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No. 12 Found Way Through Game Changer

Posted by Chris DeLisi on June 24, 2013 – 4:13 pm


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When the Redskins drafted a second quarterback in last year’s NFL Draft after they had traded three first round picks and a second round pick to get Robert Griffin III, the sports world collectively ask the question—Why?

Why would they draft Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins just 100 picks after the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner?

The Redskins knew a guy like Kirk Cousins was too much of a talent to let slip. Cousins proved his worth on the field after leading the Redskins to a must-win victory over the Cleveland Browns in Week 15.

What they didn’t know was the kind of leader they were getting off the field too.

Cousins’ new book titled, Game Changer: Faith, Football, and Finding Your Way reveals how he got to where he is and the moral code he lives by.

In the book he talked about some struggles he has encountered in life being named the 20th ranked prospect out of 20 coming in to his freshman season at Michigan State and having to stand by his Christian ethics at a large public university where he would face difficult moral choices.

The overall concept of the book is that in life we need “game changers” or people to look up to in order to succeed. In his life, he has always viewed his father as a game changer or someone he can go to for advice to steer him toward success.

On the football field, Cousins preaches that no matter how talented a player is, he needs a role model to help him become not only a good football player but a student and person as well.

While Cousins ties in his Christian beliefs and uses stories from the Bible, he makes it clear that he is not trying to push Christianity but just share the source of his motivation. When asked why he wrote the book, Cousins said that he wanted to help kids who lack role models in their life.

“I believe young people could really benefit from the book and I do believe that being a quarterback in the NFL gives you a great platform. I wanted to take the opportunity to write this book and have a positive impact, especially on young people.”

Cousins does mention his time with the Redskins, both during the draft process and his experience as an NFL rookie.

He reveals that the Redskins did not talk to him in the weeks leading up to the draft. In fact, when he got the call from Coach Shanahan, he and his family were shocked knowing the Redskins had already drafted Robert Griffin III.

A game changer emerged for Cousins when he arrived in Washington in the form of quarterback Rex Grossman. Cousins says that Grossman was the source of knowledge he needed to understand the complex playbook and to help both Cousins and Griffin III through both on and off the field issues.

He summarizes his book by urging his readers to find their set of morals they live by and to stick to them. While Cousins had many game changers in his life, he hopes to pass it on by being the game changer himself.

Game Changer: Faith, Football, and Finding Your Way goes on sale tomorrow wherever books are sold.

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