certainly hope Moss can contribute again…IMO he is our best WR…from a weak group of receivers.

  3. By Waugy on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    @polofourme Garcon had one injury not a multitude of them. He stepped up and played hurt and made game changing plays while doing so. The numbers he put up extrapolated out over playing a full season would have been better then a lot of teams #1 receiver. He put up his best numbers in his last year in Indy when he didn’t have Manning throwing him the ball. He has an injury that is not guaranteed to ever get better surgery or not and he will be a major key to this teams success this year and I feel like he is going to have a huge year. Hail

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